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Sadiq Khan must be pleased

He did say terrorism was “part and parcel of living in a big city”.
And there you go, he was right. IN HIS CITY no less!
Everyone feel safe with him in charge?

A 19-year-old teenager (not a child refugee from Calais by any chance) has been arrested under Terrorism Act after a controlled explosion at North Greenwich tube station. The suspect arrested in the street on Friday lunchtime in Holloway Road, north London.

So what’s missing from this media snippet?
His status in the UK, Nationality, Ethnic group, and Religion.

I wonder why that is?

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Turning against each other


I’m sorry (not) but I find this story absolutely priceless!
The scum of the Earth are now killing their ‘fellow’ Muslims in the UK!
Hell I feel safer by the minute.

The chief executive of the Quiliam Foundation, Haras Rafiq, has claimed that civil war has spread onto the UK’s streets. He said this the killers deemed their victims “not being Muslim enough” and it has led to “ISIS-style” killings on British street. He said: “The last three killings of Muslims to be picked up by the media have been carried out by those who have decided that their victims ‘are not Muslim enough’.” (Typo was the media’s)

So what happened to the Religion of Peace?
I wonder if they will stop bitching about the Brits and concentrate on ridding themselves of their own enemies. Only they can’t can they. Their religion won’t allow them to give up their own to Christian justice.

Where have these extremists come from?
Simple, someone let them in as part of the politically correct process and to that end the Calais ‘child’ migrants drifts into my mind.
Or, they have returned from ISIS to be pampered by the UK welfare state
Or, radicalization has shifted its attention against its own.

Only do I care? Nope, not even a flicker of regret.
Carry on extremist Muzzies.
I’m sure the UK government has a stockpile of body bags just itching to be used for good reasons.

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Cyber Warfare

With the US threatening cyber war against Russia.
Vice President Joe Biden openly threatened Russia with a cyber-attack in a televised interview with the NBC’s “Meet the Press” on October 16. He remarked that Washington will choose a time and place for a “response” which will have “the greatest impact.”

Then UK’s  Fallon (The Nursery school Defence Secretary) announced a £265 million 10-year programme to boost the cyber defences of Britain’s military systems from war planes to the new generation of aircraft carriers. That and the £1.9 billion already allocated for cyber warfare preparation that the UK will use on its enemies.

Now when the dog and it’s puppy start talking about the same thing, cyber-warfare, it’s time to increase your own vigilance and defence of your computers and digital storage.

I can only think the most sensible approach we ‘the people’ have is to transfer everything you’ve got into a stand alone, never to be connected to the outside world, battery or renewable powered computer system. That after scanning the hell out of everything to ensure you haven’t picked up a computer virus from all the ‘government’ covert actions that ‘we think’ is going on 24/7/365.

Only there is one of the many problems.
How do you scan for something when the proprietary software could have already have been hacked and all manner of sinister coding added?
Especially software that updates automatically. Especially Microsoft (spit) products.
Your computer operating and application system is the same.
Most of us will be running some sort of proprietary software. Microsoft (spit), Linux, or its many variants. As for the packages we use? That list is legion.

It’s a difficult problem to get around. Or is it?
What is your computer system for?
To communicate, to keep informed, to search for resources, or as a data repository, or a little bit of all four?
Looking at each element:

  1. To communicate. Why use digital let alone a phone? What’s wrong with radio??
    Apart from the convenience of sitting in your home on the end of a phone line (monitored), using the Internet (hackable and monitored), to communicate with others (making an audit chain listing you and all other persons of interest)
    Why aren’t you going to a public access utilities (like a cyber-cafe or public library) and using their equipment into secure messaging services?
  2. To keep informed. From who, from where?
    Most everything you read has been sanitized, monitored, scripted, and otherwise distorted to present the facts that TPTB want to present to you aka Sheeple and Conspiracy Idiot’s Fodder. Then, even if you are gathering Intel from others, whatever you transmit or receive by conventional means is going to be monitored, scrutinised, and otherwise assessed by the mighty computers in the sky aka government.
  3. To search for resources.
    We all do it. Looking for answers and useful notes on whatever.
    Raw data is useful, first aid, ‘how to do’ articles, the 1001 other things we look at.
    For the most part I’m thinking it’s all pretty benign except it does build up a picture of you. If you also touch on a tagged (or is it flagged) title, you may become a person of interest. For example, it’s now an offence in some places to (GYO) Grow Your Own foods. As for off grid living? At last you may get official recognition and the much sought after title of ‘Domestic terrorist’.After all, and as one blogger wrote “If you aren’t on a government watch list by now, you should be ashamed of yourself”.
    Really? Personally I think keeping a low profile is preferable.
  4. Data repository.
    Someday the Internet as we know it will end.
    Libaries will be shut down (due to cutbacks), books are already archaic, and printed matter ‘too bulky’.
    Especially for those whose idea of bugging out includes a 40 kg pack.
    So what better than squeeze a lifetime of useful ‘junk’ onto a little memory stick, USB key, or whatever you call ‘portable storage’.
    Not forgetting all your essential data like:- your name (should you forget it), address, bank account, copy of passport, medical notes, etc, etc.
    It’s so useful doing that.
    All kept on  a 2″ x 1″ x ¼” piece of plastic you can insert into any computer and read to your heart’s content.
    Yet to read it needs intelligence i.e. a computer or terminal capable of displaying it.
    A printer to make hard copies, power and supplies to do both.
    Only lets hope you can find all them working after an EMP pulse or no electricity grid EVER AGAIN.

That and never step on your portable storage, get it wet, too hot, too cold, and with some media, placed near a high energy electrical or radioactive source or strong magnet let alone get it ZAPPED by an crowd pleasing nuke EMP.

So here’s me.
Wondering why everyone is so dependent on something so fragile, track-able, hackable, and dangerous. Thinking about cyber warfare and wondering why everyone isn’t even more scared of that then thermonuclear war?

In my mind everything is interconnected.
Everything relies on electricity.
Nowadays every part of your life is controlled by computer.
BUT FEW CAN SEE that if a cyber attack goes wrong, it has the potential to inflict incalculable, maybe unrepairable, damage on a countries infra structure, commerce, medical . . . basically everything.

It’s also the new trigger for war.
The instigator is easily identified to a country thus attackable.
Some geek, employed by government, brings down a countries centralised nuke program.
Feel safe? What about the portable units.
Same geek shuts down the power grids and communications.
Military takes that as WW3 has started and pushes the Big Red Button following protocol for when loss of central command has occurred.
The million and one scenario’s for the effects of a cyber attack cannot be truly isolated as everything is interlinked.
Power down, no food, no water, no heat, no money, no fuel, medical, or government.
Result, chaos, then anger, and retaliation but as everything ‘digital’ is down, it’s going to be basic. Guns, bombs, poisons, CBRN-E and manpower in all it’s forms.

Only there may not be a turn off button now. Control systems fail.
Automated protocols unstoppable. Take a nuclear power station. Boom time!
Chemical works, Boom and cough yourself to death.

I view all talk of cyber warfare as idiots deploying a weapon of mass destruction.
Anyone even thinking along those lines as dangerous and stupid.

BUT what do I know:-
An old school 60-year-old engineer, with yesterdays skills, and a bit paranoid.

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Is everything hackable?

BRITAIN is playing Islamic State at its own game by using cyber warfare as a weapon for the first time in a military operation, Defence Secretary Sir Michael Fallon revealed yesterday.

Wow, I’m truly stunned. Who would have thought of doing that (so late in the game).
I’m also wondering what the cost of all this will be.

Whoops, and there is it, Fallon announced a £265million 10-year programme to boost the cyber defences of Britain’s military systems from war planes to the new generation of aircraft carriers. That and £1.9 billion across Government on cyber warfare that the UK is gearing up to unleash it on its enemies.

Only he’s not talking about ISIS but the MOD and Forces love of all things digital.

Sometimes I know he doesn’t get it and neither does the MOD.
It’s about time someone ‘sensitive to the deluded’ told him and them that the forces total dependence and love of all things computer and electronic will end in tears after the first nuclear popper goes off.

For nursery school experts, whoops, I meant Defence Secretaries, that’s the effect called the electromagnetic pulse (EMP) that fries most things electronic in the first few microseconds. 2-3/1000,000 of a second.

High-tech is NOT above a good hack either as was proven with the US Navy when a Russian SU-24 disabled all radars, control circuits, systems, information transmission, etc. on board the USS Donald Cook with one pass using their latest ECM package.

For nursery school experts, whoops, done it again, I meant Defence Secretaries, ECM stands for Electronic Counter Measures aka scrambling the sh’t out of an enemies digital systems.

In other words, the ship went deaf and blind like turning off a TV with the remote control. Then, to rub it in, the Russian Su-24 simulated missile attacks (12 times) against the USS Donald Cook and there was nothing they could do to stop it or defend against the real thing had that occurred.

Russian comment (when they stopped laughing)?
“The more a radio-electronic system is complex, the easier it is to disable it through the use of electronic warfare.”

Carry on Sir. You’re only 10 years behind.

One final thought.
Wanna bring down helicopters?
Thinking high-tech?
Why bother when an RPG-7 has a record of doing that for WAY LESS THAN £1.9 billion (plus change).


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A wee Thump.

European Schiaparelli Mars probe’s parachute ‘jettisoned too early’.
And $1.3 billion hits the deck at warp speed after the ‘retro jets’ didn’t burn hard enough.

We’ve got serious problems in this world to solve!
(Without scientists continuously bombing another).

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UK’s Defence Secretary speaks.

Two British warships have been sent to shadow a Russian aircraft carrier and other Russian naval ships heading towards the UK. It is not clear if it will pass the British Isles via the English Channel or West of Ireland.

Wow. A whole two ships, against an aircraft carrier and support craft?
Question thereafter has got to be, “Will it be enough to stop the expected invasion”?

British Defence Secretary Michael Fallon said the ships would be “man-marked” every step of the way. “We will be watching as part of our steadfast commitment to keep Britain safe,” he said.

This is what we get as a rough, tough, experienced militarily (not), Defence Secretary.
A creator of a chain of children’s nurseries thinking he has a hold on a situation.


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