Yep, Germany Twitched Again Today

Germany’s second in command Sigmar Gabriel said the EU could fall apart if Brexit was not handled carefully.

Got that right Sigmar.
Only it’s not us you’ve got to worry about.
There are a lot of referendum coming up and EU’s stellar performance with the handling of the rapefugees invasion and other assorted trash they invited in (courtesy of Chancellor Merkel) is what will kill Europe.

Way I see it is you only have a few choices.

  1. Keep on letting everyone in with your stupid open borders cr@p and ‘pop’, the EU will self destruct.
  2. Chuck everyone back from whence they came from and face civil war while doing that BUT as a result I reckon the EU will survive.
  3. Kick the sh’t out of the UK and watch everyone else leave because there is safety in numbers when fleeing a tyrannical entity.
  4. Be ‘nice’ to the UK, stop with the ‘hug a rapefugee’ rhetoric, and close your borders.

There again Sigmar you could always quit before the evil witch destroys your country and further tarnishes your record.

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Prioritizing rubbish to delay Brexit.

Prime minister(ess) Theresa May has ordered a year-long audit of all public services to ensure ethnic minorities and the white working classes are not being treated unfairly.

Wow. How absolutely important to the fate of the UK is this!
A sheer waste of resources and plainly a stalling tactic.

Hows about doing something useful woman.


Farage needs to make a comeback.
Not tomorrow, TODAY!

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The Gentry don’t get it either

A former head of the civil service has predicted that the UK might remain in a “more loosely aligned” European Union, despite the referendum vote to leave. Lord O’Donnell told the Times it would take Parliament “years and years and years” to separate fully from Brussels.

Without a shadow of a doubt, the rich, titled gentry (landed or not) REALLY DON’T GET IT when it comes down to the street level opinion of the UK being flooded with the dross from Europe.

We could be out of Europe VERY QUICKLY INDEED if the government had balls.
Hang on though, it hasn’t, or even had a set of them for many, many years.

Not some posh twit’s idea of a halfway house.
BUT here’s an observation for you.
Newspapers were reporting that the reason for everything taking so long was because the UK’s ‘uncivil’ servants are dragging their heels aka being as slow as they usually are at doing any and everything.

Is this a bad time to point out that this pompous ass used to be a head of the same?

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If it’s not government it’s the judiciary!

If you don’t want to read on, leave.

France’s highest administrative court has suspended a ban on full-body “burkini” swimsuits that was imposed in a town on the Mediterranean coast. The ban in Villeneuve-Loubet “seriously and clearly illegally breached fundamental freedoms”, it found.

Now I can take this any which way but today I choose to side with what I think the French Government and the French people want to happen.

They’ve been bombed, shot, and knifed. Name it and it’s been done by some pretty foul creatures yelling Allahu Akbar. So the French government  recognised that the culture, dress, and just about everything that keeps this ethnic group in a state of seclusion and apart from the French nation needed to be banished.

It was quite simple really.
You want to be French, start acting like it, mix with the French, stop setting yourself apart, and thus the burqa and the Burkini were banned as being un-French.

Then up pops the legal profession and says the decision to ban the burkini “seriously and clearly illegally breached fundamental freedoms”.

OK, lets examine those freedoms, over the dead and maimed bodies of the French who have recently died. Whoops, not fair?


In the UK we have had quite a few low life’s who need kicking out of the country BUT the European Courts stopped that from happening. The Courts (aka their Judiciary) ignored the FUNDAMENTAL FREEDOMS OF THE VICTIMS and sided with the terrorists. There can be no other sensible interpretation of their actions. One particular ethnic or religious group is getting away with murder with the judiciary s blessing, leaving the foulest of people in place thus able to carry out further acts of terrorism.

You could argue that it is only a minority that is causing the hurt so don’t punish everyone.
OK, I can see where you are coming from EXCEPT the minority (bad guys) live, work, and are probably supported by some of the masses. So if you can’t identify who is who, tactically you hit everyone until someone breaks and gives up the bad guys.

It’s messy, it’s broad and blunt tactics but given time it will work.
Only first you need to muzzle the Judiciary.

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Hello, is there anyone out there?

We have just  unplugged for a couple of days and to say it was nice would be an understatement. With only the radio weather forecasts for company, except we didn’t need them because the whole time we were away it rained, and then some.

boatraining3 hours from home (11 miles), and we might have been on another planet.
No noise (except the rain), no artificial lights, no people, no Internet, mobile phones, nothing, Nada.

It was so quiet we went foraging and came up with a bag full of elderberries which when rendered down makes a VERY SWEET red syrup like drink rich in vitamin A and B and a large amount of vitamin C. Only this summer has been a year of ‘too much heat in a little time‘ thus the yield wasn’t all that great.


Blackberries were also on the watch list but we were about 3 weeks too early.
Apples were good, a little stunted, a result once again of ‘too much heat in too little time’.
Still we plan to go out again to stock up later in the year.


On the river the Canada Geese were everywhere in huge slow swimming flocks. Instant dinner! Why the other Brits are so fussy about this free meat astounds me.

I recently did a little article on Austere Food talking about the bulrush aka bull-rush or reed mace. The greenish heads are forming but as expected, the biggest ones are by the automated sewage works. Problem I’ve got is our favourite foraging area is only a mile down stream from such a works.

So can nasties like hepatitis live in reed mace?
In olden days reed mace was used as a cure for Hep.C but other nasty bugs may enter the water and be absorbed by the roots, from chemicals to bacteria and viruses.

Bio matter you can kill off by boiling, it’s the chemicals that can cause the problems.

Ho hum. Nobody even denied that it was going to be easy come whatever!

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Germany twitches!

Deutschland bereitet sich auf Krieg! (Germany prepares for war!)

Ouch, I missed this one.

The mighty ruler of Europe is telling its citizens to start prepping IMMEDIATELY.
i.e. To start stockpiling food and water for at least 10 days.

The German government explained that the country could face an “incident which threatens our existence”.

Only I wonder if that is war or just the break up of the EU.
There again it could be a complete collapse of the German banking system.
Pick a scenario, urgent advice without explanation invites PANIC!

The German government is strongly suggesting it’s citizens to stockpile food and water in case of an attack or catastrophe, the Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung (FAZ) newspaper reported on Sunday.

Personally I’d be thinking more along the lines of 14 days BUT HEY, perhaps modern nuclear devices have shorter “stay inside” effects.

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Seasons and Schedules

PPPPP. Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance.
We’ve no idea what this winter will bring although the last few weeks have heralded a stormy lead into Autumn.
It’s been a while since we had a bad winter so we’re going to be ultra cautious.
What’s bad for us?
-5 degrees C or more i.e. below freezing and high humidity for a protracted period.

Electricity Concerns.
With the last of the coal fuel power stations closed down, the electrical generating capacity of the UK is well on the knife’s edge. Although we are not entirely dependent on that generation, LONG TERM could prove difficult for us as winter is DAMP and condensation a problem.

It’s too easy to say keep everything ventilated and we hear that a lot from house owners. In a boat, 3 feet from the water, that’s not so easily achievable so we usually do all our cooking by 2 pm at the latest in cold conditions to allow us to ventilate the moist air. Our cooker runs off propane and when you burn a pound weight of propane, it will generate 1.6 lbs of water.

To pin that down a little more, we have two 6 kg Propane Bottles.
We change a bottle every 319 days. How can I be so precise?
SWMBO keeps account of EVERYTHING which is kinda useful living on a limited budget.

notepadswmboBack to gas.
6000 grams / 319 days = 18 ml of gas a day (on average).
Now burning 1 litre of propane produces 810 ml of water.
So 18 ml of gas produces nearly 15 ml of water or a tablespoon. Wow!

Why so little gas?
Did I ever mention the fact that SWMBO is the queen of the two pan meal?
Got to love someone who can cook really good meals out of almost anything in under 20 minutes, cleaning up as she goes, in a galley kitchen.

Water Vapour
Our dehumidifier is working 24/7 from the fall (if cold and damp) to spring taking out about 4 litres of damp PER DAY day. Only where is it coming from?

The human body gives off about 300 – 400 ml of water vapour a day as standard. Breathing, sweat evaporation, that sort of thing.
So with 2½ of us on the boat, that’s a lot of moisture to get rid off.
Then you add cooking, us making hot drinks, washing and toileting, it all mounts up. Including the often forgotten thing called wash gear i.e. towels and face clothes, plus in the kitchen, tea towels for drying dishes and the like.

All gently ‘evaporating’ though the day and into the night.

While we are never cold at night in winter (20 plus Tog king size duvet), bedding also needs airing but to do that you have to carefully control the ambient temperature in the boat as in winter the internal ‘dew point’ is usually way higher than outside.

Don’t forget damp also affects materials ability to retain heat.

Now you may be forgiven in thinking we are a ‘bit’ focused on damp as our main issue. You’d be right. Cold, put on more clothing. Wet outside, leave outer layer on the back under cover. Dog? A waterproof coat is fitted as standard on rainy days BUT even that has to be aired.

Don’t forget damp can be a killer for some.
Mold and their spores can badly affect a persons respiratory system and cause damage to both the wood in the boat, and everything in it including mattresses, other soft furnishings and clothing.

It’s interesting to watch how much stuff gets taken down the laundry in mid-winter.
Some for washing and drying, some just to freshen things up i.e. tumble drying blowing hot filtered air through it. There is another hazard to think about.

(Caution, dangerous advice) Why? Because some fabrics can’t stand the heat!
Tumbling a 7.7 lb ( 3.5 kg) load, a 60 degree C 30 minute ‘HOT WASH’ or a ‘HOT’ tumble dry at temperatures of 40-50 degrees C (104-122 degrees F) for 30 minutes will kill off bed bugs.

It happens, its endemic in the UK that have communal areas and soft furnishings.
You sit on something ‘infected’ that gets carried into your home aka our boat.
This is not about keeping clean or being dirty, it happens!

As for mold? (Caution, dangerous advice)
Vinegar kills 82% of mold species and can usually kill the mold growing on clothes. White Vinegar will also remove the mouldy smell from the clothes. Just add a couple of cups to your normal wash detergent.

We have to plan ahead. WELL AHEAD.
Those who don’t are playing ‘catch up’ the whole time and it’s better to monitor things already done than try to do them in the freezing cold and wet.

Thus we turn to the calendar.
Start Day count, Spring, 20 March
(Average 7.7 º C, Coldest -3 º C)
92 Days later , Summer, 21 June
(Average so far 14.6 º C, Coldest 9 º C )
62 Days Later, Autumn 22 September
(2015 Average 10.0 º C, Coldest -4 º C )
From about October our electricity usage increases
90 Days Later, Winter 21 December
(2015 Average 2.1 º C,  Coldest -9 º C )

90 Days Later, Spring 20 March
(2016 Average 7.7 º C, Coldest -3 º C )
Electricity Usage starts to tail off at the end of March

Winter Servicing / Preparation Schedule.
3rd Quarter September (or first frost)
Oil and Oil filter change
Change Gear Box oil (n/a as New box fitted June 2016)
Bleed the fuel system of water.
Check and top up Antifreeze to 33-38% strength
Check Alternator belts
Check Battery Bank status (all five of them)
Renew Gas bottle if necessary (see above)
Clean and proof all canvas covers, lubricate all catches and zips.
Check window frames for leakage, renew seals as appropriate.
Renew chaffed ropes,

Fit double glazing to main windows.
Check dehumidifier
Repack cupboards and under bed storage checking bag seals.
Un-box extra heating and check.
Start refilling the water tank on weekly basis.
Keep diesel tank full at all times, fill up and store diesel cans.

Busy little bees aren’t we!

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