He, she and it.

Caution. Non PC comment. If you don’t like that, move on, leave. i.e. Just go away!

UK’s Prime Minster Theresa May says ‘being trans is not an illness’ and pledges to reform Gender Recognition Act. She hopes to ‘streamline and de-medicalise’ the process of changing sex and ensure LGBT issues better taught in schools


Did I miss the bit in human biology that said there are now three types of humans:
Male, female, and don’t know?
As for demedicalising the process of changing sex?
Neat trick but something that will never happen because to change gender (avoiding the tiny issue of a persons DNA) , takes drugs for life and surgery.

Done through the NHS that surgery costs about £19,000.
Just think, it costs £1000 to replace a cataract.
That’s 19 people able to see again for the cost of one.
Cost effective use of money?
I think not. If they want to be hacked around, get them to pay for it.

As for ensuring LGBT (plus whatever) gets taught in schools?
I equate this to the same way that they like banning Christian assemblies in case someone (and we all know who) might be offended and sex education for five year old kids.
It’s just another really good case for home or private schooling for Christians.

This constant pandering to minority groups smacks of the same style of appeasement politics that have all but destroyed our heritage and traditions in order to pacify racial issues, religious and cultural demands of immigrants, terrorists, radicals, and their offspring.

In short everything bad that successive UK governments let in.
Me a grumpy old man?
Yep! I’m indigenous English, Christian, old school, ex-mil and white.
The five things these Liberal thinkers hate the most.

Broken by democracy
(and weak minds).

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No bees, no life

Where have all our bugs gone?
The flying insects the planet depends on plummet by three-quarters sparking fears of ecological Armageddon.

When I first read this I thought it was another environmentalist B.S. game.
Claim there are no insects, predict the end of the world, then sit back and watch big business sweat. Only I think they are right here, especially when thinking about bees, the number one elite in pollinating the world!

The article talked about the lack of ‘splat’ on the car windscreen and when I thought about it, that’s horribly true. It cites the use of pesticides which poison just about everything (including us) and how modern farming techniques are the cause of their over use.

No argument there.
Where we used to live, in summer, we kept the doors and windows closed the whole time as we were surrounded by farmers whose whole life was about chemicals and spraying. I used to see its effects on the rabbit we’d find, acting drunk, in a poor state, with no apparent cause apart from the fields had just been sprayed.

Only back to the bees. They are a rare sight now.
Our new neighbor grows a heady mix of flowering plants but I’ve yet to see loads of bees clambering over them. Those we find are dopey, of poor condition, and few in number.
Big business and chemicals. Yep, I agree, both need banning, if only to save me tickling my vegetable flowers with an artists paint brush to cross-pollinate them.

What, a bit pathetic? OK, you come up with plan to pollinate your world without bees!

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The Hypocritical Elite Exposed

Exposed for the money grabbing little shits they are.

The Work and Pensions chief will retire at 61 with £1.8 million pot having INCREASED state retirement to 67.
Sir Robert Devereux  will get a lump sum of £245,000 and £85,000 following every year when he retires on January 15, 2018.

£85,000 a year.
That makes me pig sick as we, like many, live on a tenth of that a year.

There again, he has to make it to retirement and there may be a few really pissed off pensioners out there looking for a pound of his flesh.

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Returning from ISIS

The Government’s new independent reviewer of terrorism legislation, Max Hill QC, has stated that authorities have decided not to charge returnees from Syria and Iraq.

That’s good news for brave souls who went off to fight for the YPG and other groups that fought against ISIS but to me it also means that returning ISIS terrorists are going to get away with murder!


It sends out entirely the wrong message and wipes out the whole notion of railing against extremist religious radicalization that generates home grown terrorists.

It also means when babies, children, women, and the young and old, were maimed and murdered by that filth, nothing will ever be done about it.

How very British government.
If they can’t beat something because of the government policies of appeasement, political correctness, multiculturalism and religious tolerance.

Just ignore the problem.

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The thin blue line starts to unravel

Norfolk constabulary wants to axe all of its police community support officers because of budget cuts and concentrate its resources on tackling growth in complex crimes such as sexual abuse. The plan would make the Norfolk force the first in the country to scrap the role of PCSOs, affecting 150 people.

Makes a lot of sense doesn’t it.
Concentrating on one or two things as opposed to a wider view on policing.
Only I wonder what exactly 150 PCSO’s wages will buy them?
A new car or two for the chief constable and police commissioner?

Norfolk is on the East Coast of England and not exactly a small county.
In 2016 their force was made up of 1,515 constables, 251 special constables and 171 PCSOs.
A total of 1937 (plus other staff).
Losing 150 PCSO’s represents a drop of boots on the ground of just under 8%.

Love them or hate them, I’ve never had a problem with the ‘not quite a copper’ PCSO’s.
They also release police to deal with the important things in life.
So does that mean that there will be less bodies doing that and we’ll once again see highly trained policemen and women directing traffic, or lesser tasks.
With rising crime figures, and the desire to not investigate crime unless you literally hand over the criminal to them, does anyone think things are actually going to get better from this move? Somehow I think not.

We will soon reach a point where calling 999 (911) will not get you help.
After that it’s going to be a case of defending yourself and your property.
Maybe private security on patrol, or locally organized vigilante groups.
Both of those options have me thinking, “We will need a bigger dog (or two)!”

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Those who make it happen,
Those who would let it happen,
Those who would watch it happen,
Those who would stop it happening,
Those who would act when justice fails.

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Another Opinion.

I was browsing and found this graphic.
It suggests a UK view on what sub caliber round to use on the most basic of vertebrate prey. I saw it, read it, chuckled, and then thought what kind of person draws this conclusion about the efficiency of air weapons compared to firearms?
Then I got it. It’s got to be someone who uses cartridge weapons as the norm and probably shoots at long-range at most things.

So, here’s the thing.
Ratting and mice they listed the little 22 LR.
Putting them in a chicken shed or barn clearing rats would make life ‘interesting’ with respect to the damage that the 100 ft lb powerful .22 LR would inflict on the structure. After all most shoots are conducted at less than 15 yards.
Once again, .17 HMR and .22 WMR. Too much gun?
For ground squirrel and gophers maybe not but those fluffy tree rats I let loose at?
WAY too much power and of course LOUD! (Most regular readers will know I hate loud).
I’m also thinking backdrop and shooting at elevated targets.
Just how far will those two ‘generic’ rounds carry if they miss and the bullet goes ballistic missile sort of thing?

Average .17 HMR, 20gr, 2000 fps, BC 0.125
Initial angle 25 degrees, terminal angle 60.9 degrees, 1830 yards
Flight time 16.6 secs, Terminal energy 2.6 ft.lbs
(There is also the tendency for the tiny .17 to fragment A LOT on impact.)

Average .22 WMR, 30gr, 2000 fps, BC 0.101
Initial angle 25 degrees, terminal angle 66.4 degrees, 1570 yards
Flight time 16.6 secs, Terminal energy 3.3 ft.lbs

That’s a long, long way compared to a little .22 air gun slug, 21 grains, 500 fps, BC .034
Initial angle 25 degrees, terminal angle 57.5 degrees, 406.7 yards
Flight time 7.7 secs, Terminal energy 0.7 ft.lbs

For completeness I’ll list my other love of my life, the humble .22 LR.
The 22 LR 40 grain soft lead, 1040 fps, BC 0.169
Initial angle 25 degrees, terminal angle 66.1 degrees, 1980 yards
Flight time 20.6 secs, Terminal energy 7 ft.lbs

What, my little .22 LR, with it’s lazy lobbing type trajectory keeps it’s terminal energy better than the new boys on the block? Shocking!

(All figures using JBM)

So why list all of this?
The love affair with .17 and .22 WMR for pest control is overrated as far as I’m concerned.
The .22 LR will do in place of both rounds, including fox, IF YOU CAN GET CLOSE ENOUGH, and I’ve got this thing about covert.

That comes from shooting a lot within urban limits, professionally I hasten to add, at prey that trapping cannot resolve for one reason or the other.
It also comes from being able to get up close and personal on your prey NOT relying on 40 power scopes, and the ‘thrill’ that some people get using firearms.

Also sometimes I wonder about the choices people make.
Is it because they lack in field skills, don’t know how to trap, or just love firearms?
Or is it the ‘professional’ has to use firearms above high (or even low) energy air?

The other thing I’ve got to add is a mention about load outs.
Whilst a pocket full of air gun slugs isn’t actually very odorous to carry, the bigger the bang, the heavier and more bulky the carry.
For example,
The tiny .22 air slug, 350 to the pound
While .22 LR around 136 rounds per pound weight.
And the .22 WMR around 116 rounds per pound weight.
Not much of weight difference is true but bulk wise, that’s different.
Incidentally, going through a tin of 200 air gun slugs when ratting is not unknown.

So we have bang verses hush.
Distance and backdrop over field skills and covert
The whole trapping as a force multiplier over shooting
And I suppose the firearms over air debate.

What’s best? It depends on who you speak to I suppose.
After all there is nothing quite like lamping with a ‘firearm’ from the back of a Landrover.
Some fools tear-arsing across fields while calling it sport and controlled pest clearance.
Nothing better than sitting in a hide waiting for a target to shoot at as opposed to learning how to trap Birds and Furries using traps and snares.

A few years ago I was talking to a pair of trappers as they worked a few fields “rabbit reduction’ using snares and Fenn traps. What was good for me was the father was working with his son. Old skills passed on as they should be.

What I’m living in the past? Not really, more enlightened people call that bushcraft.


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