A maelstrom in nature is a very powerful whirlpool; a large, swirling body of water. A free vortex, that can cause a  considerable downdraft. In short you get into one and it has the ability to suck you under.

toomanymindsConfusion caused by information overload can lead you to feel like you are in a whirlpool. The Internet is a classic example of something in modern life that can invoke this emotional response.

There again there is always politics.
The ultimate whirlpool of information and DIS-information which can scramble your thinking.

So what’s that got to do with survival and prepping?

With so many threats being heralded as current and present dangers, it’s often difficult to sort out which danger is the most applicable to your personal situation.

Information overload often masks the important issues or, even worse, the filtering of the facts by government leaves you blissfully unaware of a building danger.

Yet what is a danger?
Terrorism. OK, I’d buy that IF that didn’t include the massive loss of personal freedoms imposed on the population as a whole.

Sometimes to survive you will need to prevent harm to yourself from the very people who are supposedly “protecting you”.

What’s that harm?
Censorship is one. Access to information which is not “palatable” to the government (aka big business) is another. All this may have allowed you to make decisions about your financial and personal safety. As an example think about the Cyprus bail in and their government’s theft of individuals money.

No, or restricted, access to funds can seriously hamper your survival or evacuation plans

A current one.
The possibility of forced vaccination of your children with drugs of dubious value and quality. Some states and governments will rush headlong into things to suit a political or business goal, with the media primed to call you a criminal for not being a sheeple and rushing in to poison your kids. Massive campaigns are mounted to force the weak into making a bad decision.

Don’t you think the old adage of “only fools rush in” is one to think about when your kids future is being “discussed”.

Lets talk prepping.
You terrible lot. Domestic terrorists!
As such vendors and the sheeple have been advised in some states to report those openly hoarding supplies or purchasing items for cash. Media and political hype has helped to drive this message. After all you never know if the small holder is buying ammonium nitrate to enhance their tomato crop or make a car bomb nowadays do you?

Yet why exactly did the public react?
Probably because the media, political, and federal security campaigns which swamp the local area round you all telling the sheeple about the “personal dangers to them” of letting people build up “arsenals” of weapons for no good reason. Don’t forget it’s all about control not personal safety. It’s interesting when you express that opinion to some isn’t it? I’ve been called a communist for thinking like that before now. Personally that comment gave me a damn good laugh!!!

Thus the political and security machine via the media and legislation gently marginalizes you into a group worthy of attention when your whole security philosophy is NOT TO DRAW ATTENTION to yourself. In this case it’s not you being “sucked in” but the sheeple.
Sometimes you just have to add the general public aka sheeple to your danger list especially if your actions in the past have upset others.

They will call it “payback”. You’ll call it a fk’ing disaster when the authorities come round and confiscate your ammunition and other “notable” supplies. 

So now we’ve got the media, government, security, and sheeple promoted from an inconvenience to a danger to prepping and survival.

Anyone left?
Yep, you are probably the biggest danger to yourself.
In a couple of ways.

First it’s almost impossible with information overload to work out accurately which danger is the most pressing. One person can’t hope to filter all the information which is “freely” offered. At best you need the input from others and most of that (especially from the Internet) is sensationalist B.S. at best.

Secondly decisions made are usually wrong or at best misguided.
Intel is God for making decisions, and bad Intel always seems to outweigh the good. Yet what is the individual to do? Follow their gut or become a media junkie?

Thirdly is your personality.
OK, I’m not calling “us” mad or extremists but arguably preppers and survivalists live in a world where they are expecting the worst to happen. It colors your judgment and I defy any of “our type” to deny that isn’t true.

That coloring MUST IMPART an influence on decision-making yet is that bad?

It can be. If you let it!

In our family all have an equal voice. It’s good that some have one view, others another. Thus a degree of moderation is applied to decisions.

As for the lone wolf?
Ahhh, you’ve got a problem haven’t you?
Some people who live alone by choice often lack the moderating effect that living with others can impart. I come across that a lot and (how shall I put this) eccentric behavior shines out from some of them.

Two obvious ones come to mind.
Neat freaks and ‘bog’ dwellers.
Everything in its place and disturbance of an item invokes a reaction. Bog dwellers is the other extreme and appear to have lost their personal hygiene and self-discipline principles.

Personally we had a sign over the kitchen which read,

“This house is clean enough to be healthy but dirty enough to be happy”.

Ho hum, the mind spins endlessly on.
Now, at this precise moment,  my most pressing question is not one of safety but “Tea or Coffee”.

teaNo Brainer Really.


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Valhalla Mind


When vikings died in battle,
To Valhalla was their way
Their prize to fight forever,
Their epic wars still played.

At night they whored and feasted
Then slept their pain away
Once more to rise to battle,
As was their warring ways

No viking was I ever
But battles I did fight.
Sometimes I go revisit them,
To awake in nights dark light.

My sleep is always furtive
With a mind that never stills
Reliving my worse moments
That I forced myself to play

I run those old decisions
I had to make so fast
Why is the mind so cruel
To force this evil task

Beside me now my wife’s asleep
I wonder at her mind
Few memory’s does she ever fight
So sleeps in calm most nights

When I awake in terror times
She stirs and cuddles me
With gentle reassurance
Which deeply comforts me

Yet I know tonight will be as bad,
My mind is still a mess
Awake and tired as I am today,
There will be no sleep, no rest.

So tell me friend, and tell me plain,
Is this my hell I’m living?
And one more thing I ask of you
Would death relieve the issue?

Paul Gray

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US House Votes 348-48 To Arm Ukraine, Russia Warns Lethal Aid Will “Explode The Whole Situation”


US warmongers who have forgotten one thing.
Russia still has ICBM’s.
As for Europe?
They must be demented to allow this.

Originally posted on wchildblog:

Yesterday, in a vote that largely slid under the radar, the House of Representatives passed a resolution urging Obama to send lethal aid to Ukraine, providing offensive, not just “defensive” weapons to the Ukraine army. The resolution passed with broad bipartisan support by a count of 348 to 48. Russia’s response came promptly: Washington’s decision to supply Ukraine with ammunition and weapons would “explode the whole situation” in eastern Ukraine and Russia would be forced to respond “appropriately,” Russia’s Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov said at the end of February.“It would be a major blow to the Minsk agreements and would explode the whole situation,”

Read More Here:

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Stand or Fight

Apologies for the forthcoming language but I’m not feeling too “nice” today.

UK election time looms and it ain’t good news according to the pundits.

Way we see it is there is a choice of two evils.
Them who are in power now. (Tories)
And whoever takes over should the country see the light and chuck out the current bad guys. (The current waste of space “opposition”)

As for it all affecting us?
If them in power STAY in power we are truly screwed, IMMEDIATELY.
If a new set of lame dicks get in, we are screwed some 6 months in to their “reign” as that is when the bad bits from the current nasty party kicks in and quite frankly I can’t see the new guys having the balls to counter the forthcoming shit storm.

Our choices, fight or run.
The macho brethren will all be muttering ‘stand and resist the onslaught of the government’.

OK, I’ll go along with that so:-
Look after my family
Arm me, and
Leave me to play.

Can one man make a difference?
Depends on whether he can shoot.

The intelligent will be saying “where would you run too?”
Good question!

  • The choices are stay put and sink (literally).
    Under the weight of legislation and other political shit.
  • Go mobile for ever more.
    OK for me, SWMBO a bit more circumspect about that i.e. NO WAY IN HELL
  • Sell everything and emigrate to “it don’t matter”.
    As said many times before, I can starve anywhere I’d just like to be warm.

As said, I’m getting angry now and looking at all the options I’m getting backed into a corner. Never a good thing for me. Rather like a rat, when trapped I come out fighting.

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