UK people verses the EU and Cameron

A Rave.

Although the EU may have been happy to let any swinging dick into their “loving embrace”, they are now lining up to deport them  in the thousands if they are not genuine refugees.

Finally (and following MASS PROTESTS across the EU) the idiots in charge have worked out they have made a mistake and the limp wrist politicians are struggling like mad to retain their tenuous hold on their “power” by deporting as many as they can.

(Embarrassingly the UK’s contribution was to send a few agitators to the Calais jungle to stir up trouble. That and run newspaper crusades to let anyone in who claims they are a Syrian, and throw billions into foreign aid to them. Plus admitting “vetted refugees” and dumping them in far-flung employment black holes to live forever on state handouts. That is sort of riling enough as there are homeless here, people living on handouts from food banks, and other trying to get by working for peanuts.)

Too little, too late, and after tremendous damage has been done by every political party in Europe. There will be one hell of a culling of the political world coming when their next country elections happen.

This has been one heck of a boost for the EU Nationalists and National Front party’s.
With the real people in life sick to death of the carnage the liberal policies of their current governments have caused this time, they will be looking for payback, BIG TIME.

Personally I’m hoping for the end of the EU and a return to individual countries self-governing and trading like they used to before all this mess started. Trade resuming without the “sanctions” imposed by the EU (one state under Germany) and the little countries may get a chance to grow again.

As an extra I’d love to see US led NATO kicked out of those individual countries as being the world’s number one War monger and causing the return of the Cold War.

Only it gets worse and when I read this I flipped!
Foreign criminals cannot be automatically deported because it would breach their children’s rights to live as EU citizens, the European Court of Justice looks set to rule, in what would be a significant blow to Theresa May’s Home Office.

Just because these animals breed here does not give them the right to stay here or their “families” as they have proven themselves to be criminals and therefore unsuited for life in the UK.

Once again the morally corrupt legal system of the UK and EU has proven to be inept.
I wonder whose name is at the top of the list of UK legal firms behind it all.
Probably some well-known ambulance chasing, terrorist supporting, legal firm.

If I was ever unsure about a BREXIT (aka getting out of the EU’s clutches) I’m not now. Leaving is a definite must for the UK.

That and jailing all human rights lawyers for being total and utter dicks.

As for Cameron?
This idiot never had any intention of leaving the EU even if the UK citizens vote for it.
His “deal” about stopping welfare to economic migrants (aka spongers) and returning control to the UK’s borders let alone returning power to the UK “government” is a total farce.

As for his actions trying to ban MP’s from actively promoting BREXIT and telling them to ignore the wishes of their constituents and local party’s. So much for any pretence that the UK has a fair, open, and democratic system.


The UK. Going down the pan
courtesy of the TORY Party Leadership.

Rant Ends.


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When it all begins

When what begins? Whatever, it doesn’t matter.
During a crisis aka event, SHTF, scenario, or whatever you want to call it, loads of people will go into instant brain lock.

Some will just wander round not taking any of it in,
A few will just stand in shock and awe.
There may be a few running around in panic not knowing what to do.
(That would be TPTB).

Bottom line? You may one of only a few thinking clearly!

The initial assessment of what has happened and what you need to do to survive demands you to react quickly, concisely, and paying due regard to the Rules of Three.

Only what are you going to do if
your plans fail at the first hurdle?

Take bugging out.
You all grab your GO bags, everyone gets into the vehicle (pre-packed with everything), you open the garage door, TO THE TRAFFIC JAM FROM HELL!


The very action of fleeing in your vehicle or even a ‘ordered evacuation’ will overload the roads in next to no time. You’ll probably end up sat there and going NOWHERE.
OK, now what. Will you choose to abandon your vehicle with all its goodies?

It’s decided that you swap onto plan B. Bug out on foot.
Except now the roads and public areas are hopelessly blocked as everyone is doing the same and you might come across this, a people jam and you still ain’t going anywhere soon.

Too many people on foot is self-limiting to how fast everything moves.
Even if it turns into a “column” of people, the average speed on foot is unlikely to exceed 2 mph. Don’t forget there are other forms of transport besides vehicles like trains, ferries, air, and even the humble bicycle and horse. Only if TPTB try to “assist” everyone, almost immediately things will grind to a halt. Such is the organisational capabilities of the state.

Plan C now kicks in.
Your final choice and least preferable choice may have been to bug in aka shelter in place.
With exiting the city limits not an option, the whole family en-mass decide to return home. Only after hours of push and shove, you may end up turning the corner to get back to your neighbourhood and these guys won’t let you pass.

Their job is to evacuate you NOT let you hunker down.


Murphy’s Military Law has words of wisdom about this:-
No OPLAN ever survives initial contact OR any revisions made in haste.

Only what you going to do then? Personally I just S.T.O.P.

  • Sit Down – Literally (Only make sure it’s safe to do so).
    Rule of three,
    3 seconds without adequate cover in a hostile environment.
    3 minutes without good air.
  • Think
    About what you want to achieve and in what time frame.
    Is it to keep trying to get back home?
    Or find alternative temporary cover until the mass transit numbers subside?
    Explore other ways like walking the rails, storm drains, or even the sewers?
    Would you need additional equipment for these?
    If you do, where are you going to source it from?
    Can you keep to your original time frame?

    What are the dangers and difficulties that have stopped you?
    Floods, CBRN, Riots, or even Aliens?
    Probably the main reason will be TPTB.
    Rule of threes,
    3 seconds without adequate cover in a hostile environment.
    3 minutes without good air.
    3 hours without adequate shelter and controlling your environment.

  • Observe
    So that’s looking around and being acutely situationally aware,
    Scanning for hazards, and looking at what resources are around you.
    Working out safe access, transit, AND egress routes in case things turn bad.
    Looking for cover if you have to move in or through a hazardous area.
    Looking where to place resources for defense or to cover your future movements.
    Assessing your loads against what is happening, the terrain, and desired speed of movement.
  • Plan.
    Now you’ve taken time out, thought about it, assessed your needs and equipment, re-ordered your priorities or made a decision on what you want to do next, NOW you can PLAN!

Only sometimes you can’t S.T.O.P. can you?
Taking a time out could be extremely hazardous, especially in a violent or CBRN situation.
Thus even with good training (military or other) you may just have to “wing it” aka improvise aka make decisions on the run.

Sometimes you will just have to react and hope for the best.
Gets a bit tough round about then doesn’t it.

A few words of wisdom from a wise man I once knew.
He was talking about working within a mixed ability force in a combat scenario.
As most survival is a fight for life, it think it’s applicable.

Once a OPLAN gets screwed, and even if you have adequate backup and fire support, giving up your life for someone else isn’t noble it’s stupid.
Especially if you are in charge and / or the most skilled at combat or survival.

Ordinarily the most skilled will be in charge and without the skilled guiding the others, many may die.

If the task in hand calls for a specialist skill set, then that person may lead temporarily, but there can be only ONE PERSON IN CHARGE and that must be the most skilled.

Who lives and who might die?

In combat nothing is certain.

You may all be Sgt. Rock clones but bullets aren’t fussy about who goes down.
Bombs and CBRN are even less discriminating and men bleed just as well as women and children.

In survival occasionally the most unlikely survive while the experts have been known to die first. As for the “women and children first” mantra? That very Old British ‘stiff upper lip’ mindset. Terrorists may agree with that though and regularly drive them into harms way first using them as weapons or shields with the scum shooting from behind them.

Watcha going to do about that eh !?! (Anyone getting mad yet?)

A lot of discussion has been made about who is to be given priority when it comes to survival. It is a very emotive subject and does evoke VERY STRONG emotions in people.
Within a group, it was important for everyone to understand the importance of this subject and I strongly advocate this being discussed before any event occurs.

For example.
If someone is unable to continue.
Or becomes a threat to the groups security, safety, and coherence.
Or becomes a burden to the group as a whole.
In transit, or a critical situation, and to save the most you can, someone may have to be left behind.

Only that someone shouldn’t be the knowledge, the skill, or the personnel who can support and guide the others to safety. Does that mean I’m talking about the survival of the fittest above morals, ethics, religion, compassion, or whatever? Yep.

So that’s a discussion you need to have as come a time when speed can save lives, or resources are limited, like it or lump it, it’s a decision that might have to be made so you better be ready for it.

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Hours, Paul Walker’s Last Solo Film.

Paul Walker’s 2013 last solo film but not quite what I was expecting.

New Orleans, Hurricane Katrina and Nolan (Paul’s character) is left in an abandoned hospital with his newborn still in a neonatal incubator.
Power fails, the batteries in the incubator start to fail, he’s left with a hand crank charger. 40 plus hours he’s awake with looters, no power, the whole nine yards of “haven’t got”. In the end, he’s found, baby’s safe, weepy, weepy bit.

Only here’s my problem. The script writers.
I’m pretty convinced they completely missed the fact that ANY hospital is a one stop shopping mall of equipment (most of which contains batteries), let alone other supplies for the “resourceful.”

So what we are left with is a study in sleep deprivation.
A pretty weak one too.
Yet half way through the film with Paul running backwards and forwards looking for “stuff” in other areas, I was suddenly struck by the thought “Why doesn’t he move the incubator closer to where he is going to a lot to cut down the transit times?”
Too simple? Probably.

Then there was the generator “incident”.
Found under water in the generator room, he lifts one onto a table, plugs it in, and tries to fire it up.

He was lucky to finish the film at all!
So was he just too tired to think straight or an idiot.
We’ll never know.

It’s a shame really, I liked Paul Walker but I suppose I was thinking 3/10 as the final score.

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To my personal Troll

Seems I’ve upset someone and have my own personal troll. How do I know this?
1000 plus word essays were coming in regularly from the same jerk that are vitriolic, abusive, and threatening.

OK I get it, you don’t like the way I scribble. I’m heartbroken.
Seriously, real tears are being shed and genuine remorse felt (not).

As I really don’t give a
About what you think.

I’d love to send you one of those scientifically designed, evolved through the millennia, comforting devices, to help you through your crisis though.


Oops, nearly forgot!
You know those words “Awaiting moderation”?
Seems you just don’t get it so I’ll explain.
I choose what to display in my comments and as you are so boring, I’ve added you to my spam folder. Thus your long rambling pieces of writing legend will disappear without a trace and I can get on scribbling my thoughts without you annoying me.

You have a really nice day now.

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More money than sense

A personal view on a newspaper article.

Apparently Russia is filling the seas with submarines, US led NATO is getting uptight, and the US government (always known for it’s fiscally sensible policies) is going to waste $3.4bn for its European Reassurance Initiative – up from $789m this year.

Still what’s a few billion when the US is already in so much debt?

US Defence Secretary Carter is describing Russia as “a growing threat”, only why?
Royal Navy Vice Admiral Johnstone said NATO had seen “a rise in professionalism and ability to operate their boats that we haven’t seen before“.

Ha! I find that really funny and adding to that you’ve got Chairman Corbyn talking about removing the missiles in all UK subs if his party ever get into government. Thus in this case the threat isn’t so much the Russians as the enemy within i.e. the future UK government.

Before that though, the US got involved with the Ukraine fiasco.
They then pushed Putin way too hard, got their puppy the UK to do the same, and fear mongered the whole of Europe back into A NEW COLD WAR.

Next step for NATO was to invade Europe with “advisers”.
How did Putin react to massing foreign troops on the Russian borders?
He deployed his own.
A sensible prudent military option I’d say but hey, I’m not the one spoiling for a fight.

Then the US led NATO started to talk about deploying nukes in surrounding countries for when Russia invaded. WTF was that all about! Russia has more sense than start anything BUT they again played tit for tat and deployed their mobile units. Only they are better at doing that aren’t they?

Meanwhile in Syria. Russia is pounding hell out of ISIS and the CIA funded rebels.
That’s another story but one thing it did show REPEATEDLY was Russia’s ever-increasing military capabilities, technical improvements and political control over their forces especially after the downed aircraft incidents. That and their ability to work well with others in an active military theatre.

Only that went further and China and Russia held very successful joint exercises shooting off all sorts of high-tech munitions the West had no idea even existed.
The US predictably objected and just as predictably got ignored.

The West aka the US is worried and if they are worried so should the rest of the world.
(According to them anyway).
Only the rest of the WORLD i.e. Them not in Europe don’t give a flying Fk. about it all.
To them Russia, China, and Iran aren’t involving them, so what’s the problem?

Tactically, technically, logistically, and politically Russia and friends are running rings round the almighty West when actually the main threat to world peace (as always) comes from within. The West’s leaders and NATO (with their tired old white-hair generals) who still think they can win a fight NO ONE WANTS FOUGHT.

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Shopping Snobs.

A snob is a UK colloquialism for someone who has an exaggerated respect for high social position or wealth who seeks to associate with social superiors and looks down on those regarded as socially inferior.

A shopping snob packs their shopping into designer carrier bags, occasionally shops in the “common places” with the riff-raff, but tends to buy brand name goods and wouldn’t be seen dead rummaging in the freezers for the split bags (marked down), and looks away from the damaged goods shelf and wouldn’t EVER buy things just about over their sell-by date.

Then there is me.
It was my turn to go shopping today. Yep , that’s my street cred blown!
WE (together and alternately) do the shopping, clothes washing, cooking, the washing up, and the boat cleaning on a sort of “it needs doing so one of us will just get on with it” sort of way. Very democratic.

Supermarket days.

  • Monday is the “quiet downhearted day”.
    Probably because it’s only the first day of the week.
  • Tuesday is pretty much a non de-script day BUT I’m still trying to work out the common element.
  • Wednesday seems to bring out the worst in people around me.
    For some reason it brings out the POSH and TOFF’s (the rich or upper-class person)
  • Thursday is pensioner day and is always a nightmare but good for a stick fight or two over who gets the bargains.
  • Friday is singles day and speed dating for the desperate. (Mainly between 2 and 4 pm)
  • Saturday and Sunday is mainly families with Saturday beer buying day.

Anyway, being on a fixed income, I’m always ferreting around for the bargains and today was stood waiting for the precooked roast chickens that always get marked down just before 11 am ready for the afternoon batch to be cooked. Only today (being super snob day) no one was buying and there were LOADS of bagged chickens to be had.

roast chicken

Reduced from £5.00 ($7.50)
To £0.50 (75 cents)!

Yeeha, what a bargain.
Yet no matter how hard the girl was pushing them, the punters aka shoppers, (wearing their best furs and designer whatever) weren’t buying them preferring to wait for the new ones to be moved onto the sale shelf. Utter madness. A 1.5 kg chicken for 50 p / 75 cents!

Only it didn’t stop there, the Bread section.
It was like watching a crowd all spaced out on Prozac or Diazipan.
Away with the fairies, they were just stood there, brains in neutral, waiting for the “fresh stuff” to be put out.spacedoutsmilie
11.15, and the morning sort out of the “use by” dated bread was in full swing and the bargain bucket shelf was laden with loaves, buns, and all sorts of ‘naughty but nice’ baked goods.

Right at the bottom was what I was looking for, breakfast rolls. 65 p down marked to 25 p. Fresh but coming up to lunch time, reduced. (Got to love the shops for doing that). Also loads of cut loaves for 15 p FROM £1.00, but I drew the line at the mouth-watering butter croissants at 20 p for 6 as I’m watching my weight  sob  (Sob).

Round and round I went, dented cans, split bags, for some reason it was a bonanza day in reduced stuff. Then I went to the check out. My basket was sort of full with reduced stuff and in front of me was . . . Yep, one of the Mr & Mr.s Posh, Brand name only types.
An almost identical basket of foodstuff to me only all “posh labels”.
Their bill £48 ($72)  My bill, £6 ($9).

And back home with full backpack for a delicious chicken roll, sweet and sour chicken and rice for tea, and tomorrow, CHICKEN CURRY!

Ain’t life Grand!

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Situation warranted attention

So I’m nipping into a shop leaving SWMBO and dog outside.
Only something is not quite right.

Then it dawned on me.
As SWMBO gave me some money from her purse, in my side vision I noted a guy of “a different ethnic group and dress” come to a screeching halt about 20 feet behind her.

Then pull his watch cap down further.
Err it’s a cool day but no way cold.

So I ‘encouraged her’ to stand just outside of the open store door. Out of my sight for about 20 seconds, jerk off one had been joined by his sidekick jerk off two. Only they are closer to SWMBO now. She in turn moves closer to the open doorway.


The dog now positioned itself between SWMBO and them.
Dead subtle (NOT) it gave them that doggy look that says:-


“Dumb Idea Guys”.

They hesitated.
That was enough time for the slowest till operator in the world to ring through the purchases and out I walked. Ordinarily I’d be leaning on my stick but not today. Purchases in pocket, stick held in both hands, no trace of a limp. They left.

The dog relaxed and trashed me instead.
Good dog, bacon for tea!

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