Left Handed Shooters


Do we lefties have a problem using weapons predominately designed for you cack handed right handers?

It may look awkward when we are using right hand weapons BUT as we are used to coping with difficulty, it’s you who have the problem not us.

Well sort of, except of when idiotic weapons designers turned all bull puppy! (Cue the British SA80).


Typical of the British weapons designers, it’s a rubbish garden gun of a personal weapon despite them plastering it with rails and hanging on everything including a Christmas tree.
Must be. How do I know that? They had to give it to the Germans to fix!

There is a yippee though!

There are PROPER, INTELLIGENT weapons designers in the world who have designed bull pup designs which are interchangeable for the left handed (the better shots), and you cack handed righties.

Take the Israeli Tavor TAR-21 as an example.
It has ejection ports on both sides of the rifle so it can reconfigured for right or left-handed shooters. OK not quickly BUT at least it can be and it shoots a darn sight better than the crappy SA80.


Does it all matter though?
Some would answer YES and those who are left eye dominant let alone left-handed are at a distinct disadvantage when shooting right-handed.

Yet is that really all that important?
After all consider a combat situation with you nicely set up with your left-handed bull puppy weapon and you get wounded.
Your cack handed right-handed buddy grabs your fallen weapon and lets loose at the enemy only to get an ejected case in the ear, eye, or face.

Hows about you? Your buddy goes down, you grab his weapon, instinctively cheek weld and fire. . . . another casing goes into your ear, eye, or face.

Ho hum. Not good is it?
So until the world trains all those right-handed shooters (typically 80%+ of the world’s population) to shoot left-handed like us better shots do, us lefties are basically stuffed.

Regarding us lefties, here’s a few facts for you to think about.

  • Most lefties are more adaptable than you right handers.
  • Most ambidextrous people are lefties in their hearts.
  • We lefties shouldn’t be pushed, we’ve a tendency to go all postal (angry) if not psychotic.
  • Lefties are more creative and artistic.
  • We lefties shoot better!  That one came from a US research paper.
    Why so? Because on average lefties practice more to cope with your awkward right-handed weapons.
  • Lefties are also more creative and imaginative with our solutions.  You right-handed lot are less able to improvise, adapt, and overcome like we can.
  • Some researchers believe that when it comes to survival of the fittest, lefties come out on top. Why? Because you right-handed people can’t cope with our method of fighting, it puts you at a disadvantage which you don’t come across regularly enough to work out an effective defense.

And finally
We’ve got a holiday just for us, the important people in life.

August 13 is International
Left-Hander’s Day.


 An informational safety post
on fast vehicle access and dealing
with double glazed units

Three quick but messy ways of accessing
a car SIDE window in a hurry.


CAUTION, Always wear eye protection and thick gloves.

  1. Resqme. (Always in a lower corner)
    The professionals choice. 12 lb of pressure and the built-in window popper easily breaks SIDE window glass.
  2. Engineers Automatic Punch. (Always in a lower corner)
    Popping this against a corner of the SIDE window glass, it instantly destroys the window BUT neatly and for me it seldom “explosively” caves in onto the occupant.
  3. Ninja Rock.
    Take one spark plug, hit it with a hammer, pick a nice large shard of insulator and throw it at the SIDE window. The ceramic insulator is harder than glass and POP, the window just shatters.

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Today I was reminded

That survival in today’s world is typically more about money and status than John and Jane Doe’s ability to rub sticks together.

Status? Take a deteriorating social order.
Take a guess on who will receive police protection and be evacuated first  and who won’t? I’m betting the rich and elite will get the preferential service. Anyone disagree with that?

Possessing the skill set for survival as opposed to those with money.
I’m not rubbishing bush craft, survival training, camp craft or whatever. Far from it. Some of those skills are useful if the local situation (or even the world as we know it) has gone FUBAR.
They may help you survive until someone comes to save you.

Long term those skills will be vital and tradable but it’s surviving till long-term that causes the problem.

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Women And Guns

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So why talk politics

I’ve occasionally gone all political in my posting but I do see it as a part of prepping and obviously I don’t know what I’m talking about when I discuss politics. At least that is some of the feedback I’ve been getting.

Not understanding the big picture may SEEM IMPORTANT to some yet politics, government, and puerile laws have a direct effect on this particular grunt on my particular square foot of ground.

For example.  I’m getting old.
Huge round of applause from the wife who has been describing me as her little old man for a few years now. Even though I am saving a fortune on hair shampoo, it’s nowhere enough to counteract the cost of living.

No, I’m not on about the price of digestive biscuits and other very important things, I’m on about the COST OF ACTUALLY LIVING.

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Wet, Truly Wet

There comes a time when you read just too much B.S.
written by dreamers and limp wrist politico’s.

I’ve decided that the average British sheeple deserves
to suffer from the ravages of the UK Government
as they seem to agree with the same tired crap
served up by a different colored tie time and time again.


“Change things by the ballot box” they proclaim.
To protest is futile, to demand change unwarranted.
As for a total change to a new system of government
Gawd, that’s treason.


So keep on voting, after all you’re bound to make a difference,
Sometime, soonish, eventually, promise (sort of).
That’s it, enough, I’m finally going to:-

Where I’m At

I’ve been a bit remiss with posting lately haven’t I?
We are still trying to sell up and move so that is the why.

Everything in the UK moves at glacial speeds (except death and taxes).
So is it any wonder why I’m a little bit upset with realtors?

Where do we want to go?
Dunno yet!
Somewhere warm comes to mind.

We’re open to suggestions.
Anywhere that needs a visa is out so the US is a no go.
Besides your management doesn’t like Brits.
Heck most people don’t like the British!
Something to do with us sticking our noses into places we’re not meant to be.

So, 1000′s of miles and tankfuls of gas later, regular posting isn’t possible.
The extension lead isn’t long enough for one and for some reason people get upset when I jack into their phone lines.

Some folk have absolutely no sense of  humor have they.

Keep smiling, and above all keep safe.
Paul Gray



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