The NHS fail again.

(RT) Children as young as ten are being asked whether they are confused about their gender in a new survey distributed to schools by the National Health Service (NHS). Critics have called the question ‘intrusive.’

The survey, conducted by the Lancashire Care NHS Foundation Trust, usually monitors weight, height, and fitness. Now the form, which may have been sent to schools nation-wide, is asking children who have yet to attend high school whether they feel “comfortable in their gender.”

The form also asks children other rather adult questions, like whether their friends smoke cigarettes, “have your friends ever been drunk when you have been with them?” and “has anyone ever asked you to try drugs?”

It is unclear whether the new survey has been adopted across the United Kingdom.

Aimed at kids aged 10?
Further words fail me.

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The gentle sound of:-


And a car takes to the pavement just outside the house straight into a wall.
The reason?
It’s -7 C, a heavily iced up street, and the female driver looked about 12 years old.

The owner of the wall not impressed when the ‘girl child’ said “I’ve never driven in snow before”. Me, I just chuckled.

Damage to the front of the car is extensive although it was still drive-able and away it went, very S L  O   W    L     Y!
Good news, the wall survived with only a smear of paint to show it had been ‘attacked’.

That’s the problem with young drivers in the UK, they pass their test and think that it makes them safe to drive in all conditions in whatever “daddy” has bought them.
Only it doesn’t stop there and today’s newspapers are full of the chaos across the UK caused by the snow and ice of the past week.
I’m waiting for the news reports this morning to talk about trains not running.
As for our nations airports? Probably the advice will be “Don’t bother”.

Every year without fail the UK shuts down because of snow and ice.

Stop Press! A milk van goes skidding across the nearby junction.
Lucky no one was on the main road eh?

Depth of snow?
2-3 mm on solid ice.

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A man with a pipe bomb strapped to his body set off an explosion at one of New York’s busiest commuter hubs, leaving five people injured in an Isil-inspired attack.

Akayed Ullah, a 27-year-old Bangladeshi national who is thought to have lived in the US since 2011, triggered a stampede during the morning rush hour as his homemade bomb detonated in a busy underpass.

Bangladesh is not one of the countries covered in Mr Trump’s travel ban of six predominantly Muslim countries. (Says the media, and I’m thinking why not?)
To my friend eq, I now add terrorism to child abuse.
The People’s Republic of Bangladesh. A country in South Asia.

Then to cap it all.
A statement on behalf of the family sent by the New York Chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations said they were “deeply saddened” by the attack but also “outraged by the way we have been targeted by law enforcement, including a teenage relative of the suspect who was pulled from class and questioned in his school without a parent guardian or attorney.”

Outraged and not understanding that US law enforcement want to make sure this wasn’t the start of a campaign? I am surprised (not).


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I’m unhappy.

3 years on the boat, no problem. Seldom ill, a few ups and downs but essentially we were both fit, calm (sort of), and busy all the time. Loving it.
Until we couldn’t anymore.

3 months in the house, argh!
Dry skin and eyes, intolerance to processed meats has developed, and as for the brain aches! Just don’t go there (and if you do, very quietly please).

I’m walking and working less, driving more, developing a twitch again every time the letter box clatters, and rekindling my love affair for skips.
Well not exactly, more a case of yet again I can’t walk past one without having a rummage.

I can’t settle.
I’m either asleep in the chair or needing to do something, literally anything, just to keep busy. The legs are protesting LOUDLY as when shopping, people talk, and talk, and talk.
So I’m left politely standing about, which is not good for me, while they prattle on about seemingly important things in their lives which mean bug##r all to me!

At home we talk about money, bills, and that other thing???
Oh yeah, how much money we’ve got left to last the rest of the month which has now grown to epic lengths!!

Bins, B I N S!
Why the heck so many people worry so much about waste disposal here amazes me. There are black bins for waste, green for veg and garden waste, and a sort of well dirty grey color bin for recycling.
Only even that needs sorting as half of what you can’t put in there is marked as recycle but not according to the list from local government.

As for cutting grass? One guy did it easy, PLASTIC GRASS, and apparently his dog loves it. Just think about that. The dog ‘loves it’. O….K. I Think.

Stickers on lamp posts are everywhere.
Bylaws, no dog fouling, no parking, no waiting, All quoting £1000 maximum fine! I guess they had a buy 100 get 10 free on the “maximum fine £1000” signage. But, no one knows what the minimum is and when I asked they looked at me like I was nuts!

There is even one sign saying “No mechanical recovery is allowed on this beach”.
That’s right alongside a sign saying “No vehicles allowed”. Max. Fine £1000, and both of them are behind a huge steel locked tight floodgate.

Civilization? Aw sod it.
When we went into the boat we had to slow down, river pace, 4 MPH for everything.
It took a while but hey, slow is good.

Now, it’s absolutely manic.
Everyone drives like mad, every second car has a radio or something booming away.
And most are on a mission. Dunno what but they sure as hell are in a hurry to get there.

Late for us is 9 pm or sundown which ever comes first. Boat time.
Late for them is 02-03 h?
We get up as the sun comes up,
Them it’s 2 minutes to 9 and rush to get somewhere.

Did I mention:-
So here we sit, in our new ‘forever home’.
And I’m wondering if I should get a mobility scooter, just to fit in.
After all husbands and wives race each other around the pavements on them so why shouldn’t I?
It seems all the rage and any color you like as long as it is metallic blue and has an 8 mph switch in it.

Sigh.  I’ve either died and not noticed or just moved into God’s waiting room.

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One culture doing the most harm

We are talking about the UK here but I suspect as you look around Europe, let alone the rest of the world, there will be familiar ‘cultural and religious’ groups of trash within that country doing the same. Anyway back to here:-

The Quilliam organisation, which usually focuses on counter-extremism, said it found 222 of 264, or 84 per cent, of people convicted of specific grooming-gang crimes since 2005 were Asian.

Well I am surprised (not).
Imported, and whatever generation that they are now up to, non indigenous cultures are responsible for most of the harm. Their own finally highlighting the problem.

Multiculturalism and immigration.
‘Enriching our diverse society’ according to the politicians.
I wonder what it would take before the majority take action?
Who needs to be abused, maimed, or killed, to upset the sheeple population sufficiently to demand the expulsion of every one of that particular culture and religion.

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Morale crusher

Almost 200,000 troops face ‘unacceptable’ delay to pay rise because of Treasury red tape.
April before they get told if they are going to get a decent pay rise is now June.

The delay is  actually just a clash, a measuring of dick size,  between the chancellor and  the new boy wonder Defense Secretary Williamson.

I remember when he spoke in November 2017 about :-

“We cannot let our Armed Services be the victim of people who don’t have the imagination or the passion or the understanding of the important and vital role that they do.

I guess that B.S. didn’t mean basic things like a DECENT PAY PACKET.
I wonder how many of our finest will put their papers in before June fed up waiting?
I also wonder how many will ‘trust’ the government enough to wait and see what happens?

When I joined up I was asked why I didn’t go for a real job.
Pay was bad then BUT you had fringe benefits  like good accommodation, 3 square meals, free medical and dental, got to play with guns, and received  a good trade training.

Now pay is still dire, and I’ve been told that everything else SUCKS!
Having been to a cook house a few years ago and tasted what ‘the cheapest bid’ serves up for food, I can well believe the stories.

It’s sad. What I was once proud to be a part of is now a joke.
It’s not the lads and lassies fault, the government stamp of failure is on everything.
I wonder what would happen if the pay promises failed to materialize and large swathes of trained personnel just walked.
After all shiny toyz need lots of maintenance and the manuals need experienced hands to translate the B.S. instructions within into the reality of keeping things going WELL past their use by date.


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Thoughts about use by dates

In the UK there is a growing trend in supermarkets to ignore use by dates on everything but fresh food. Sort of makes sense to me as the EU laws force the supermarkets to throw out tons of foodstuff and household groceries when there is nothing wrong with them.

There is however certain stuff which preppers need to worry about once the sell by date has expired.

5% Domestic Bleach is a case in point.
It will only keep its full strength for about six months when stored in temperatures between 50F (10C) and 70F (21C)
Sealed or not.

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