Flood protection for us.

WARNING Long Article.
Stock up on coffee, tea, and biscuits before reading.

Living 500 m from the sea, all be it behind one massive sea wall, there is always the risk of being flooded out.
The town we live in was partially flooded in 1953 and after that the sea defenses were built to last BIG TIME. However you can never be too careful and it seems that the local authorities are still taking this scenario seriously and we get regular updates of the potential flood state from the Environmental Agency in the form of text and phone warnings.

So what to do in the case of a flood. Were there ‘guides’ to help us?
Yes, bus some of the government advice was obviously written up by committee.
As such it is basic, generic, and without regard to our particular problems.
It also seems to have never heard of preppers or survivalists, how they do things, and how most of us are aware of the problems the authorities can cause the well prepared.

If that sounds a bit arrogant it was not meant to be.
HOWEVER the nine words everyone should be worried about are:-
“I am from the government and here to help”.

Thus we have drawn up plans which are ‘somewhat divorced’ from the advice from what TPTB suggest. For example:

Our Flooding Plans have two priorities.
Self preservation and a quick safe exit to high ground being the first.
Or, shelter in place.
Both involve, time permitting, slowing the ingress of water into our home in the hope that a flood will be short-term and cause little damage.

Common entry points for flood ingress into a building are.
Doors, ventilation brick, cellar (basements).
Drains, access (manhole covers) and rodding points, toilets, baths, sinks, washing machine waste outlets, and central heating condensation drain pipes.

Basic Requirements / Actions
(Priority is identified as # and #####=Absolutely Must Do)

#####Doors and ventilation bricks need to be sealed with plastic sheet and sandbags to slow seepage.
#Sink and #####bath plugs need to be fitted and sandbagged to stop back flow.
######Toilets need a small plastic bag filled with sand pushed into the bowl and sandbagged on top of that.
#Caution, don’t forget the overflows.
For them I suggest canned expanding foam squirted into the hole. (Spray and forget).

# (two) Drain (manholes) access and rodding points need sandbagging.
#Action for Washing machine drainage and central heating drain pipes.
#Remove hoses. Cover the end of the static pipe with plastic and seal it with fabric (gaffer) tape.  If you cannot remove hoses, wrap with plastic and tape securely.

This to stop back pressure forcing sewage back into the home and eruptions of sewage near to the house.

Remember, at best all this will do is DELAY water ingress if the flooding is long-term.

Immediate actions on receiving notification of imminent flooding.

Seal house as above.
Crunch time, how long would that take?

I reckon 1-2 hours.
#Move all valuables into the roof space.
Include anything that is portable or easily collapsible and will fit through the roof access hatchway. The less you leave downstairs, the less will have to be replaced.

Basic Toolkit
Keep straps and cord to hand to aid rolling items and lifting.
Have a basic tool kit to aid disassembly of items.
Include a pry bar and rip saw.
Maintain a good store of large bin bags and fabric backed (gaffer) tape in the roof space.

Have torches and spare batteries to allow continued working should power fail.
Install tea candle lanterns plus spare candles and multiple lighters for long-term illumination in the roof space, ready to light.

#Move mattresses, #bedding, curtains, #rugs, cushions, and #non-essential fabrics into the roof space. Packing them into waterproof bags or at least plastic bin bags.

#Move whatever non refrigerated food stuff you have into the roof space.
#Move all important paperwork to the roof space in a sealed plastic bag.
#####Don’t forget your grab bags!

Crunch Time, how long will that take us?
About an hour to shift everything and an hour plus to sort things out.
It’s the shifting that will take priority, once stuff is there, sorting can be done gradually.

Potentially that’s 4 hours.
So we’ll do what we can, some stuff will be left.
All ##### gets priority as that is what may help to save us and prevent damage.

We have two options at this time.
Shelter in place or evacuate.

The official advice is to NEVER OCCUPY THE ROOF SPACE EVEN IF  YOU HAVE EASY (SKYLIGHT) EXIT ONTO TO THE ROOF. (Shrugging of shoulders)
Even with tools, trying to exit through the roof covering will be difficult and leave the roof damaged allowing the ingress of rain. Those tools should include a pry bar and rip saw for roof trusses and battens. Yet, it is something we may have to do if the worst happens too quickly for a controlled evacuation.

If you are proposing to shelter in place, ensure you can move around easily by previously floor boarding the maximum you can within the roof space. Remember it is not only about moving around but providing a stable surface to store things. As such, non ‘traffic’ areas can be battened to form open spaced shelving. This will save you money.

#####At least 5 days water i.e. 10 gallons (45 liters) per person.
Do not trust that the mains water will remain potable.
#####A basic toilet and washing facilities.
#####A basic stove, cooking pots and utensils.
Note, using any stove is a carbon monoxide risk.
Work out how you can remove a tile or shingle to allow smoke or fumes to escape.
In such a confined area, unless you can rig up a chimney, don’t use a stove for heating.

You need a clear of clutter NOMINATED space for a full size mattress.
#####A first aid kit and #####personal medicines for at least two weeks.
#####Adequate outdoors clothing to keep warm and dry.
#####Include multiple pairs of footwear.
#####Plus your grab bags.
Each person has one and each should contain identical items in case one is lost.

Communications. (For us)
#####A  domestic radio, our ship to shore radio, plus spare batteries for all.
Why a ship to shore? We have an inshore lifeboat station and a coast watch station nearby and rescue helicopters can use maritime VHF channels.
Finally a mobile phone and battery charger pack.

If flooding is imminent, move any vehicles to high ground if that is close to you.
(Except high ground for us is 8 miles away so not such a great idea).
DO NOT leave your home without taking your grab bag with you.
You may not be able to return because of sudden flooding, or be prevented by the authorities (here to help) from returning home.

We should receive warnings of evacuation.
Carry out the listed building protection plan including the movement of valuable items into the roof space.

Once you are ready to go, ensure you take your grab bag as per the contents list.
Turn off the electricity, gas, and mains water supply before you leave.
If you have a cellar, don’t enter it unless it is dry .
Some Cellars contain power boards, gas & fuel stops, and water stop cocks.
If  present, turn these off as soon as you can.
NEVER enter a cellar that is wet.

Ensure your home is secure. Do not leave windows or doors open or unlocked.

Use your pre-planned area exit plans.
Be prepared for the authorities to interfere with those plans.
Never let go of your grab bags or let TPTB search them.

#####  Grab Bag contents  #####

I prefer a backpack. It centralizes the load and keeps your hands free.
Line the bag with waterproof material.
Shelter (Survival bag), lightweight weight sleeping bag.
Water purification (Survival straw), fire making materials, medical kit and medicines.
Add a small clothing maintenance kit, needles and threads.
Personal hygiene i.e. sanitary items, soap, tooth-brush, tooth paste, razors, combs.
Toilet rolls, hand wipes and water free sanitizer.
Ingress tools and COVERT (as we are in the UK) self-defense weaponry.
This should include a visible knife worn on a belt or backpack strap for easy access.
Cooking pot and utensils, basic supplies for 3 hot meals and drinks.
A domestic radio, torch, communications, and lots of spare batteries.
Communications should include a radio and hand-held flares.
Spare under clothing, socks, cold and wet wear.
(Hypothermia is a danger even in summer)

PPE for Lungs, eyes, ears, touch and physical damage, plus decontamination material.
Your document pack, money, and identification.

A special note for pets.
#Include a few days foodstuff and don’t forget any medication, a leash, documentation and ‘poo bags’.
Be prepared for the authorities to deny shelter for them.
Also be aware that whatever they promise, your pet is of no consequence to them.
(Here to help)

Survival in floods.
Moving water that is deeper than your ankles can sweep you off your feet.
You cannot see under flood water so always use a staff to check for debris, the soundness of what you are walking on, the depth of water, and as an aid to stability.
If you have to cross moving water, rope together but only cross one at a time.
Walk into the flow and diagonally across it to your destination.
Never carry stuff in both hands and undo any backpack belt clasps to allow a fast discard should you fall over.

A word on boats.
Use oars or paddles as you won’t know what’s under the water or what the depth is.
Visible currents may not be indicative of speed of flow.
Their weight and inexperience getting in could flip the boat.

Hypothermia will be a problem even in summer.
Stay out of the flood water as it will contain all sorts of contaminates.
If you do get wet, decontaminate at the earliest opportunity.

All foodstuff and water you find must be considered contaminated.

CAUTION: Electricity lines can remain live under water.
Don’t smoke or use naked flames as escaping gas and floating chemicals could ignite.

Practice the basic rule of threes of survival.
Look after only you and your own, unless it is to your advantage.

People will do anything to survive including murder and worse so trust no one.
Remember the self-defense Gold rule that Distance is king in combat.

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Negotiating with terrorists

It used to be one of the unbreakable rules of Great Britain.

That was until Great Britain gave in to the IRA (terrorists).
Fast forward to today, and we’ve got Boris (the poodle) Johnson trying buy a woman’s freedom from Iran (who some call terrorists) with something like £400 million the UK nicked from a failed tank deal.
That and the UK have been equipping “moderate terrorists” by the bucketful in various theaters around the world.

Anyway somewhere in time, possibly because we became too embarrassed about our government’s weakness and poor judgement, everything changed from The United Kingdom of Great Britain to the shorter more snappy title i.e. the UK.
Probably because the French kept calling us Le Royaume-Uni and we didn’t want to offend them..

Some are now thinking UK stands for the Untied (Not a typo) Kingdom.
We the people governed by a load of temps aka  . . . .
Can you call a whole government wimps?
Still let’s see what happens after:-

The EU Council boss Donald (the duck) Tusk delivers Brexit ULTIMATUM:
EU chief tells May she has just TWO WEEKS to up cash offer.
The EUssr version of negotiation. Sounds rather like a terrorist raving doesn’t it?

If it does, here comes the terrorist threat aka the ‘Or Else’ bit.
OR he won’t be able to green light trade talks in December.

It’s a damn good job I’m not going to be present because I’d tell him to shove the EU right up his proverbial, walk out, and HARD BREXIT the EU within the next 7 days.

Yet will they, the limp wrists I mean?
Sigh. When we need strength in government, a hard-nosed SOB of a negotiator, likely to rip the throat out of Tusk with his bare hands, all we have to offer is . . . . WIMPS.
After all I don’t think the whole negotiating team has a pair of Cohones between them.

That and they are being led by Prime minister
(Always makes me chuckle does that one)
Theresa May-not.

Think I’m being unreasonable?

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People are getting freaky about Plague (Y-pestis).

WHO notes

Untreated plague has a high risk of mortality.
The incubation period of the bubonic, septicemic, and pneumonic plague types ranges from 2-6 days

Bubonic Plague usually results from the bite of an infected flea or by introduction of contaminated fluid or tissue into an open wound.
After an incubation period of 2-6 days, there is acute onset of symptoms such as fever, headache, chills, and weakness.
It is also common to see gastrointestinal symptoms like nausea and vomiting.
About 24 hours after the start of these symptoms, swollen, extremely tender lymph nodes known as buboes, filled with multiplying Yersinia pestis, appear.
There buboes typically form from lymph nodes that were closest to the site of infection.
Left untreated, the bacteria can spread to other areas such as the bloodstream, causing secondary septicemic plague, or the lungs, causing secondary pneumonic plague

Septicemic Plague can either develop primarily, often through the introduction of contaminated fluid or tissue into an open wound, or secondarily as a result of untreated bubonic plague. There is a sudden onset of symptoms including fever, chills, nausea, and vomiting. Later on in the course of the disease, purpura, a rash caused by bleeding into the skin, and disseminated vascular coagulation can develop.
Tissue blackening and death, especially in the fingers, toes, and the nose, is also seen.

Pneumonic plague is a highly contagious form of the disease.
Primary pneumonic plague develops when a person inhales infectious droplets emitted by a pneumonic plague sufferer.
Secondary pneumonic plague can develop when untreated bubonic or septicemic plague spreads to the lungs.
Symptoms from this type of plague include fever, headache, weakness, and a developing pneumonia that heightens symptoms of cough, chest pain and shortness of breath. As the disease progresses, hemorrhages, necrosis of the tissue, and pulmonary abscesses are other common symptoms. In the end stages of untreated pneumonic plague, Adult Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS) and shock can sometimes be seen.

Early antibiotic treatment is essential.

It is a Gram-negative, non-motile, non-spore-forming coccobacillus aka a bacteria
As such can be treated with antibiotics. (Link to CDC site)

My notes for personal storage.
DO NOT USE, go to (Link to CDC site) for detailed information.

( 1 g intramuscularly every 12 h) is the drug of choice.
5 mg/kg once daily, or 2 mg/kg loading
dose followed by 1.7 mg/kg every 8 hours
100 mg twice daily or 200 mg once daily
500 to 750 mg twice daily
500 mg once daily
400 mg once daily

All for a minimum of 14 days.
Transmitted by fleas, carried by body fluids, pest urine / feces,  and exposure to the infected exhaled breath. Use barrier nursing and FFP3 / P100 quality masks. USE eye protection.

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Grenfell Tower

Grenfell Tower final death toll: police say 71 lives lost as result of fire.
The tower block that burned because of faulty (some saying inferior flammable) cladding.

Officers say they have recovered and identified the final two bodies from the tower and do not expect to find any more.

This has got to be a class action in the making with the builders, owners, maintainers, Londonstan City Hall, and politicians, all needing to sweat a lot in the High court dock.

Except that will never happen.
First will come the inquiry.
Chilcott (Of the Iraq whitewash fame) will probably run it so we’re looking for 5 years before they hear testimony.
Someone will probably be blamed and it will probably be some lowly contractor.
As for jail time? Unlikely.
Compensation will be claimed, which may get paid eventually.
Finally the government past and present may be caught on camera slithering out on their slime trailing bellies declared not responsible for anything.

However I can see the tower flattened soon.
What better way to hide things.
Besides this is Londonstan.
Big business will probably flatten it for nothing if they can pick up the land dirt cheap.
I bet “Mayor” Sadiq Khan as already got a list of preferred building firms in mind.
All part of his multicultural wonderland.

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First Catalonia, now Cambodia

Cambodia’s Supreme Court on Thursday dissolved the opposition Cambodia National Rescue Party (CNRP) on charges the party was involved in treason aimed at toppling the government.

Not forgetting little Catalonia that dared stand up to Spain.
Their democratically elected government was shut down completely, probably on orders from the EU.

France is going all out to set things up for Le Pen to be found guilty (a done deal I’m thinking) on yet another frivolous charge. Why? Because she is a political threat to France’s old guard politics.

As for POTUS. He breaths and judges fight for the chance to declare it illegal!

This is a trend growing round the world even though I’ve only listed four examples.
Want something done? Sign up a judge or two.
Then there are trade sanctions imposed by country on country usually with the backing of the UN but more insidiously by the EU and US.
(Absolutely no business interests involved of course).
It doesn’t stop there.
The UN’s United Nations Security Council Resolutions are great for attacking countries that the US want. Usually on the back of BAD INTEL.
Everything done correctly, as per “International law, with loads of judiciary to ensure that there is no way in hell you can protest their actions or errors.

Seldom voted for, the judiciary of the UN and countries are usually appointed by governments (past and present) or from within their own ranks, are decimating laws, freedoms, and quashing political or vocal protest, for whoever wants them to shut down.

Democracy in action eh?

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BOE/ONS Accounting Lies

The Consumer Prices Index held steady at 3% in October, confounding forecasts of another rise, which would have forced Bank of England Governor Mark Carney to explain himself in an open letter to Chancellor Philip Hammond.

Despite food prices hitting a four-year high, lower petrol prices compared to a big rise at the pumps a year earlier kept the cost of living in check.

What total rubbish.
Our income is fixed so SWMBO’s little accounting book can tell instantly when things are going awry.
Funny that, with no computers or politicians to ‘massage’ the figures, just till receipts and the ability to do basic math, we know more about ‘the economy’ around us than those lying POS in Londonstan.

But just making a statement is not proof so here’s a few ‘real life’ worked examples.

  • The average cost of fuel around us (6 gas stations) has increased by 2 p a liter for unleaded fuel over the last month and bulk heating oil the same.
  • As for bottled gas? We don’t use it now but others do, and the average increase was 9% over the last month for 47 kg bottles, we having loads of people living in trailer parks and rural locations to back that claim up!
  • Our food bill. That’s going up 4% a month!
    We always shopping around for the best prices we can get and raiding the reduced price shelves every chance we get!
  • UK wide, vehicle sales across the UK dropped by 12.2% last month with the most striking example of that being diesels dropping a staggering 29.9% because of the government’s stupid actions over pollution.
    Why is that bad?
  • A reduction of sales taxes are going into the government coffers, and the first thing they do is start cutting back on public services which makes local government raise local taxation to counter the loss in state funding.
    Thus people pay more, usually for less, and the cycle continues ‘ad nausium’.

There’s omission of the truth, lies, statistics, and the UK government (in which I include the “Cannok” running the BOE) in ascending order of hiding the truth about the real world we live in.

All to hide the fact that the country is in DEEP trouble because of stagnant low wages, high immigration from the EU’s dross nicking jobs (countered by government ‘make believe’ claims that unemployment has dropped dramatically), the international money markets manipulating the exchange rates to make even more money (something they can’t hide), and wholesalers thus retailers pushing up prices for no more reason than some idiotic POS UK “Remainers” politicians keep on bleating “It’s all the fault of Brexit” (which hasn’t happened yet).

But hey, don’t take my word for it, have a read [Link].

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Computers would be perfect if:-

They didn’t have to interface with things like cheap and nasty printers, by wireless.
That and driver software is probably written by a demented, dyslexic gnome, who’s first language probably isn’t English!

I’ve worked with computers for years and one thing I know is true, software written today is RUBBISH. Yet, buy a new printer and you will have to install a driver for it.
Ordinarily that’s no problem UNLESS you are of a nervous disposition because COMPUTERS SENSE FEAR! Only this time I caught BIG TIME.

Thus the software auto-installed. Damn it!
I wasn’t expecting that, and on it’s very own i.e. no help from me, screwed up my WiFi, somehow managed to scramble the Office software I was using by fouling up the Java I had on board, confused the hell out of the antivirus package which temporarily locked me out of the network section of my control panel, it probably thinking the Russians were hacking it!

An hour later, and after a quick restore from my ever faithful backup program,  their stated claim to fame that “installation is easy” got a stinging user support message from me that I was not at all pleased.

Wanna know what there reply was? What country do you live in?
WTF, yet something inside me was just cool enough to reply “UK”.

Ah. You needed to load “Blah, Blah, Blah, first.”
No, I didn’t. What was needed was a gentle step by step install with me juggling the figures around to suit my little “Way too old” laptop.

And so it came to pass that I lost it! (A common type of emotion when talking to idiots).
Me: WTF does it say that! I screamed in 36 point rage.
Them: The printer manual was the reply.
Me: What printer manual? 42 point underlined
Them: The one that would have automatically installed if the installation had completed!
Me: (in 72 pitch print) plus graphic!


For some reason the chat was terminated.
Guess he understood Russian.

Update your backup NOW, TODAY!
Anything Microsoft approved probably won’t work on anything older than 5 years.
If you can’t manually install the printer software, as opposed to the software growing a brain and auto-installing. Take your printer back to the shop, get a refund, and buy one that will allow you to step by step, a custom install, to suit your aged suitcase of a laptop.

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