I just couldn’t resist this

The US government has shut down today.
Grand isn’t it, the all powerful brought to a shuddering halt by a few stupid politicians.
Thus essential services will be run by people without getting paid and others will be forced to take unpaid leave.

Who will pay their bills, their rent, any foreclosures or interest accrued on loans, or put food on their tables and fuel in their cars?
One thing is certain, it ain’t going to be your loser politicians.


United States? More like the UNTIED States.
And today the subject of much amusement in the worlds media.

smilie giggle

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10.7 et adieu.


I have been increasingly alarmed by current affairs moving us towards what may end up as World War 3. It seems I am not alone with many prepper friends saying the same thing.

To that end, I am shifting into high gear in preparation for the inevitable storm.
The storm that is predicted to occur, by far more knowledgeable people than me,  in Late Spring, Early Summer.

Spring is due to start March 20, Summer Start June 21. 75 days and counting.

I so hope they are wrong!

So I’m now concentrating on how we are going to survive the first few hours of  chemical, the fourteen days for nukes, and probably more than thirty days after a biological incident. In short the CBRN of war. Thus I’m getting all my equipment, stores, and other material in order for these worst possible scenarios.

As of now thoughtfullyprepping is going 10.7.
Email will still be answered.

Have fun, work hard, stuff PT, dig like crazy, and catch you on 11 meters. 26FB962.
May your God go with you.

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Reactive Skin Decontamination Lotion (RSDL)

Below this post is a product for decontamination of chemical Agents.
[Click Here to fast view)

I have ‘difficulty’ with this product simply because of the way most chemical agents are dispersed i.e aerosol aka micro-droplet form, vapor and gases from cylinders, or low yield ‘bursts aka IED’s, agricultural, or industrial ‘accidents’.

The Chemical of CBRN.
It’s going to be unlikely that someone will be lobbing gas shells from afar near me but with the increasing use of drones (home-made or not) and long-range missiles, you can’t rule that out.
Add a high-jacked crop sprayer and the potential to saturate an area is a real one.
IED’s and other ‘terrorist friendly’ dispersal methods are usually confined to a local area, BUT what it hits generally gets saturated. (Building AC units a good example of how to take out a building without fuss aka boom.)

And all you’ve got is a few pads?
Ex-mil will know that to decontaminate military style, you should have been wearing your MOPP before the event. Then pads (my time it was fullers earth) HELP but you know it doesn’t stop there.
Previously you would have been swallowing tons of pills which every grunt in the world hates and injections of whatever gunk “Big pharma” wants testing.
All ‘just in case’, preventative measures. Ex-mil will know about the injectors you also carry into a hot zone but they are generally only used AFTER someone has worked out what the hell you’ve been hit with. After that it’s a wash down and decontaminate.

BUT as for John and Jane Public in down town UK or a US city?
How many people even carry a FFP3/P100 mask and closed goggles, let along a full face mask equivalent. OR even a Tyvek hooded coverall and gloves?
I only know a half-dozen who do (as part of their EDC) and they are all ex-mil and long-term preppers.

What will happen to John and Jane Public is their clothing, ‘baggage’ and exposed skin, is going to be wetted, and the substance inhaled or it will soak into their skin. Thus you will end up with badly contaminated internally and externally souls and many tastefully coated vehicles or street furniture..
The demo shows Provodine iodine.
OK, you can see that but Sarin and Tabun gas? They are both colourless and odourless.
Vx in gas is odourless too but the material itself is either yellow or brownish.
(Sticky and has a long persistence)

To the uneducated know this?
Do the public even know what some blister or blood agents smell like?
I think not.

Realistically the best you can hope for is to find a cool shower and go to town with the soap having stripped off everything you are wearing and chucked it out of the building BEFORE hitting the shower, not after!
Quickly too, within minutes.
After that?
What do you do with what you have swallowed or inhaled?
What if you start showing symptoms?
Some effects can take hours before noticeable effects are felt.
Realistically you need immediate help.
The chances of that happening quickly after a major gas/droplet release?
Zero to Zip I’d say.

As for those Pads?
What you can’t see or feel isn’t going to be found even with a buddy cleaning you down unless you are wearing appropriate clothing in the first place. And lets face it, how many buddies will remember to wash behind your ears let alone theirs.

  • Educate the masses first,
  • Know the danger, how to recognise it, and what it does.
  • Make people think about what the immediate actions should be.
  • Promote carrying basic NBC/PPE/MOPP protection,
  • Learn how to decontaminate yourself and others in an austere or domestic setting

Then think about antidotes and them snazzy pads.


rsdlA beginning Prepper will start out focusing on the basics: Beans/Bullets/Band Aids. And hopefully the training that goes with them. As time goes on and experience increases, he hopefully becomes more adept at identifying those threats that have the potential to cause him harm, and to start mitigating them. And expanding his equipment and supplies.

At some point you have to decide if a chemical/biological/nuclear threat scenario is something you need to concern yourself with. And that you need to equip for. Some preppers will, some wont.  I covered protective masks some time back.

Emergent BioSolutions  makes a product they call Reactive Skin Decontamination Lotion. It has been used by the United States Government as well as other agencies. They sent me one of their packets, but I have decided not to open the packet. I will rely on published data instead. The purpose of these kits is to decontaminate your hands, arms…

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Cold and Weapon Care

An article I wrote years ago for a pest controllers magazine.
Here reprinted (and updated) following a memory jog from SHTF prepper.

Air weapons.
Basically there are four types of air weapons.
Spring Piston
Gas Ram
CO2 cartridge powered
Pre-charged pneumatics.

Out of the four, Precharged pneumatic PCP is probably the best all-rounder in a climate that is predominately wet with a high humidity, with a temperature swing from +30 to -10 Celsius through the year.

Why is this?
Mostly it’s to do with the properties of gases (air, CO2), second lubes in the cold and finally their mechanisms.

Starting from the worse, CO2 powered.
In every case, CO2 is stored in a highly compressed, usually liquid form.
On firing, that liquid is released and expands rapidly back into gas. “Sort of.” 
At ambient temperatures of less than 4 °C / 40 °F, the liquid is stubbornly slow at converting back to gaseous form.
Stubbornly translates to a drastic drop in power as much as 50% if not more in extreme cold temperatures. Even worse the more you fire, that expansion of the gas is chilling down the insides of your weapon. Thus eventually, rapid fire can literally freeze the internals of valve assembly, even on warm days.

Gas Ram.
You’re probably familiar with gas struts that open car boots (trunks) for you.
Same principle, a tad faster, and when filled with nitrogen (the current fad), are sealed for life and internally corrosion free.
They work well, but in temperature extremes the limiting factor is the same as steel springs, the lube used between the air cylinder wall and the gas ram.
Plus their release is harsh. It’s designed to be fast but when we are talking about working with frozen metals, that harshness and loss of malleability due to the cold, it can cause catastrophic failures.

Personally I like springs, low-tech, reliable, especially when topped off with PTFE washers, but the piston can be slowed by thickened greases and lubes round the spring and air cylinder wall. We’re not talking a lot though and a typical figure of 50 fps is the worse that UK weather will cause.
That will push the POI low BUT if you know that will happen, it’s not exactly rocket science to work out by how much i.e. When pest controlling in winter all I do is read the garden thermometer and I’ve got a simple ‘range card’ taped to the stock for sight adjustment. (low-tech stuff).

I mentioned in the gas ram that the release is harsher and faster than a spring piston but in this case the cold sticky grease or lubes on the spring and gas ram kinda softens the metal shock of a piston smacking against the air port. To me that’s good. Not great but good.

It should be always remembered that both spring and gas never do well without a pellet to create that cushion of air and lessen the final smack of the piston onto the gas port.
In extreme cold, that is a VERY important thing to watch. As mentioned, catastrophic metal failure. That’s never happened to me BUT I have seen it happen.
£300 worth of rifle basically scrapped.
So love your weapon and, in the heat but especially the cold, no dry firing please.

Precharged pneumatics.
Air at 2000 psi is pretty resilient to cold and the stored air in the reservoir won’t lose a lot of force in the extreme of cold.
However there is the question of the trigger, the hammer, and the all important valve.
As a general rule, grease and a PCP is a definite NO-NO.
Compressed air and non-divers quality lubes can cause explosions.
BUT we’re talking about extremes of cold and what lubes you do use generally don’t do well in minus temperature ranges. Thus hammers can hit valves sluggishly if coated and you will lose power accordingly.

Which leaves ALL OF THE ABOVE with a problem.
What to do about the lubes?

In winter I’ve got a simple rule.
All lubes come out.
I degrease everything and apart from a spray of dry silicon, what wear I’m going to incur is going to be minor compared to the damage costs to a customers premises I could incur by erratic power and the subsequent varying POI’s.

In the main, once degreased and silicon’d, any other loses are caused by frozen condensate. That being caused by the transition from cold to hot and back to cold again as I move around.
Thus I keep the weapons in an insulated sleeve the whole time once I’ve chilled down the weapons. The chilling done by storing them outside before my day starts, in the sleeve with a desiccator inside the bag.

Is that enough?
When shooting I’ve usually got a balaclava on which insulates me from the metal and stock, but I’ve never worked out a way of keeping my breath off the stock and bolt actions. At minus 10 Celsius plus, in a close ambient to dew point scenario, that still causes me major problems with bolt actions.
Something I’ve also noticed with shooters who use composite plastic and aluminium magazines on their air rifles. They simply freeze, some crack, a lot just give up.

Finally, afterwards.
The rifle(s) all go through a FULL strip down when back in the warm.
Then onto the shelf to be gently raised back to room temperature.
After that it’s a WD-40 moment and everything gets a full dry tissue wipe down and a refresh of the silicon spray.
The wood stock gets a coat of wax, and into the gun rack it goes.

OTT? Maybe but the 15-year-old plus rifles still shoot true, the actions work as advertised, and they look as good as new.

That it? No because I’ve been talking about air weapons.
Firearms are different, sort of.

Here you have four things to deal with.

  • Condensate as usual,
  • The mysterious art of the cold bore shot at different temperatures.
  • You’ll still have treacle minded lubes and greases
  • And as metal parts slide against each other, frozen condensate aka ice that can cause all manner of misfires, feeds, and even exploding gas chambers on semi or auto weapons.

Luckily not all oils, greases, and lubes are the same.
Most have a cold weather variant BUT BE WARNED!
Cold weather variants are usually less effective the hotter the ambient temperature gets or the harder the gun works i.e. it heating up in use, with rapid or even burst fire.

Dry Lubes include PTFE, silicon, moly(bdenum), and graphite (which I don’t like as it can attack metals). As such I classify graphite as a ‘sceptical’ lube!
Wet lubes include mineral and synthetic oils and greases.

What causes most misfires or malfunctions?
Dirt, particulates, aka crap!
The sort of fine material that builds up in slide channels, ejector claws, firing pins, triggers, hammers, levers and controls (safety catch), let alone magazine internals.
That and CONDENSATE aka ice which can literally freeze slides enough to hold them shut too long for any recycle mechanism to cope with.
Then there is ice forming inside a barrel.
The 100% certified simple fix for keeping water out of a barrel is the humble condom.

As for what to do about all this?
I read an article saying “A lubes job is to provide a slippery surface for metals to slide on, and ‘hold’ dirt within it thus keeping it away from important things.”
OK, I sort of get that but dry lube sprays simply don’t let particles cling or clump within the mechanism. The only problem there being all dirt falls downwards into the two places you don’t want that to happen. The magazine or trigger group.

Yet I mainly worked with rifles in woods or open fields, and unless the wind is lifting ground debris, the weapon usually comes out clean at the other end except for what it self generates. But not so in winter when you have to add frozen condensate aka ice.
Thus everything gets degreased and I use a dry spray lube.
Which one? That’s the interesting bit.

Here’s a selection of lubes and the minimum temperature they stop working.
(From MSDS Documents)
PTFE (-73°C)
Silicon (-100°C)
Teflon (-273°C)
Lithium (-50°C)
Molyslip 40% molybdenum (-20°C)
Chain Spray (-25°C)
WD40 the all round degreasant, lube (silicon) and water-repellent.  (-20°C)

Generally speaking anything less than 5 Celsius most aerosols stop working.
The propellants, typically Butane, Propane or even CO2, just don’t like the cold.

So what about non aerosol types.
The material you need Silicon, PTFE or whatever is usually mixed with a dispersant that evaporates leaving a film of what you want.
That dispersant can be Ethanol, Methanol, or Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA) to name a few.
Generally speaking, under 11°C, they simply don’t, or take forever to, evaporate off frozen or near frozen metals.

Life is never easy is it!
Thus any in depth lubing I do is in-house or, opening myself up to ridicule, I take a small tube of molyslip and cotton buds in my cleaning kit.
Thus it is not unknown for me to take time out, field strip, clean actions and re-lube slides.
After all when you discharge a firearm it always produces some sort of muck (usually round the breech, bolt face, or, in the case of a piston gas rod, past those ‘indestructible’ (not) gas seals.

As for the trigger groups and bolts?
I’ve never had one freeze up yet but others have.
Their experience narrowed down to frozen condensate aka ice loaded with debris and the general build up of debris you find using dry lubes.

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Is POTUS just measuring dicks?

Another POTUS Tweet and this one is truly pathetic!

Donald J. Trump‏
North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un just stated that the “Nuclear Button is on his desk at all times.” Will someone from his depleted and food starved regime please inform him that I too have a Nuclear Button, but it is a much bigger & more powerful one than his, and my Button works! 4:49 pm – 2 Jan 2018G

OMG, can things get any more puerile?
Does this fool have ANY idea what a dangerous game he is playing.
Only is that it. Is this just a game to him?
The world wise, golf course hard nut, POTUS, thinks WW3 using nuclear bombs is a game that he can actually win??????????

I know I’m out of favour with just about all of my US readers but seriously, can’t Melania give him a smack round the ear or something and tell him to grow up.

A proper U.S. President, Theodore Roosevelt, is attributed as saying “Speak softly and carry a big stick”.
That sort of diplomacy, according to the history books, served America well.

The most recent loudest mouths in UK politics have all dropped us in the international mire one time or the other. Only they haven’t yet publicly measured the countries nuclear arsenal against that of our enemies.

There again they are still babies when it comes to Diplomacy using Tweets.

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New Year And Hoping For World Peace

On the back of another irate country comes the New Year POTUS tweets which makes me think the search for perpetual warfare is still on.

Trump:- Iran is failing at every level despite the terrible deal made with them by the Obama Administration. The great Iranian people have been repressed for many years. They are hungry for food & for freedom. Along with human rights, the wealth of Iran is being looted. TIME FOR CHANGE! 

Ah, Regime change.
BUT they have no nuclear, chemical or biological weapons (maybe, sort of, and might not)
They do however own long-range delivery systems, cruise, and conventional rocket systems.

AND you can buy anything on the Internet to top them off appropriately!

Trump:- The United States has foolishly given Pakistan more than 33 billion dollars in aid over the last 15 years, and they have given us nothing but lies & deceit, thinking of our leaders as fools. They give safe haven to the terrorists we hunt in Afghanistan, with little help. No more! 

Pakistan, and yet another Nuclear State prodded.
So, those 15 years. Would that include Clinton, Bush, and Obama?

As for “thinking of our leaders as fools”?
Would that also include he who was thinking about giving the Ukraine offensive weapons thus escalating the war in Eastern Europe, or the one who is constantly prodding China and Russia every chance he gets? Now Pakistan, Iran, and not forgetting North Korea.

“From this day forward, a new vision will govern… it’s going to be only America first.

First for what?

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A New Year Wish

415To all my friends.
Wishing you all a peaceful 2018.

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