The racial politics of some.

Labour MP and key Corbyn ally shares Twitter message telling Rotherham sex abuse victims (the young girls raped by a Pakistani grooming gang) to ‘shut their mouths for the good of diversity’ .

Not long after she attacked Labour MP Sarah Champion for writing an article stating ‘Britain had a problem with Pakistani men targeting vulnerable white girls’.

The Wiki notes about Shah make interesting reading:-
Born in Bradford, Shah was abandoned by her father when six years old after he ran off with their neighbor’s sixteen-year-old daughter. At age 12, she was sent to Pakistan to avoid her mother, Zoora’s, violent partner, whom Zoora fatally poisoned because she believed he was planning to sexually abuse her daughters. She served 14 years in prison for his murder. While in Pakistan, Shah was forced into an arranged marriage. [Aged 15].

Cute tit-bit that Shah might like deleted (or not).
Note:- In England, Wales and Northern Ireland, you can get married from the age of 16 if you have parental consent.

Anyway it should be noted that the area she ‘represents’ isn’t exactly known for its multicultural unity especially by their politicians, local and national, past and present.
For example:-
George Galloway (The Palestinian Champion) was their MP 2012 to 2015.
In 2014, former councillor Istiaq Ahmed, who works at the charity Shah chairs, posted on social media “Is Kosher slaughter in the Eternal Jew accurate?”
Note, this source is regarded as ‘controversial’ to some.)

Is the North East (Bradford) Shah represents lost when thinking multicultural matters? Let’s put it this way.
Figuratively speaking, Trumps “draining the swamp” would take one powerful pump!

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The US disease

I get it.
It’s an interlinked globalist world but how come the US keeps spreading its perverse liberal thinking onto the UK.

First you export the BLM movement. Thanks a lot (not) for that by the way.
Antifa followed soon after. Charming little scumbag’s they are too.
Now your stupidity with destroying American History, statue by statue has contaminated the weak of mind here and in particular some woman called Afua Hirsch, a writer and columnist, of Ghanaian, English and Jewish heritage, born in Norway.

Is seems she wants Nelson column be toppled. (Link)
Being a Guardian columnist, is that any surprise?
I suppose that adds to the general misguided clamor from fools that led to demands by yet another foreign born agitator Brian Kwoba who wanted the Cecil Rhodes statute removed.

The university’s chancellor, Chris Patten, telling students that if they could not embrace freedom of thought, they may “think about being educated elsewhere”. (Good man!).

If you can’t sort your own house out, kindly refrain from exporting your drivel to us.
We’ve got enough problems with Europe at this moment without you stirring up the great unwashed, unintelligent, weak of mind, racist, feral masses.

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After the best part of three months, we’ve found a house.
Our bid was accepted, and the legal process is under way (sort of).

Except the day started early with SWMBO at home doing the computer searching and land line talking, and me doing what I do best, working on my own.

So it was 180 miles, 5 hours in total (most of that fighting traffic), and apart from a break every hour to stretch the legs, time looking in houses and fill in the paperwork, plus OTC meds to keep the pain down to a tolerable amount. I got to point the car home.

Only I felt dreadful.
Tired, still responsibly fit, but clerically fried (never liked doing paperwork) and having had to chat to lot of strangers (which I never do well), before driving home I thought a treat was in order.

I think I earned it!
Anyway my idea of a treat? Chinese food!
So black bean chicken on a bed of chicken fried rice and the joy of two pints of lemonade on orange squash plus a ton of ice to wash it down, yep, I’m feeling GR E  A  T after that!

First good news, no traffic.
Well sort of. Only the GPS started to develop a sense of humor.
Turn left into a dead-end sort of way.
Later on, turn left twice back down the same road but the opposite way,
I really hate that so while having one of the increasingly frequent breaks, I turned the damn thing off and opened the map book.
Way out of my comfort zone, I gave up thinking logically and picked a major road going in the general direction and blindly followed it until I started to recognize home.
Know what?
After not so smart programming costing me 15 miles and about an hour (me constantly reminding the GPS that it’s predecessor met its end against a rock), I got home with only that additional 15 miles on the trip meter i.e. 375 miles.

I’m shattered today and disgusted with myself.
When night working 300 miles a night was the norm.
OK that was a few 😉 years ago, but oh boy, mad dashes off around the country are out from now on!

As for my ‘ouch’ level today? Medics all ask the same thing.
On the scale of 1 to 5, how much pain have you?
Then they always laugh when I say 6!
I saved the hard stuff for when I got home.
That took two cups of tea and an hour to kick in.
Not good eh? Still, way I see I know my current limits.
375 miles, over 14 hours, 10 of them actually behind the wheel (with frequent rest stops), provided I refuel with a damn good Chinese meal half way through.

Hardly survival food aka MRE’s
But hey, we’ve all got standards!

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President of lost causes

Donald Trump commits more US troops to Afghanistan and calls on Britain to follow suit.

RU-Fk’g DEMENTED or What!

The West has already lost the Afghanistan War like EVERY OTHER peacekeeping, liberating, anti communist, anti Taliban, anti Mujahideen, anti-whatever, force who tried in modern times.

How many more Military are going to have to DIE or be MAIMED because this fool is listening to even bigger idiots running the military while not showing one tin bit of back bone and telling them to poke it! This is not some Game Boy program!

Perhaps a reminder is needed!

US: 2,271, UK: 453, Canada: 158, France: 88, Germany: 57, Italy: 53
Poland: 44, Denmark: 43, Australia: 41, Spain: 35, Georgia: 32, Netherlands: 25
Romania: 23, Turkey: 15, Czech Republic: 10, New Zealand: 10, Norway: 10, Estonia: 9
Hungary: 7, Sweden: 5, Latvia: 4, Slovakia: 3, Finland: 2, Jordan: 2
Portugal: 2, South Korea: 2, Albania: 1, Belgium: 1, Lithuania: 1, Montenegro: 1

Albanian, 1, Australian 261 , Belgian 14, British, 2188 (5251 from disease or other injury)
Bulgarian, 7, Canadian, 635 )1,412 received non-battle injuries), Croatian, 9, Czech, 26
Danish, 214, Dutch 140, Estonian, 92, Finnish, 11, French, 725, Georgian, 29
German, 245, Greek, 2, Icelandic, 3, Italian, 0, Jordanian, 3, Macedonian, 4
New Zealand, nk, Norwegian, 940, Polish, 231, Portuguese 10, Romanian, 131
Slovakian, 8, Slovenian, 3, S.Korean, nk, Spanish, nk, Swedish 13
US, 20083 (Source Wiki)

A TOTAL OF: 3,407 DEAD, 40405 INJURED, some maimed for life.

Isn’t that enough souls, and destroyed families?
What have the military got on Trump that he meekly gives in to any request they make?

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Brexit negotiations collapsing

The Brussels bloc is insisting that, before a free trade deal is discussed, there must be “sufficient progress” on EU citizens’ rights, the amount Britain will pay in its “Brexit bill” and Northern Ireland.

So that’s a waste of time AGAIN.
March this debacle started, August and the going gets worse.
I’m wondering, when will the UK government grow a pair and call time.
Time that will lead to a full hard Brexit and the collapse of Europe’s bottom line as their exports to us are suddenly subject to tariffs of WTO levels.

Personally I’d like to see October come and the UK turn around to Europe and say “We’re done, we’re out, sod you!”

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The problem is Antifa

Tens of thousands of anti-racism protesters have opposed the “Free Speech” rally in the US city of Boston that featured right-wing speakers.

Anti-racism? No, well perhaps a few, mostly it was Antifa, the same hooligans and domestic terrorists that caused so many problems and violence during the campaign trail of POTUS, on universities, against industry, and pretty much anything else they don’t like (which is just about everything).

It’s about time the media stopped the headlong attack on free speech by Antifa.
To headline the destruction of US history, to protest the editing of their history at the behest of the few. I say that because of what may come next. The burning of history books, Christian bibles, Jewish Tanakh, and I’m pretty certain it will end up with the Koran going up in flames at some point too.

Yep. I’m calling Antifa and the leftist terrorists, bible burners and destroyers of history.
“Who controls the past controls the future: who controls the present controls the past,” runs the Party slogan in the book 1984.
It somehow fits in perfectly here with the Party being renamed to Antifa.

Where is the US going from here? To me that is pretty obvious.
An updated Antifa Version of Kristallnacht “Crystal Night”.
Nights of violence attacking US history, records, statutes, emblems, faith, and hallowed institutions, which will probably include places of worship, and attacks on anyone not of Antifa’s warped version of ‘normal’.

In the book 1984, George Orwell wrote:-
There will always there will be the intoxication of power, constantly increasing and constantly growing subtler. Always, at every moment, there will be the thrill of victory, the sensation of trampling on an enemy who is helpless. If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face — forever.

An enemy that is helpless?
That would be the average law-abiding, true of heart and faith, allegiance swearing, oath taking, American.

Just think, if Antifa win, if they destroy all, wipe history ‘clean’, what are you left with?
I see a communist like state with a total control of mind and action.
Ha, North Korea in all but name!
Congratulations, what years of cold war couldn’t do, you are letting a minority of unwashed and unintelligent destroy. Everything you ever stood or fought for.

Gear up true America, because civil war is coming.

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Military Veterans

I’ve just read a new bloggy thing and I kept thinking about Unison.

I’m thinking it’s a concept that some don’t quite get.
Some still thinking in terms of they were Army, Air Force, or Navy.
Three separate services they may be but all have one thing in common, we all worked for  Her Madge’ in the UK (or them for their country) in our own sometimes unique ways!

Then, at the end, we all left or were made surplus to requirements.
I’m thinking about the UK’s SDR fodder there.
Anyway, now they, we, are all just military veterans.
Ho hum.

Thing is quite a few of them go through the same stresses of leaving service life to mayhem aka civi street. Only without a united voice, what have you got?
A few ants squeaking at a bear with a sore head aka government.
Not one united voice attacking the injustices that government and civilian life impose on veterans. Just different groups of whatever doing their own thing.

You could argue that the British Legion and SSAFA (Soldiers, Sailors, Air Force, Association) speak for us all.
Personally I’ve had more support from the Salvation Army than either of them!
Me bitter? Not in the slightest. If you can’t take a joke you shouldn’t have joined.
Besides I loath ex-officers (commissioned or not).

Anyway, ex-Mil, like-minded souls, helped me in the past as I helped them.
Pay it on so to speak.
Only the funny bit about it is none of us were in the same force.
Hell some I knew and worked with were once regarded as ‘the enemy’ but I would still trust them with my life and that of my own, today, even after many years have passed.

Musing about different associations of regiments, squadrons, units, ships, or whatever, the focus of many is inwards looking. Retaining the pride is good but they should serve the many because within that many are a few that won’t ask for help, won’t take help willingly, but even then some of the most desperate give help without restraint or thought of gain or acknowledgment. Those are the true MILITARY veterans.

I’d guess if you break them open it wouldn’t say Army, RAF or Navy. It would just say ex-forces! Some are now a bit grey, sometimes damaged, a few well past their sell by date.

Army, RAF, Navy, or whatever.
It don’t matter (to some).
We’re all just

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