What price government?

To stay in power, Theresa May, PM of the Tory Party, has finally got the necessary support she needs from the Democratic Union Party in Ireland.


Isn’t it nice that the corruption
Of the Tory Party
Is out in the open at last.

I’m now wondering which one of the already cash strapped public services is about to be raped to cover the bill?

UPDATE:- 26/06/17 @ 21 h BST
Wales demands £1.7 billion after Theresa May gives ‘bung’ to Northern Ireland in DUP deal, and it’s been reported (but not confirmed) that Scotland want the same.

After all Theresa May has indicated a willingness to spend money to get her way so I don’t blame either of them for wanting the same.

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Oh look, White elephants float!

Britain’s largest ever warship is due to squeeze out of its dockyard for the first time as early as Monday afternoon, as the ship heads out on sea trials.

The 65,000 ton HMS Queen Elizabeth is expected to slip out of Rosyth dockyard and into open water through an exit with only 14 in clearance on either side and 20 in of water under the keel. No catapults and going to be equipped with F35’s, all currently grounded, because they are basically useless!

Know what else is on my mind?

  • The bigger the ship, the more can go wrong.
    Especially as it’s bound to have state of the art EVERYTHING!
  • The bigger the ship the easier it is to disable in combat.
    No I’m not thinking cruise missiles or even torpedoes.
    I’m thinking about the Russians disabling the USS Donald Cook with their EW pods.
    Or, following an EMP pulse or two all you’ve got left is a rather large floating bucket without a mark on it!
  • Aircraft carriers need (funny enough) aircraft.
    So what exactly was the logic of not fitting catapults?

Sigh, Political ship building at it’s very best (not).

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Calais! What can the truckers do?

Calais, and truckers have to run the gauntlet of logs and fires on roads, and can suffer intimidation, and violence.
Where the worlds filth try anything from slashing tarpaulins, destroying fiberglass tops, smashing locks, and climbing under the trailers to stow aboard in their attempts to reach the UK.

What can the truckers do about it when faced by armed rabid illegals?
Apart from using strong words and perhaps a pick axe handle, NOTHING!
They can’t chuck in CS gas, dogs aren’t an option, port security fail for the large percentage of the time, and as for the French police? Don’t make me laugh.

The upshot of finding a turd or two on, in, or under the trailer is the UK government fine the drivers/haulage firms £2000 for each body.

It’s a good money-making scheme for the government too.
For the year to date 2016/7,  3522 were fined.
A recorded £7.8 million last year.
That’s one reason why goods prices are rising.
Fine the truckers and they boost the carriage fees, or route from Holland bypassing Calais which also boost the haulage fees in time and fuel.

What to do about it?
Give the truckers ‘Carte Blanche’ to do whatever they have to, with whatever they want.
The discovered trash tipped onto the side of the port roads for the authorities to clean up, no questions asked.

Then force the ferry companies to provide search teams and the authority to cage whatever they find on their open decks until they can be craned back onto French soil. Again, no questions asked. Thus the filth never make it to UK soil and are returned to sender on the flip trip.

Having worked on a port, I know this filth as cunning and brazen.
Once they have broken out of the secure area, they are officially on UK soil.
Only there is the rub for the UK port security.
Stopping them from breaking out or even grabbing them, you aren’t allowed to be armed!
AND you never know what you are up against.
Then, as always, the police arrive AFTER the event.

Ever wondered why it looks like the 30 oz. , foot long version of the heavy-duty aluminum Maglite is standard issue for guards? They’re not, and they are usually bought by the guards themselves! That and some carry WD40 in a belt pouch to ease those sticky padlocks.

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I like this insightful viral meme

“If you think you’re free in this country, ask yourself what you can do that isn’t taxed, regulated, or licensed?”

Only it should also read:-

“read, watched, and listened to!”

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Supposition and the WP

Apparently there is a WP report out that says without any doubt Putin ordered “interference” with the US’s 2016 election.
Even down to a PowerPoint like presentation of the ‘facts’.

Only here is the rub.
It was known about over a year ago but not acted on.
So why was that?
Inefficiency, stupidity, or did clearer minds think the Intel not worth the paper it was written on? Until the world is shown ‘the order’ with Putin’s name on it, consigned by his grandmother, the world will be skeptical about all such claims made by the CIA and other US alphabet agencies.

Why? Because some of the world hasn’t forgotten about the ‘Intel’ that led to IRAQ and their mythical WMD’s.

Personally I think this is just another attempt by Trump’s ‘enemies within’ to destabilize the US government. To what end? Money and greed come to mind.

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As dawn came up.

Early, real early, but I needed a walk.
Not unknown, nice pre-dawn day, and warm.
So out I go, no dog, no cars, a quiet time to calm the mind.

Ordinarily there are very few around at that time but today?
A group of seven military age “of foreign race” males with bags, back packs, with that ‘unwashed look’ that you get when rough sleeping, appeared from a stand of trees near to us and walked away.

They knew I was there, the occasional furtive look behind was enough to convince me of that. It could have been totally innocent, maybe a grown up sleep out?
LOL, but somehow I don’t think so.
Besides my ‘spidey senses’ went off like a rocket!
So on the mobile I phoned up ‘our thin blue line'(TBL).
Here’s how that ‘concerned public minded call went’.

TBL. 20 questions later I was asked what I wanted them to do about it?
Me. Er, investigate, come and see, check them out, what else?
TBL. Only the voice (male) said but they haven’t done anything wrong!
Me. How would you know that without sending someone to check?
TBL. It could be nothing.
Me. How would you know that, etc?
TBL. We’ll log the call and send someone free later in the shift.
Me. You’re kidding right?
TBL. Thank you for your call. [Click]

In a nutshell you’ve got the reason why we’re in the mire regarding possibly illegal immigrants and the police in general. The UK’s thin blue line, not on their ’emergency’ phone line, just don’t give a toss.

Sigh. I could have phoned another agency but hey, if the TBL aren’t interested, why should anyone else in ‘authority’ in the UK react any differently.

What I’m not going to do is go into the trees to see what it’s all about because of previous experience of doing just that i.e. The filthy bastards don’t use toilet paper!
Lack of camp craft skills previously included smashed bottles and jagged cans.
That and it’s sufficiently dense to prevent me seeing if anyone else is present from a distance. Besides that, I’m on my own, and more importantly, unarmed.
Unarmed? A bit dramatic some may think.
Only there was the case of charity workers entering such a group to offer aid and being attacked. As for me, on my own, now on sticks? I don’t do stupid nowadays.

Ho hum.
Taking a roundabout route home, I’m sat typing this thinking ‘local Intel is gold when tracking the movement of strangers’. At least it was once!
Such Intel was however welcomed in another county we lived in (Lincolnshire) and that was farming land! After all locals KNOW when someone doesn’t belong, some rightfully passing their concerns on. Could it be it’s because it’s a different police force?
Probably, as our local police force aren’t exactly know for their stellar performance.

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Every four years

The government re-assess me medically even though the medical ex-spurts have given up on me years ago and put that prognosis in writing.

Like a bad smell a huge form comes through the post and I have to repeat everything I said four years previously about old injuries, mobility, and other issues. The photocopier glowing red for a few hours.

Then the reminder letters arrive. Threat this, threat that, on and on.

Anyway this time it was decided by ‘them’ I would have to meet with a medical professional who would carry out an assessment. Sigh. Up goes the stress levels, the anger, and I’m like a bear with a sore head for 6 weeks.

On the appointed day I went to this farce and, as luck would have it, SWMBO parked right outside the place. Only by now I’m high. WELL HIGH.
They were told to make a morning appointment as by the afternoon I’m fit for fk’all when taking my pain meds. Except we’re talking about not very civil, civil servants so they totally ignored that bit. Thus, in short, I’m numb from the hair down and generally out of it!

SWMBO is there for a number of reasons.
Driver (as I can’t drive when high), to keep me from falling over (which by the afternoon is always a possibility), mediator (due to anger issues) and I (and them) need her to calm me down as I don’t suffer fools well when bombed.

Definition of stress, opiates, and me?
The confusion created when one’s mind overrides the body’s basic desire to choke the living daylights out of somebody who desperately needs it!

This is what happens next.
We sat down, and waited, and waited some more.
Finally I need to walk around as  I don’t do long-term sitting.
So, on my sticks, bombed out of my head, SWMBO watching over me I stagger around a bit. Twice more after that, an hour passed. Finally I kicked off my boots, stretched out on a long bench, and was asleep in seconds. Which is usually a good move.

Next thing I know is SWMBO is shaking me awake!
By now the speech gives in my mouth feeling like it’s stuffed full of cotton wool.
My IQ drops to politician level (negative numbers), and cognitive thinking doesn’t happen.
Thus SWMBO is now translating the burble coming out of my pie hole.

Within what felt like 5 minutes the guy says it’s obvious that I’m “in distress” so he wants me to go home. Then comes the kicker.
He’s come to that conclusion about an hour ago from the supporting paperwork (we took a ton of that), talking to me (although I can’t remember about what), and from watching me in the car park and waiting room (CCTV). Sneaky shit!

By now I’m past caring such is the power of meds on a hot day, no food, or sleep.
Only that’s not it. Not by a long chalk!
This guy now writes a report and submits it to another faceless “not very civil” civil servant to decide my fate. Time for that? Another 6 weeks.

Total time will be 12 weeks then they will probably declare me fit for everything as that’s what they do nowadays to everyone who doesn’t drop dead in front of them. Even to the point of demanding that a dead person attends further interviews.

Sigh. If they do I’m going back to my old profession of Vermin Control and fk. the government’s ‘assistance with strings’. The black economy calls (once again).

Anyway that’s the beauty about being good on a long gun.
You don’t need speed, just loads of guile, and a little biddy slice of experience.
Thus I can take my time getting into position, get comfy, and from then on shooting is one relaxing ‘pastime’.

At what?
Well past my sell by date, it’ll probably only be furry and feather control.
So we won’t starve but ultimately its dead boring.
However I could get lucky and as the star in the movie Despicable Me 2″ said:-
“Sorry, I didn’t see you over there, or there!”

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