The Establishment strike

(BBC) Dutch anti-Islam political leader Geert Wilders has been convicted of insulting a group and inciting discrimination.

First question, can he still continue as a politician with a criminal record?
This guilty verdict will do little to damage Geert Wilders’ political aspirations.That’s, good, at least they haven’t managed to shut him up.

Second question, what has this done to his followers?
Many supporters see this trial as reaffirming their belief that Wilders is a courageousleader prepared to stand up for them and address the issues a politically correct elite is afraid to talk about.

Third and finally, will he continue to speak out?
Yep, most assuredly, and 3 million voters have said they like this party’s stance (PVV).

Funny how only a few long gone statesmen and the odd modern-day politician (mainly from East Europe) sported pairs of cojones.

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‘Dont mess with us’.

Once a year throughout the world, the biggest and best showcase their armed forces.
Rightly or wrongly I look at them and think Oh    S H   I     T !  !!   !!  !!!!!!!!!!!!

Have you ever watched the Youtube worlds armies showcase they aptly call HELL MARCH? All the leading contenders are on there.
Some more embarrassingly than others.

Now I’m not putting anyone down here but with so much military on show, by some of the most powerful armies in the world, why the hell would anyone want to start a punch up with forces that is numerically greater, technically more advanced, some who don’t give a shit about the niceties of the Geneva convention or probably worry about chucking a few crowd pleasing nukes round the place?

So when I see a foreign power like Russia and China displaying it’s worth, to me it’s a ‘gentle’ way of saying quite plainly “Don’t mess with us”. So why isn’t anyone listening?

As for taking on China?
Whatever is in the Pentagon tea, it needs changing, because it is inducing suicidal tendencies.

There are a number of theories been put forward for the US-Led NATO’s stance.

  • You have to stand up to tyrants.
    (Um, Just like Gaddafi and Saddam Hussein)
    I’ll always remember the media clip where a man said “He (Hussein) was bad but at least the water flowed, now we have nothing.”
    (The Taliban, the all new updated Mujahideen)
    That wasn’t quite a retreat but like Russia found, they’ve never been beaten.
  • If you show strength they will back down.
    (Which sort of brings in Assad as a tyrant).
    Russia. Really frightened and ignoring the ponces in the UN (and Obama) they stepped into Syria and whopped shit out of the terrorists (moderate or not). Their showcase of weaponry (whether NATO and hanger on’s admit it) scared the shit out of the ‘allied forces’. Their progress was (and is) fast and to the point.
  • So to prove how hostile Russia was, NATO started surrounding Russia with bases which has started a dangerous game of move and counter move.
    Only Russia plays chess to win.
  • Hang on though, I’ve forgotten China.
    They built an island. WRONG. They militarised it. WRONG and very WRONG.
    They claimed a whole sea, somewhere called the South China Sea,
    The US Navy started sailing past it. The Chinese diplomatically told them to stop.
    They ignored that, and I’m betting the only thing that stopped attack was the Chinese thinking “Not yet, not quite, soon. Of course the US navy thought it a victory.
    Still the games continued and with their best buddies the Russians they held dual NAVY maneuvers in the Black Sea. HUGE WRONG.
    The US moaned a bit more so the best buddies did what comes naturally to superior forces, they just ignored the insects.
  • NATO is all-powerful, everyone bows to their dictates.
  • The West is all-powerful, we tell you what is right.

Now I’m pretty certain that the West’s role as police to the world is coming to the end.
Once thought of as a necessity it is now so woven with political nonsense and big business considerations, it has largely lost the respect of everyone.
Probably also because I can’t actually write down one time that their intervention has worked in modern times. They achieved their immediate goals is true enough, then they left. What happened then was what was left rapidly dissolved into anarchy.

Of course I could be wrong, so please tell me of one success story and I’ll amend my words.

So, back to Russia, seeing as though the Chinese aren’t ready to play.
The West has never understood their mindset.
They can’t match their touch round the world (which is curiously the same as China).

While some Western countries claim to be rich and scorn at Russia and China, that is not a measure of a country’s strength.

It can’t be as the combined national debt of NATO countries amounts to 33 trillion (plus loose change) in USD

While Russia’s national debt is 516 Billion USD
And China’s national debt is 5 ½ trillion USD
Combined 6 trillion USD.

All figures sort of right using CIA workbooks and world debt clocks.
Plus the darn figures keep on increasing too fast for me to type EXCEPT for Iceland.
Why is that I wonder?

Now right through this post you’ll notice a bias.
I don’t like NATO, they are dangerous as are the self-appointed meddlers in other people’s business. There is always a hidden agenda, usually big business, never truly altruistic.

As if we haven’t got enough troubles in the world why do these two combined ‘entities’ keep making more enemies for us (Joe and Jane Doe) to fight?

Currently, in my completely blinkered view, there are only three enemies and one is a religion so the normal rules of war can’t apply.
Between them they are killing my country as it will yours.
You want an enemy, a global enemy, take those ones on.
Only there isn’t a big enough business advantage to doing that is there.

Politics and religion.
Both are driven by big business and all three trying to take over the world.


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IHAT & Public Interest Lawyers.

The sh’thead Phil Shiner of Public Interest Lawyers who made false allegations about Army abuses in Iraq faces being struck off. ()

So does that mean the personnel subjected to abuse from IHAT can now sue both Shiner and Mark Warwick who is in charge of IHAT?

IHAT that had a staff member impersonating a police officer, and others that were  summarily sacked.

After all the abuses heaped on some falsely accused personnel must warrant unlimited compensation.

I sincerely hope so and for millions apiece.

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Knife Crime UK

(BBC) Knife crime is on the rise across the UK, particularly in London, and police say most of those caught carrying blades have no links to gangs. So why are more young people carrying knives?

“There are situations where your fists aren’t going to help you.
That’s why people carry knives. People are scared.”

This (surprisingly enough) from a 15-year-old black boy.

It’s almost a given that kids are carrying nowadays and with that knowledge comes a different way of ‘dealing’ with them.

Enter my friend:-

Distance is king in combat and nothing says f’k off better (in this PC world I live in) as a yard of heavy-duty ash walking stick.

Only it’s not going go be used in attack, it’s an everyday object used as a defensive item.
(I had to write that or someone would accuse me of using it as a weapon.)

Now I’m a fan of a ‘T’ handle baton. A lovely bit of kit. Only that’s not allowed in the UK. Yet, in trained hands, this puppy version can also easily break bone and worse.

I’ve unfortunately seen people brandishing sticks in situations and quite frankly it doesn’t work. You’ve got to go ‘proactive’ and used as an ‘ambush’ weapon whoops defensive aid, it’s great for putting someone on the ground allowing you to retreat safely.

There are a number of show stoppers to aim for with a stick but knowing how to deftly knock a blade out of a persons hands is not one of them.
Consider this.
If you can’t stand, you can’t lunge with a knife or pursue your target.
If you can’t see, you can’t aim with a knife.
If you can’t breath, it’s all over anyway.

‘Can’t Stand’ is by far the easiest to achieve.
Swing a stick at a person and they can block it, evade it, duck, or with training instantly close the distance reducing the sticks effectiveness.

That’s pickaxe handle 101. As they swing, you close the distance.

Where I’m aiming for is the outside of a persons knees.
And the sound I want from the stick just before it hits is a whistle of speed plus a massive follow through on impact. Only please don’t look down at the persons knees before you strike, it’s a dead giveaway.

Impact is a combination of heavy and speed.
This you can’t do without raising the stick above shoulder level.
Some will say that’s not an ambush as you are telegraphing your intention.
Yep, quite right, but they don’t know that you are aiming low down until it is too late.
It also gives them the chance to retreat. Self defense laws met.
Ducking, blocking and swaying is easy, but jumping back to avoid a thump is way more difficult PLUS even if they do, all that has done is increase the distance between you and them.

Combat, where distance is king.

Now there are a few who will have little distance ‘to work a stick’.
Cramped conditions or the assailant is just too close.
One instructor talked of using the stick horizontally across a persons throat or nose.
That little bit just under the nose is best. (Pain and instant water filled eyes).
If they are unarmed, I’ve no problem with that BUT if they are carrying??

You having to be quick is an understatement and pretty useless with a close aboard knife as reflex may drive the blade forward as both your hands are engaged lifting the stick.

Once an attacker gets within your personal ‘friend’ space (1.2 meters), 4 feet.
If that stick isn’t above your shoulder, primed, at best you are looking to deflect a blow with one hand while slamming the stick handle into the attackers eyes or nose (philtrum). Or, if you have a nasty streak, slap bang centre of the throat. (Game Over)


Anyway I challenged that instructor and repeatedly hit his gut (3/5) with the ‘knife’ (a rolled up newspaper) no matter how fast he was. It may work IF the person doesn’t want to use a knife and is not primed to engage BUT I wouldn’t advise trying it.

So, where does that leave you? The Offensive weapons Act in the UK states.
The definition of an offensive weapon is any article made or adapted for use for causing injury to the person, or intended by the person having it with him for such use by him, or by some other person. (N.B. this definition includes a disguised knife).

Which would outwardly mean my sticks are offensive weapons.
Only there is the whole point about using a stick.
Your aim is to put the person down using the minimal force for the situation thus allowing you to retreat. Thus it is an everyday object used as a defensive aid.

Unless you think your life is in peril then minimal can ramp up to LETHAL force.
And that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

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UK Army Quit En-Mass

They will do after this gets round the NAAFI Pig’s bars.

Fury as murder probe is launched into all killings by British soldiers in Northern Ireland.
EX-SERVICEMEN in their 60s and 70s are set to be investigated under a new inquiry launched into 302 killings by British troops in Northern Ireland.

What possible way is this being anything else than a pointless witch hunt.
On top of IHAT attacking everyone, this has got to be enough to get serving personnel thinking “WTF AM I DOING HERE if all that happens is 40 years on I end up in jail for following orders!”

Around 1,000 former servicemen are being investigated as suspects for murder and manslaughter under the probe by the Legacy Investigations Branch of the Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI). The legal inquiry, which is expected to cost tens of millions of pounds and last many years, will see ex-servicemen scrutinised over 238 historic “fatal incidents”, including the Bloody Sunday shootings in 1972. ()

This is going to make the Army’s morale crisis explode.

Tory MP Johnny Mercer, who served in the British Army, said: “This is a brand new witch hunt, as well as total and complete betrayal by the Government of those who have done its bidding. If we could demonstrate in Government just some of the courage our Armed Forces have displayed over the years in Northern Ireland, the entire historical allegations money machine would end.”

Only they won’t, the government I mean.
Once again ‘she’ won’t own a pair of shoes suitable for the task.

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That nastiest of short-term viruses and I got CLOBBERED!
D&V at the same time and the word projectile doesn’t come close to what happened.

How did I catch it?
Simple, SWMBO had to go to hospital for an x-ray.
I sat outside for all of 20 minutes in a waiting room with all the usual coughing and sneezing going on.
9 hours later, one word applies, YEUK!

On a boat with a 9 litre cassette type loo?
I managed to empty it the first time and as luck would have it, that was enough.

It’s a salutary reminder of the dangers of hospitals.
Which is why I try to avoid them at all costs.

As for today?
One boiled egg, one cup of tea so far, and me sitting quietly all day comes to mind.
Weak as a kitten.

As for treatment while ill?
There is none! Apart from trying to keep hydrated which is a bit hard as what is sipped in comes out WAY FASTER that is ‘usual’.

The hard bit is prevention and keeping SWMBO free of it.
Full barrier nursing, gloves a must, antiseptic hand washes, and a lot of holding her breath.

We’ll know in 9-15 hours if we’ve succeeded.
That’s the typical range of incubation for Norwark.
Say prayers for her.
I wouldn’t wish this on a soul.

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Too little and way off target

How exactly does German Chancellor Angela Merkel think that the wearing of full-faced veils should be prohibited in the country “wherever it is legally possible” is going to stop the abuse, rape, and murder of German Citizens?

Rapefugees with Swinging Dicks don’t wear veils mutti multikulti Merkel!

So has she totally lost the plot as has her political party?
The BBC seem to think this is a landmark statement from her.
There again they would, being idiots.

So I say again.
It’s “Too little and way off target”.

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