Quiet Now!

Ah. The Ebola crisis finished and no one bothered to tell me.
That’s the impression I got today from the worlds press.
Most everything has moved from the front page to page 4 or worse.
Except for Kaci Hickox, that nurse under house arrest who went for a bike ride. Good for her I’m thinking.

As for in the UK, NOTHING! (Except the above).
Boring BUT the football season starts soon. Yippee. Or not! As I hate the sight of 22 prima donnas running round hugging and kissing each other when they score a goal or falling over with play acting worthy of an oscar.

Nearly everyone is losing focus on the ball and is moving on to the next expected crisis, World War 3.

nuke1The West verses Russia. Nice.

Sort of gives me that warm fuzzy feeling you get after winning the lottery (or so I’ve been told).

By next week Ebola will be all over and done with in the press and I can ?
Pause for effect . . .
Well as I’ve only spent £30 on extra bits and pieces, they’ll just be stowed away for the storm that is coming.

(Whoops, survivalist talk again).

Wonder what the death total was as of today anyway?
Can’t seem to find that but The World Health Organization said late Wednesday that the Ebola death toll remained unchanged at around 4,922.

Seeing as though they cocked up everything from start to now, I’ll take that figure with one LARGE pinch of salt.

So keep safe, keep healthy, and polish your tin hats.
Putin is a coming to an active war theater near you.

Love and kisses, TP.

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Trying to get a job.

I was eavesdropping yesterday listening to a young lad trying to fill in an online application form. I add here that he came across as a polite, “clean”, educated, young man, and spoke clearly and precisely.

After an hour he completed the form and phoned the firm to see what else they required of him i.e. supporting documentation. The story went. (him on his mobile phone).

Initially getting through to the right department, then.

My name is xxxx and my address is xxxxxx.
Date of birth is xxxx. Application number xxxx.
You’ve found me, that’s good.


OK, I can send you a copy of my qualifications, experience in a separate handwritten letter, and copy references.


So I have to send you a copy of your terms and conditions of accepting the job as well.


Why do I have to print out 34 pages of terms and conditions of your job vacancy when you know them?


Lets get this right, I can’t apply for the job without signing every page of the terms and conditions and sending it back to you? I have no computer and am working at this in a public library. Have you any idea how much it costs to print out 34 pages of paper?


I thought not.
Can’t I do that online as per your application form?


So because the computer can churn out a 24 sheets of interactive application form it can’t do the same for a 34 page terms and conditions.


What’s the job I’m applying for?
You sent me the forms didn’t you?
So why don’t you know?
Who are you anyway?


Human resources?!
You sent me the forms by email in the first place.


All the forms are the same and I fill in the job title?

You mean those headed forms, with job description that arrived in my email together with the terms and conditions you sent as an attachment detailing the job.
Now I have to copy that onto the application form you already printed the job title on??


What job am I applying for?
Don’t you know?

Road sweeper!

At that point he hung up.

Seriously, can you blame him?
Such is the UK’s big business and local government’s  B.S. mentality regarding paperwork.

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A jaded view

A rave of sorts but see if you agree.
Getting your head round modern living takes some doing doesn’t it?
I often think about how easy things were back in the 1970’s through to the 1980’s.
Then, computers were still in their “public” infancy, and the world was still largely separated by country, race, and religion.

Jobs? If you could do the job paper meant little.
Age, same, although I didn’t agree with the job discrimination i.e. “This is man’s work little girl”. Having worked with some brilliant female engineers, the Luddite mentality still irks me.

OK I have a jaded view on the “civilian world” having come from a forces line (family), served in the forces, and then out into what?

One huge cluster fk. in my view!

So what is there to like nowadays? Very little I suppose.
Everything is money, money, money and greed the norm.
Computers rule, administration has gone potty, and everything is regulated to the last degree.
It’s also a 24/7/365 world. That’s Screwy!
I was sort of brought up that Sunday was a day of rest and Christmas a national holiday.

In the Untied Kingdom (not a typo), there has been a forced intermingling of race, cultures, religions, and social differences to such an extent that the minority now rule the majority and they weren’t British in the first place.

Add to that we have no sovereignty and are ruled by the EU.
Yep, I’m definitely anti modern government and especially the politics behind it all.

Am I a racist? I don’t think so, and I hate all races, creeds, religions, and ethnic origins equally. To me it doesn’t matter whether you are coloured or not, imported or hatched here, I’m likely to hate you for what YOU DO TO ME AND MY OWN plus for what you think you should be regarded as because to me respect is earned it is not a right.

SWMBO says I’m just a cynical old man (cheeky that is as she’s only 6 months younger than me). I suppose I am yet is that a bad thing?

I was talking to another boatee (same age group) yesterday and we were commenting on the little things in life. Silence was one of them.

Sat chatting away discussing the price of biscuits to suddenly being deafened by a passing boom box of a car.
Silence is an interesting thing to quantify because I like to listen to nature (except the Egyptian geese and their horrible strangled squawks) and even have a smile or two when the ducks “clean” the sides of the boat at night sounding like little jack hammers as they feed off the greenery on the sides of the boat.

That’s not noise, that’s delightful as is bird song.

Except true silence isn’t possible in the Untied Kingdom (not a typo).
Wherever you go there is always a background rumble of modern life.
Wherever you go there is light spill, usually sodium street lights,  masking the stars.

As for the smell of civilization?
Pizza, car fumes, sewage, etc. It all adds up to one irritating pong!

So what is the cause of all my irritation, can I pin it down?
Apart from the Money God? You bet I can.
Too many people in too small an area is what I’m thinking is the main cause.
That and the desire to control, manipulate, and make or extort money out of people.

I also hate the way that respect has died for the elderly.
With the nations “care” for the long-term infirm and poor both of whom have been stigmatised making them a “burden to society”? What’s there to be proud of?

After all the UK, that caring society, was the first in the world to coin the phrase “Benefit Scum” to describe the poor, long-term sick and eventually the elderly! 

As for “GET A JOB YOU WASTERS”, millions of people are now working for a few hours here and there to survive. Survive? That may be better written as not getting deeper into debt. It all may look good on the politicians figures but the reality is DIRE for many.

and it’s all down to politics and money.

Perhaps a big die off or civil war in the UK is exactly what is needed.
Problem is there will still be some irritating people left to cock things up for nature let alone me and SWMBO.

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Hunter Gatherers

The Hunter Gatherer verses the Survivalist.
Thinking about the basic philosophy of the survivalist.
They train to withstand the storm we all know is coming and how to survive afterwards.
That’s me, us, to a tee.

Hunter Gatherers are different.
They are mainly nomadic, occasionally traveling with their own livestock, looking for and taking what they need to survive.

Actually WW3 and the millions of other threats we “civilized lot” consider aren’t too much of a worry for them either BUT the passage of the seasons is.

Long term storage is also of minor importance and at best they are looking for stuff that can be easily and quickly dried, smoked or cured in such a manner that it is edible without extensive processing or that needs any form of refrigeration.

Sort of makes you think about your refrigerator and freezer doesn’t it?

I’m not really sure which is better having written that.
For example, I sometimes think that modern survivalists tend to concentrate on the short-term with a “dreamy” look at the future they think will occur. Mad Max and that post apocalyptic Hollywood rubbish.

Some are thinking and living long-term self sufficiency and sod the world.
Those people deliberately shun the trappings of modern world in the planned expectation that whatever happens the change to their way of life will be minimal.

What about me and mine?
One thing is certain, we have the planning mentality of the prepper BUT the actual execution will be one of survivalist.

Unable to stockpile past 60 days, living a sort of transient lifestyle, we are more thinking and planning for no money, no resources like electricity, fuel, food shopping, clean water, and social disruption.

Probably why my sole attention is on how to circumvent obstacles put in our way.

Those obstacles (Background)
The modern world is basically made up of farmers, townships and the cities.
A whole support structure divides the producers (farmers) from the consumers (townies) as raw material is mainly factory processed, packaged, transported, and supplied for money. (Spits on ground whilst thinking about fat cat bankers).

Powered by vast amounts of electrical power, computerization, and financial support, the whole supply chain is so very fragile.
A lot more fragile than the people (sheeple) appreciate.

An old story but the modern retail operation is one of last-minute ordering. It carries only enough stock to cover a couple of days at the most. Note I’m talking about FOOD distribution although the phrase “Not in stock but I can order it for you” is heard a lot nowadays for a wide range of products.

Now break that chain, what happens?
Often the breakdown is not with the raw material producers i.e. the farmers, but with the processors and logistics operation of getting the product to the shops. Without electricity that whole structure can break down in hours.

In the UK (untied kingdom and no that’s not a typo) the electricity generation capacity has reached a critical level. Mainly caused by underfunding, privatization, and the tree huggers desire to send us back to the dark ages by banning fossil fuel (coal-fired) power stations.
Add to that a dubious foreign policy and friction with the EU-SSR’s major energy supplier i.e. Russia, this winter is going to be a tipping point.

The obstacles (Real)
I’m hoping for a mild winter. A simple wish as we are living on a boat.
If it does turn aggressive, the nations electrical (national grid) power may be lost to all.
Where does that leave me?

I need it, it takes electricity to pump it and money to buy it.
Thus no electricity and access to money, and we’re instantly into survival mode.
Fuel procurement in that case will be one of scavenging.
Simple as that, can’t get by fair means. we’ll have to use foul.

Once fully off grid, curiously we see one of our other worries as refrigeration.
After all if you can’t keep fresh things cool, you have to resort to sourcing and consuming on the same day as storage of perishables for longer in the summer heat may lead to our demise. A tremendous cost overhead apart from anything else.

OK, you are probably thinking “but it’ll be winter” and you would be correct so a metal box outside is going to be one heck of a deep freeze.
Thought about that one see!

Yet winter doesn’t last for ever and until summer arrives, when we can use evaporation cooling effectively, the “in-between seasons” is a MAJOR problem in the temperate climate we live in.

True evaporation cooling only kicks in BIG TIME with heat and the “Third World” coolers (porous pot) often work at temperatures exceeding 30° Celsius not the 5° to 20° Celsius which is the norm in the UK. Long term, as the energy demands of winter pass we’re hoping normal electricity production will resume. Yet if it doesn’t, food safety issues will become our norm. 

A side thought
Although the hunter gatherer MAY APPEAR to have a harder life with erratic food supply, it is actually the modern consumer who seems to have the greater problems simply because they don’t have to cope with uncertainty on a regular basis, have basically become LAZY, and thus go bug-eyed when ever there is a minor interruption in the food supply.

Thus the enlightened (aka preppers) stockpile.
That you even need refrigeration at all in the modern world is something I REALLY HATE. Basically because they all work using electricity or gas i.e. energy.

Conventional fridge workings contain an electrically powered compressor to work a fluid to make it change state from a gas to a liquid and back again. This change produces refrigeration i.e. as fluids expand into gas they get cold, but back again they get hot.

It isn’t limited to electrical motors though and the change from liquids to gas can also be achieved using flame (usually gas) to heat pipework thus encouraging fluid convection round the refrigerator as opposed to “pumping” fluids with a compressor.

High tech systems include Peltier mats which is a solid state “electronic” plate that usefully allows cooling and heating by just reversing the polarity of wires. Except that needs electrical POWER and a lot of it.

So gas and electricity.
Come TEOTWAWKI, or just the prices for electricity and bottled gas going potty, gas will be hard to get after a while. As for electricity, no fuel (fossil or not) = no electricity. So simple even a politician should be able ot understand that.

Yet, regarding a gas-powered fridge in a temperate climate (i.e. the UK), I’ve had a 13 kg cylinder last for in excess of 6 months running a small “caravan” type refrigerator. Impressive eh?

A conventional domestic compressor driven fridge is different. HUGELY different.
Domestic mains or low voltage (battery) systems can be expensive regarding their energy usage. For example my domestic fridge used 230 watts of power when active, 80 watts on standby.

Now take my little boat fridge.
When the compressor/fan is running, it uses 4 amps of current (nominally 50 watts). Yet on standby, 0.6 amps (7 watts nominal)

A cost overhead in fuel, battery power, and of course money.

So the discussion in the boat has been “Do we really need a fridge?”
After all we survived VERY WELL in a tent for six months without one.
Economically if you have a fridge it is the cheapest way to live as fresh comes with a cost overhead. Seems daft doesn’t it that buying processed foodstuff (canned, dried, or as a ready meal) is cheaper than buying say a kilo of minced beef.

The last of the problems.
A sort of wide-ranging list a lot of which is only applicable to us.

Modern society and their licensing, utility and other costs, laws, and regulations.
No banks, no work, no barter all equal no money, vicious isn’t it?
Yet the fat cats will still demand their pound of flesh as will the law regarding licenses, etc. 
Life ruled by the almighty pound aka dollar. Kinda screwed up isn’t it?

As for the law itself?
The law is an ass and doesn’t take into account little things like the country has ground to a halt! There again they may be too busy to worry about little old me.
Problem is they will catch up eventually and that may have a cost overhead way in excess of paying the bills somehow.

Luckily all our meds are easily stored, those on specialist drugs may need refrigeration. BOTH WILL NEED MONEY to purchase what is needed. Thus if the electricity system collapses, the production of medicines and medical appliances may stop, there is a real risk to health for some.

Surrounded by it sounds great but to convert water in all it’s forms into potable aka drinkable water needs power or chemicals and equipment. Power to boil, chem’s to clarify, filter materials to stop the “big bits” from swimming in your mug.

A curious thing this. No power and the easy “push button” world of the powered lock gates goes. Not a problem for the experienced boaters YET some river control is almost totally electrically powered and controlled by computers. Thus flooding may occur.
In a boat is that a worry? You bet your life it is on a river or canal system but of minimal impact on the sea.
Thus it may be to our advantage to make it out to a sheltered estuary or coastal mooring. Interesting that is going to be as most canal (narrow) boats aren’t exactly sea going vessels.
That’s going to be the one time in my mind that SIZE MATTERS!
Having said that, we were in a sea harbor not long ago and they were lamenting the absence of narrow boats on their waters. Useful Intel that, others have been there before.

A double-edged sword this one.
No electricity and it definitely helps me when scavenging.
No rule of law (the usual consequence of no electricity and social disorder) on the first glance makes us safer.
After all not many riots happen on rivers as a lot of people can’t swim.

The problem is staying on the water.
You tie up and WROL can bring out the worst in people.
Personal security is going to be of paramount importance.
Discussing Ebola with another I happily stated that there are 1000’s of miles of coastline and rivers let alone canals for me to hide in. The authorities may try to blockade places and stop you passing but it is unlikely to succeed. Sheer lack of numbers due to “Austerity” and government cutbacks gives me a “fluffy bunny” feeling about that occurring.

And finally.
A discussion at home on having a fridge inspired this post yet it has drawn in some different thoughts. The basic “TILT” will be electricity at the end of the day and once that goes the lack of money soon after will  escalate the problems into all facets of our life.

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Today’s little article is about what you may like to or are carrying tucked in your sock.

Eh? When working security and especially personal search, I was amazing the amount of people who kept “interesting” items tucked in their socks.

From pen knives to cut throat razors, kubotan and yawara sticks, hypodermic syringes (See the reason for stab proof gloves now?), boxes of matches, drugs of every persuasion and the spoons to fry them on, silver foil, and not forgetting money i.e. folding stuff, bank notes. Usually lots of that.

Curiously never a firearm except once an empty ankle holster attached to a VERY indignant LEO who despite flashing his “creds”, got searched by me. Very even-handed I was. Arrogant prick he was too. I was always on the look out for a pen gun. Always fancied one of those but the nearest I got to one was the ammunition i.e. a sock full of 22 LR’s taped to the guys shin.

What do I carry in my sock?
It depends on the circumstances but usually:-

  1. Enough cash to get home,
  2. A days worth of meds, 
  3. A Photostat of my Photo identification with
  4. An emergency contact phone number.

Walking round is a pain now as I’m using walking sticks the whole time. Although they give me GREAT personal protection (given the chance), they like any disability aid mark a user as a target. So I’m permanently thinking AMBER ALERT regarding situational awareness.

It’s tactical suicide to show a disability or let on you have lost one of your senses (eye sight, hearing) on the streets of major towns and cities nowadays but in some cases you have no choice.

Tourists beware! Such is the personal safety issues when walking round in the UNTIED KINGDOM (UK) and no that’s not a typo.

So as a precaution, my pockets are usually free of goodies except for a make-believe wallet stuffed full of photostated funny money and old petrol and loyalty cards.

As for my sticks?
To date the score is bad guys zero me three.
You’ll be getting the idea about my “happiness factor” about carrying sticks now.

Anyway, usually the last thing assailants think about is your socks and even less about what’s in your shoes. Thus I proclaim to the world “Long Live INSOLES”. Sealed in a little ziplock pouch under them goes my real photo ID, a pre-paid credit card come phone card and a little homemade knife made from a scalpel blade.

Good job I’ve got big feet isn’t it!

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Wonders Did Cease

Yep, wonders did cease (Ref: Wonders will never cease) and yet again I’m having to resort to public access Internet.

The Luddites in charge have now taken to switching off everything at 17 h and that kills the WiFi access for the whole site. Talking to them and the resemblance to a whole forest of short planks (all of them acting exceedingly stupid) is amazing. Komputa? Whatz tat?

So, mobile Broadband here we come (according to the SWMBO). 
Only what a rip off! £20 ($32) a month for just 15 Gb of “action”.
That and we’ve no guarantee that the darn thing will work AT ALL so close to the water’s edge. I’m wondering if it’s worth the trouble when I can happily blog on public access with little or no effort.



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Bump on the head

Walking today we saw a lady fall off the pavement into a crumpled heap on the ground. Just one of those everyday accidents that happen.

Except the lady’s forehead “contusion” started to grow at an alarming rate. Seen that, done that, next question after “are you OK”:-
“Are you taking anti coagulants?”
Answer “YES”.
From a bump on the head to emergency in one breath.

OK, the ambulance arrived in minutes and she is whisked off to hospital yet if she hadn’t been awake to answer the question the only option I would have had was to go through her handbag looking for clues i.e. an anticoagulant treatment book (yellow in the UK).

Ever heard of Medicalert?
The MedicAlert Foundation providing life-saving medical ID bracelets and jewellery because “every moment matters”.
They maintain a database of members’ medical information that is made available to medical authorities in the event of an emergency.

Note:- I’m not affiliated to them or recommending them, it’s just an example of what is “out there”.

Good isn’t it and on the chems I take you’d think I’d be a member too. Except I’m not. It’s not a money thing or a principle it’s just that what happens if the EMT can’t get to a phone, email, or doctor?

I thought a good deal about that and eventually came up with what I’ve worn since the age of 17, DOG TAGS.
One side name, DOB, Blood group, and Next Of Kin phone number.
Flip over and the chems are listed and my allergies.
Wow, all that information on a dog tag.
Kinda tiny printing but yep, readable without a magnifying glass. Plus in the wallet is a fuller briefing on a laminated card entitled (after some thought again) MEDICO, READ THIS.

So hows about you?
In a car crash, if you are unconscious, mangled a bit, and unable to communicate. What you going to do to stop the EMT (on a doctors say so) putting in the one thing into you that will kill you stone dead?

In the forces some would have that info tattooed on their arm just above their inner elbow. One guy even had “See other arm” just to be safe! Kinda useful as that’s where most EMT’s aim for when they want to “stab you” with drips and drugs. Except not always, occasionally it’s the back of the hand. What now, two tatt’s?

As a cautionary measure perhaps you should think about that.

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