Ouch go the legs (Again)

Three steps forward for two back.
That’s about how much progress I’ve made today.
A simple twist of a knee and I’m back on sticks big time.
Damn it’s annoying when that happens and once again the realization that even a simple injury can incapacitate you. Once again having to rely on SWMBO to walk the dog and empty the honey bucket (aka cassette toilet).

I did a piece entitled “Walk alone?” where I discussed my ideal number of survivors and the dangers of being a lone wolf and getting injured. It’s a timely reminder of that philosophy and once again I’m so happy NOT TO BE ALONE.

So what actually happened?
Working in the boat, I’ve been improving the ventilation under the bed to combat condensation. To do that I’ve had to dismantle the bed “box” and put slats in its place. Great fun except as the world now marches to a metric scale and the boat? Well that’s still in feet and inches.

Ever thought about that?
You go into a shop and they mark things up as 2.4 m / 8 ft.
Like hell it is, it’s not even close.


So me working in old money i.e. imperial, I need 48 inches or 1.22m
Yet board only comes in 1.2 m or 1.5 m lengths.
Guess who’s got a LOT of firewood!

Anyway, juggling armfuls of wood and clambering on and off boats is strictly for idiots AND THAT WOULD BE ME! A stumble and bang one wrenched knee.

So what to do about it?
I’m not going to the doctors. Here in the UK you need to plan illness at least a month in advance in order to see a doctor and as for going down to A&E (Emergency Room)?

Me, voluntarily going into an unclean, melting pot of bio-poo and violence. Then sit there on a uncomfy chair for at least 4 hours minimum (the longest being 11) to see someone who will probably say “you’ve ripped a muscle (again), go home and apply cold compresses to it and stay off your feet”? Not a cat in hell chance of me doing that!

So it’s down to basic first aid, a hot water bottle to relax the muscles and stuff the cold compress, elevation and compression, with most complex of pain relief (paracetamol) as I can’t take NSAIDs anymore.

A NSAID stands for nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.
Examples would be ASPIRIN, IBUPROFEN, and ADVIL.
They have a side effect
in that they affect the clotting time of blood i.e. You clot slower. Thus Aspirin stops the pain and treats inflammation and also prevents blood clots (i.e., is antithrombotic).

You should not use aspirin if you have a bleeding disorder such as hemophilia, a recent history of stomach or intestinal bleeding, or if you are allergic to an NSAID (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug) such as Advil, Motrin, Aleve, Orudis, Indocin, Lodine, Voltaren, Toradol, Mobic, Relafen, Feldene, and others. Do not give this medication to a child or teenager with a fever, flu symptoms, or chicken pox. Salicylates can cause Reye’s syndrome, a serious and sometimes fatal condition in children. (Source)

Not forgetting Aspirin also can cause hives, facial swelling, asthma (wheezing), and shock. All severe allergic reactions.

Great isn’t it, except for all of the above it used to be our family’s cure-all until I got allergic to it

There again paracetamol (Tylenol) has its problems too. (Source)
Go on, look it up for yourself.

Sort of makes you realize why some first aid books say “DON’T GIVE DRUGS”. Now a few questions.

  1. In your first aid book, does it tell you all that?
  2. Does it list dosage and possible reactions?
  3. Are you carrying both types i.e. Aspirin (NSAID) and Paracetamol aka Tylenol (a non-opiate, analgesic)?
  4. Is there anyway you could mix up the two in dim light?
  5. What the treatments for reactions?

Ho hum, so many questions, so little time.

And finally.
What started off as a laugh about me crunching my knee has talked about boats, ventilation, condensation, me being stupid, doctors and A&E, drugs, and your first aid book. ENJOY!

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Watching you do everything.

Forget cyber security, that’s a done deal as far as I’m concerned.
A simple case of there isn’t any.

Heres an interesting article on a real clear and present danger.
I picked up on it from wchildblog one of life’s better blogs!


Now what’s more dangerous to your persec or even opsec?
Someone saying / sending a message across wire / radio or,
Someone popping out for a burger, pizza, or a drink and being scanned, profiled, ID’d, and analyzed by intelligent predictive software?

  • What if they are also listing all who are disabled or elderly?
  • Hows about software classifying your ethnic type?
  • What if you get labeled a drinker thus unsafe to own a weapon?
  • What about going to the cinema, a play showing something TPTB don’t like. Might that classify you as a threat to national security?
  • What if they are watching churches and the like.
    Imagine being classified as a threat because you belong to a certain faith (like being a Christian).
  • As for putting money into a street persons hand or even worse giving them the extra burger you got as a two for the price of one? Isn’t that a crime in some US states, supporting those less fortunate than yourself?

For years I’ve been watching and reading articles on intelligent software scanning you for trends, body language, facial recognition, and even you being in the wrong place (according to someone).
Now CCTV with audio is going to be commonplace plus a weapons scan? How on earth are they going to do that without either x-raying you or a judgment call by software on your gait.

To top it all the thought police will be sat somewhere behind a desk working out whether you need a 3am wake up call KGB style.

What I’ve been saying for years is going live at a lamp-post near you.
In a mad sort of a moment, I kinda find that REALLY FUNNY!

Welcome to the new age folks!

loocctvRoll over George Orwell.
The way things are going
We will need the space.

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Legal and Lustration

I while ago I did a piece entitled Don’t Yell At Terrorist Suspects.

A bit from it:-

Yet there is that thing from a UK legal firm ‘Public Interest Lawyers’. (Source)
They do cover human rights law. Nuff said there.

Yet it seems that “human rights” may not be the full story.
So here a link to a UK newspaper article which says as a headline “Public Interest Lawyers accused of bringing ‘absurd’ claims while costing the taxpayer millions”

Now about my reasoning that Lustration should be extended to everywhere and to who? I’ve rewritten the article a bit.

The object of my lustration has been extended to:-
Politicians, not so civil servants, their attack dogs (police and other “enforcement”), the judiciary, the legal system that feeds from it all, and of course the financial world that keeps everyone enslaved through debt.

I’ve only got one worry now.
Are there enough dumpsters for all of them?

manydumpstersOr should we just cut out
the middle man and
use the local tips? :D


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A new word to me this was and when I read it the first time I thought it was a sex act.
Then I thought it was one of those words that the media made up like “benefit scum” in the UK. Except it isn’t.

Lustration is the purge of government officials once affiliated with the Communist system in Central and Eastern Europe. (Wiki)

So lets call it what it is in real life, PAYBACK for all the abuses foisted onto the ordinary person by government!

Yet why limit it to communist states?
Why should they have all the fun?
After all haven’t we all suffered from the targeted abuse, cruelty, money grabbing, and neglect our “democratically” elected governments have inflicted on us?

AMENDMENT. 12/19/14.
Current affairs have made me think about this a bit more and I’m going to ADD a couple of “sections” to my list of government departments and people who need a bit of lustration.

Politicians, not so civil servants, their attack dogs (police and other “enforcement”), the judiciary, the legal system that feeds from it all, and of course the financial world that keeps everyone enslaved through debt.

Yet that will never happen in the democratic ‘Christian value’ world we live in. Them who abuse us from behind a title, badge, position, or government office are seldom made to pay for their sins.

Besides they carefully craft laws that prevent us mere mortals going after them.

Come a time when everything collapses, I’m thinking that a quite a few people will be looking for payback and those on the receiving end won’t be able to whine “We were only doing our jobs”. Well not for very long anyway.

lustrationDavid Cameron, UK Prime Minister
Looks pretty good on him!

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Wasted Emotions

Today I want to talk about the stupidity that is still raging about the “torture” of terrorists and fanatical foes. The total lack of understanding and misplaced ideals of Western Society who often demand answers and results from their security forces yet don’t want to be seen as advocating their methodology. Hypocritical B.S. at it’s very best!


Before globalisation, no one really cared about what happened halfway round the world. Tribal and religious wars, dictatorships, and genocides went largely unreported. Sad and horrible for those involved but it’s what their culture is and has been for a long time.

So who are the West and why do they think they have the right to try to impose their Christian ideals and B.S. on (dare I say) primitive or non-Christian worlds?

Truth be told the only reason why this is happening is the Wests desire to meddle in situations they know cock all about and big businesses thirst for money and power over all.

Not many of the Wests politicians would willingly get involved unless public opinion or big business forces them too then, apart from a few veiled mutterings and occasionally dispatching forces to deal with the problem “but nicely”, that’s it.

Well sort of.
For the most part the West have moved onto a new trick of picking the lesser of two evils and putting them up against each other. Guess what, it doesn’t work, that’s NEVER worked, and it always comes back to bite the West in the butt!

Yesterdays terrorist is today a freedom fighter but tomorrow the new foe attacking the hand that fed it.

Some of them are also well versed in a bit of genocide too.

Back to torture
When you fight a foe, one who murders and maims with no regard to gender or age, one who kills on a whim or by following a perversion of their faith, it’s no good playing “nicely” with it.

You cannot reason with this kind of foe, you can seldom buy its allegiance or compliance with your ideals, and to attack its kin, faith, or way of life, only strengthens its resolve.

Rules of engagement, the Geneva Convention, International laws and Western sensibilities (including their milk sop Christian religions) aren’t helping anyone, it’s helping them by keeping the “good guys” hands tied by law and some B.S. political/popular idea of what is “right and proper”.

So in order to gain Intel to save the lives of other innocents, when you capture such an animal all you can do is break them.

If your religious or other sensibilities can’t handle that?

Wait Outside.

Better still, while you are waiting, go and explain to those who might have been saved why your sensibilities may allow the foe to continue raping, beating, mutilating, or killing their children, women, and menfolk.


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I give you 7 days

That’s about 80% of you gone in the first week.
Yet you’ll not find that written in any book, government leaflet, or even in the media.

Imagine your world has faced total economic and social collapse, civil war, plus no rule of law. Just imagine what also happens when  the supermarkets remain shut.

They will you know.
With last-minute ordering the last chocolate bar will be off the shelves in less than 7 days. Less than that with looting.

As for WW3 occurring?
Your life expectancy from you being irradiated let alone you breathing in a lung full of radio-active sh#t, chemicals or bio-poo is probably going to be more like DAYS than months or years.

So when I read so much B.S. about years of stores being laid down, colony’s, bugging out to a carefully provisioned ‘lair’ where you will live for ever in complete harmony with nature. You armed to the teeth, tactically wonderful, and as hard as nails!


Ah, someones got the idea I’m thinking that I’m going to be one of the 20%?
OK we may stand a slightly better chance then the unprepared but nothing is certain. Yet my expectations are realistic, I’m just hoping to survive until someone sorts out the mess.

There again that’s only talking about week one and come a nuke or two going pop I’m not sticking my nose outside for at least a fortnight. As for Bio-poo? Add another week minimum.

Personally we’re hoping for a mass die off (including the rats) as it’ll make our life so much easier.  Yet that will still leave a few souls to cock things up and GOD isn’t known for his good taste in who stays alive.

badguyIncidentally I firmly subscribe to the notion that only the good die young!
Probably why I think we’re going to last for ever :P

pairNow who’s going to argue that thought?

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Think Fast

Except I’ve never been able to.
I freely admit that I’m sort of like watching paint dry i.e.
A bit smelly, I get there in the end, and the result is usually good.

I like to problem solve by thinking things through before diving in. I would like to say that in the field I used to think quicker, was always tactically and situational aware. I’d like to say that but, if the truth be told, I wasn’t.

Simple really, I did and still do think SLOWLY!
A lot of how I react now comes from pure muscle memory from CQB training a long, long time ago.

That was a nightmare for me and a painful memory.
Too slow a thinker to adapt to a sudden change of plan, the kicking I got when out-of-place was often warranted and thus I learned REAL FAST! Breech and search formations, two, three, and four man teams, multiple teams, hallways, junctions, windows, doors, entering a room or searching a whole building.

As for taking down a door, with a shotgun, OUCH!
Flash bangs? I never could work though those.

All done at speed in the vain hope that the other guy wasn’t armed or wired to go KABOOM!

So is slow better?
I used to think so and still do using the acronym STOP a lot.
STOP what you are doing (ONCE IN COVER).
THINK about what the problem is and what you want to achieve.
OBSERVE, look at what you have got and what’s around you.
PLAN. Work out a solution and go for it.

I suppose that’s my whole approach to survival.
First thought? Get under cover.
Second thought?  If CBRNE, don my basic PPE.
Now think about what I want to achieve.
THEN I plan what to do next.

Only I usually end up having to improvise and adapt in order to overcome whatever problems are present. There again that’s never been an issue for me. That and the realization that being a good honest law-abiding soul is often incompatible with staying alive.

Think about that for a second.
It covers all sorts of aspects of survival.
For example what would you do if:-

  • You needed shelter and you are faced with a fence or locked door.
  • Equipment you need is locked in a shop or warehouse.
  • No heating or fuel, yet there is a parked vehicle or a locked up gas station.
  • You need water, food, and medicines, except they are in locked shops, warehouses, homes, a pharmacy, or a veterinary.

The ultimate fully kitted out preppers and survivalists are often scathing at the idea of foraging and scavenging. That tends to comes later when their MRE’s run out! I’ve been on the receiving end of many a heated discussion about that.

Yet, for the few of us who aren’t so well equipped, sometimes thinking and acting “outside the rule of law” is the only valid option at that time.

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