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Leader of Christian group adjusts incorrect doomsday prediction: ‘Soon’

Chris McCann of the eBible fellowship admits it was ‘surprising’ the world did not end on 7 October but says they will ‘keep studying the Bible’ for clues [Link]

Well Mr McCann, I’ve got a backlog of work to get through having spent all day “worrying” about your prediction aka taking the day off to enjoy the sunshine.

So may I make a suggestion for the next time you want to make stupid predictions?


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I don’t need to try

New research by the Resolution Foundation – now chaired by former Conservative minister David Willetts – suggests the government’s welfare cuts introduced in the budget in a bid to cut the deficit will drive at least 200,000 working households into poverty under a definition that the government is abolishing.

The think tank’s analysis also indicates that the number of all households – both in and out of work – that will be in poverty at the end of the parliament is projected to rise by 700,000 to nearly 4 million. [Link]

See what I mean?
I REALLY don’t have to try to show bad how things when former Tory ministers report this about their governments actions.

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Guardian Newspaper Hits the Mark.

‘Poor people don’t plan long-term.
We’ll just get our hearts broken’ [Link]

Boy does that ring true for millions in the UK.

Read the article if you want but the truth for many in the UK let alone the US is:-
“Why bother about tomorrow when there is so much that can finish you off today”.

It’s a really bad world for the poor, sick, disabled, and elderly in the UK.
That some do ‘all right’ is true but a shed load of others are living BELOW the bread line.

The rule of three (RO3) gets pushed to the limit by some parents going without food for days on end so their children can eat. Some having to dumpster dive for ‘out of date’ food. As for the elderly or poor? A main meal for some is cold beans from a tin.

Shelter is another RO3 choice for some to worry about with winter coming.

The choice will be simple. Heat or eat.
Even worse will be the pay the rent or heat and eat.
The worse case is eviction, being made homeless.

Some unable to cope will be giving their kids to relatives to raise or even worse destroying their kids lives completely by putting them into “government care” because THEY HAVE NO OTHER CHOICE. Thus families are being split apart.

Then they may sit there and wonder in their desperation.
Why does the UK government give so much away for foreign aid, to the EU, to immigrants, and to themselves as fat cat MP pay rises, when so many are suffering in the UK.

Why is so much given away yet so much is taken away from the least able to give.


Why are psychopaths like MP Iain Duncan Smith put in charge of the destruction of people’s lives?


What happened to make the rich so mad at the poor?
So mad that they prefer to trample them into the dirt?

Then they might remember.
The other political parties who let them down during the last election.
A chance to toss out the evil nasty party the Conservatives aka Tories was lost by infighting and stupid leadership by the opposition parties.

Hows about the other political parties saying they would follow the same policies of destroying the poor, sick, and disabled?

Who to vote for when all are run by the self-serving rich.

The Rule of Three’s (RO3)

  • 3 seconds in violence.
    All too common in the UK who (according to the UK government) is gun free!
  • 3 minutes in bad air or no heart beat.
    Pollution levels in the UK are getting worse. Our emergency services arrive but only to scoop up the bodies in some areas of the UK as they are either badly run or non-existent.
  • 3 hours without shelter
    No money for rent or bills, no shelter or heat. Winter is coming.
  • 3 days without water/drugs
    Curiously I’m not going to fault water but life saving drugs are often withheld in a bizarre post code (zip code) lottery of who will provide what. Drugs also cost money.
  • 3 weeks without food
    Parents going without for long periods.
    Some suffering from illnesses caused by bad diets.
    Vulnerable persons deprived of welfare support who starve with only the charities for help IF THEY ASK FOR IT.

Plan for the future!
When whole UK communities or sections of that community are trying to survive today?

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NATO Turkey

I get it.
NATO, aka the US, are trying to block Russia from re-supplying their anti ISIS warfare by making Turkey get all upset about a couple of air incursions.

The Turkish president, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, said his country “could not endure Russian violations of its airspace in its campaign in Syria and said Russia risked “losing” Turkey.”

Two incursions and Turkey is getting silly?
Na, this has US state department written all over it.

Still it was a SU 30 which apparently faced down two F-16’s patrolling the border with Syria, locking its radar on them. They must have been wetting their pants!

If push had come to kill, my money is on the SU 30.



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