News Overload? Not today.

Got up, made tea, started reading the news.
Half an hour later I cottoned onto the general mood of the day.
That would be no news of earth shattering importance.
OK, UK press looked at, now further afield.

Wow. There is so much happening in the world but ‘locally’.
Davos and the worlds richest makes a lot of the news but that’s about it.
A few disasters, more little wars, fuel prices, and everything in Europe is fixated on the invasion of Muslims, benefits, and open borders. That and something called BREXIT.

Yet there was this.
Something mentioned on the BBC. (But in small print in case anyone noticed).
Old news but still relevant. Published 14/1/2017. French Member of Parliament (MP) Meyer Habib spoke about Sunday’s international conference scheduled in Paris

“We’re talking about a pitiful and unproductive initiative. It looks like an obviously anti-Israel gathering, aimed at ruling to harm Israel. The conference’s purpose is clear: To bring Israel back to its pre-1967 borders,” Habib said. “If you’re already arranging an international conference in Paris, the logical purpose of that conference would be to decide on how to deal with ISIS and the threat of jihadist terror, both Sunni and Shiite. This terror has already killed 250 French citizens. But obviously no one is dealing with it.

“There’s one purpose to this conference: To rule against Israel, the only Jewish state in the world and the only democratic country in the entire region. Israel is an island of stability in the Middle East. Israel shares our democratic and humane values,” Habib emphasized.

Expecting all sorts of anti-Zionist crap, I’m a fan of Israel.
Love them or hate them, I admire the way they handle all the terrorist sh’t and misplaced international hatred. That and being let down by their “friends”.

‘Palestinian’s seduce you with their suffering’.
Don’t know where I heard that but it’s so appropriate for the all out opponents of Israel.
‘Seduce you’. It takes on but one meaning for me.
The many ‘liberal minded’ international governments and organisations, and the other various bleeding hearts, dropping their collective pants and grasping their ankles for Hamas and the other massed terrorist groups to exact their pleasure.

What was upsetting was when the UN Security Council Resolution 2334 (which states that Israeli settlements have “no legal validity” and are “dangerously imperiling the viability of the two-state solution”) was passed last month by a 14-0 vote after a rare and momentous abstention by the United States. Obama’s work, without a doubt in my mind.

To clinch that, Kerry attends the French summit.
A sort of final up yours from the parting administration and further endangering a long-term relationship with the US and maybe moving the State of Israel towards an unfettered solution to their problem.

Something I feel they are well able to carry out and will if pushed anymore.

Then there is Trump.
Questioning NATO, building walls, talking trade deals with the UK, defusing Russia, and thinking of moving the US embassy into Jerusalem.

Worse bit about that?
The international world TELLS Trump that he mustn’t do that.

WhoTF do they think they are!
Personally I’m hoping he just raises his finger in that universally acknowledged way:-

spinonitThe final world goes back to that French MP.
A peace agreement can only be signed if there are bilateral negotiations and compromises. But most importantly, it can only be signed if there is a complete cessation of jihadist terror. “We need to understand and acknowledge that we’re not talking about a conflict of borders, but a conflict of cultures. The Paris conference proves we have lost all shame.”

Good words in my view.

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NATO has released a DIY video of how to stop a tank.

NATO has released a DIY video of how to stop a tank as Eastern Europe welcomes troops and an armoured brigade in a bid to quell “Russian aggression”.

Funny how NATO still keeps stacking up the B.S. isn’t it?

This was done in the video by a group of Canadian and US engineers explaining the ancient method, which apparently dates back to Roman times, called Abatis.
i.e. Felling large trees using explosives or chain saws is used to block a tank’s path.


I didn’t know the Romans had explosives or chain saws. Still it keeps the troops amused.

During WW whatever they would just fell trees using funny things called hand axes towards the oncoming tanks. Tanks would try to push through the first tree, which pushed into the next tree, rarely needing the next one, and everything ground to a halt.

p.s. It would also work against the mighty Abrams tanks.

Before that time, where the idea of a tank wasn’t even thought of, they simply used felled trees (no chain saws) as a thick barricade to stop charging masses.

Incidently the chain saw was (arguably) invented around 1830 by the German orthopaedist Bernhard Heine.
(Although the plans were leaked by Russian carrier pigeons later that day.)

Now in today’s modern digital world.
Hands up anyone who thinks the Russians may have found out about this cunning plan.
Or do they know all about it anyway? After all, Peter I (1689-1725) of Russia used abatis as a defensive structure during the war with Charles XII of Sweden. (He had cavalry too!)

Hell the Russians may even use abatis against any NATO aggression.
(Not that NATO has shown ANY degree of aggression towards Russia.
Not Sir, not at all).

Or Russia could simply choose to lay off and simply bomb or missile the heck out of oncoming tanks. Or maybe just lay a few (AT) anti-tank mines with a few (AP) anti personnel buddies to make things REALLY interesting. Covert and dead sneaky tactics.

Best bit about that? They have so many poppers to choose from!

Kinda unfair regarding abatis isn’t it.
Yesterdays technology, could be used by both sides.
NATO needs to raise a new rule in war.
You’re not allowed to use the same tactics as NATO.
Or, using the British vernacular, “Doing that simply isn’t cricket!”

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Third World Medicine, UK style.

Every day another exposé, and yet another glimpse into the harsh truth behind the UK’s Glorious leader’s political rhetoric.

Floored NHS:
A baby lying on a mat on the floor for 7 hours.
A toddler with an asthma attack, different mat, cold floor, 8 hours.
A 6-year-old bed made up to two chairs and a blanket, 7 hours
A 2-year-old, gets a white blanket and a 5 hour wait for a throat and ear infection.

All this because the NHS has been starved of money therefore staff and resources.
All this because community care is in total disarray through under funding.
All this and our glorious leader Theresa May claiming the NHS is not in the grip of a ‘humanitarian crisis’ and trying desperately to pass the buck onto the GP’s.

Only with the next breath our leadership give billions away in foreign aid.

What a responsible newspaper needs to do is run a death count.
Then fund a class action for the familes against May and her equally inept Health Secretary Hunt. He’s the guy who runs away at the first sight of a reporter.
£ 10 million for each death should do it.

Make two of the worst politicians FEEL PAIN the only way they can,
By attacking their personal wealth.

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Old Song, New Words

People flying to the UK could face “severe disruption” after Brexit unless the Border Force employs more people, airports have warned.

The Airport Operators Association said more stringent passport checks for EU nationals would result in longer queues and processing times.

Only there always has been a problem for me with the mainly ‘foreign faced’ Border Control at Heathrow. I don’t like civilian officialdom anyway but walking into UK’s passport control to see a sea of coloured faces IN MY COUNTRY deciding on whether I can re-enter? That’s one of those “red flag to a bull” moments.


The government claim they have sufficient staff.
No they haven’t, they never had, they never will, because they are stupid and don’t understand the extent of the problem.
The border force is undermanned, over stretched, and woefully under equipped.
It’s not the guys and girls fault on the front line (except at Heathrow).
It’s the government’s fault.

So now the airports are once again screaming “we won’t be able to cope”, and the same tired out phrase from the government excuse book has been trotted out.

“The Home Office said Border Force
could meet the demand and maintain security. “

Here’s a clue why nothing will change.
Take a ‘flying guess’ (no pun intended) who was the Home secretary in charge of Border Control from May 2010 until July 2016.
Someone who didn’t have the shoes then, and doesn’t have the shoes for leadership now.

Yep, UK’s own version of a “Glorious Leader”
Prime Minister Theresa May

BUT you can’t let a person’s past record mar the new Home Secretary.
She’s doing a great job, in fact a cracking job (at upsetting the Liberal minded intellectuals). So good in fact that when she made a speech at her party conference, which called on firms to draw up lists of foreign workers, an Oxford University professor was so upset he contacted the thought police.

West Midlands (Thought Police Division) then said it “has been recorded in line with the National Police Chiefs’ Council manual as a non-crime hate incident”.

CRACKING START girl!ruddJe présente Amber Rudd.
Our newest victim (whoops) Home Secretary.
Who also seems to think:-
“The Border Force could meet the demand and maintain security. “

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Better a week of money talk than Trumps inauguration.

Theresa May will be the only G7 leader to attend this year’s WEF summit, which clashes with Donald Trump’s inauguration as the 45th US president.

So, is this an indication of how our ‘Our glorious leader’ regards Trump?
Is ‘he to her’ just  ‘B list material’ behind other billionaires and the worlds money.

This is a huge mistake, tactically, politically, for business, and all things in the way of international co-operation. It could even spell the end of the US/UK special relationship, such that it is. Just when the UK will need powerful friends, she once again shows here political ignorance and snubs the newest kid on the block, the 45th US president.

What is this stupid bint thinking of?

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Theresa May’s missing shoes

Theresa May believes bringing GPs into the heart of caregivers will ease overwrought pressure on hospitals who have been forced to see patients who could not get appointments with their local doctors. Mrs May is calling on doctors surgeries to provide services seven days a week between 8am and 8pm unless they can prove demand for such services is not needed.

There are fewer GP’s out there BECAUSE OF BURN OUT.
So the plan of ‘memsahib’ May (our glorious leader) to fix the health service is to make those still out there and their staff work 84 hours a week?

OK some of the surgeries are run by money grabbing aholes but some aren’t.
Thus the idea is to work them to a standstill and then they quit!
There is already a shortage of doctors who have said “Enough is enough” and left the NHS.

Nice idea. Go shopping again May, your shoes still aren’t up to the job.

The National Health service has many faults but it’s managed over the years until uncontrolled immigration and health tourists flooded it. Add to that the starvation of funds for care in the community and only one thing comes to my mind.


Only think on this.
The first medical professional or politician who gets in the way of my wife receiving treatment will need treatment themselves.

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How typically stupid of the media.

Does anyone actually even think the UK’s borders are secure?
There are a couple of easy ways of getting into the UK.
Ferries, Eurotunnel, boats, commercial flights, covert flights, in the back of lorries, are but a few.
Only here we go again.
The media do it again (ad nauseam) and pull off another stupid stunt which should get them arrested for giving those with money (and no brains) another documented route into the UK.

As if the big players didn’t know all about this anyway little girl.

Still here’s my report on what some foolish reporter has put in print.
Open Door Britain: SUE REID (a dippy red head of a reporter trying to bump up the circulation numbers) exposes how Britain’s many small airfields are vulnerable to terrorists and illegal immigrants despite claims that our border controls are being tightened.

How? She went to a small airfield in France, hired a plane, flew into another small airfield in the UK, stepped off the plane and started the “well lookie at what I’VE just done” , and “how insecure is all this” rhetoric.

Time for the thin blue line to arrest her, take her down to the cells, and send her passport off to the passport office in case it’s a forgery.

All in all that should take about a month.
Now that will increase the circulation numbers.
Poor little reporter jailed for being stupid!

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