I’m feeling all medieval at this moment.

Calais protesters wave Union Jacks
as they urge Britain to take more migrants.

What a bloody nerve touching our flag!
Take you? I’d rather catch crabs.
Which will probably happen if we let you lot in.

So, flexing my bow arm towards France
(As this is all their government’s fault)


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Debt of the talented

Students are leaving university with debts of almost £50,000.
New changes to fees on student loans mean they now pay around 18 times the BOE base rate  which adds up to £5,000 to their debt before they even graduate.

I was listening to a radio article about personal worth and it reckoned that those in their 30’s generally have about £27000 each. Apparently that’s well down on what my generation had.

OK, I’m not sure I believe in accuracy of that figure as it’s GOVERNMENT figures i.e. make believe, best guesstimate.

The reality for us was we couldn’t raise 27000 PENCE when in our 30’s.

One thing is obvious though, starting your working life at age 23 (ish) with a personal debt of £50,000 is not exactly a wise thing to do.

The knock on effect of this is worrying though.
Talent, especially young talent, has no loyalty to tyranny.
This new debt attack could see a massive brain drain out of the country.

We are talking industrial, medical, and all other things where bright newly qualified minds can make a difference, just ‘upping sticks’ and leaving. To be replaced by what exactly?

Already industry is lagging no matter what the political liars say.
Cheap labour from the EU makes a cheap product. FACT!
That cheap product is not selling well as China and other Eastern cultures do that already , ONLY BETTER.

Also, without innovation from talented individuals, the UK will just turn into an assembly line for other people’s product. An expensive one too as the minimum wage forces production costs up. (Not that I object at all to people having a decent living wage).

So what future prospects does that make for our youth, let alone the present work force?
Reduced to ‘monkey see, monkey do” brainless working.
It’s a drudge life in production and that makes for dissent and violent reaction as production line working isn’t the best paid AND TODAY UK’s cost of living is getting more and more expensive.

Ultimately it could add to the increasing list of reasons to ‘kick off’, riot, and rebel against the system. A system that has already shaved back to a minimum on security thus vulnerable to social chaos.

Kinda makes me glad we live in a metal  boat with no exposed wood.
Arson being the choice weapon of rioters, and most pigs can’t swim.

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And so we start.

This is a copy of What I’m about.

From 1980 I wrote articles about prepping and survivalism but no more.
Now it’s about things that affect only me and my own.

We as a family know what we will do if everything goes stupid, this is now me watching, reading, and gathering Intel that will enable us to plan for when things go ever more horribly wrong than they already are.

It’s October 1 2016.
On or around November 1 2016, the existing prepper and survival stuff will be archived or, knowing my technical ineptitude, deleted. Feel free to copy them for personal use.

I’ve never been politically correct, I am racially and religiously intolerant among other things, loath anything political, hate those who are anti military, and will let slip words of wrath if mad enough.

Feel free to leave now if that offends you.

Subject categories.

Firstly no “Alternative News”.
If you want to read wild, mainly unsubstantiated claims about whatever,
Conspiracy theories, wacko ideas, and political B.S. ?
That won’t be found here. I will try to fact check everything.

Love it or hate it, politics will kill us all.
So yes I will be commenting about it.

Race and Religion
Never the twain should mix.
I’m white, Christian, and proud to be so.
That makes me a everything polite society says is wrong.
That’s just too bad.
More murders, rapes, wounding, and worse are carried out by race and religion than natural events kill.
Mostly by those who have been imported into my world.
So YES I will be writing about issues that come to my attention.

To live you need it. So yes, I’m talking about it.

There is no such thing as a ex-military person, only someone who doesn’t actively serve anymore. Born military, will probably die thinking about it. So yes, I support the military.

Because that’s what I do and did.

War poetry (such as it is)
I write because it helps me cope with the past.

The environment and climate change.
I’m so anti the environment lobby.
As for climate change? That’s total B.S. as far as I’m concerned.
I do weather watch, I love wildlife (in so far as what stews well).
And don’t care about saving the planet.
Thus I will be writing about those issues.

So that’s it.
News, Politics, Race and religion, money, military, shooting, war poetry, and the environment. Plus anything else that takes my fancy under the guise of miscellaneous.

That and my own view on the overall threat level to me and my family.
That will probably be substantially different to the UK’s government one.

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Time is being called, by me.

This is post number 2000 and I’ve done writing about prepping and survivalism.
What used to be simply called Survival Skills or Staying Alive.


Years ago I said that just about every book on survival (worth reading) was a rehash of Army Survival Manuals. I still see that as the truth.

You’ve got to love forces and third world field survival manuals.
Non of the phony altruistic, sales orientated B.S. I hated and still do.
No self-proclaimed ‘ex-spurts’ who play on, then feed off, people’s fears.
No “pay me and I’ll turn you into Rambo” claims.


I tried to quantify in a few words what I learned and informed others about over the years.
Learned? Oh yeah, you better believe it. So much advice has been fed back to me that was taken on-board and, once trialled, become part of my preps.

Only after 2800 words, I thought what the hell am I doing!
This blog has been active since 2013 so why try to précis it now?

So, having been there, done that, eaten the pie, tried everything I talked about, got the t-shirt, cuts and scars to prove it, still happily unqualified and not an expert in anything, it’s time to put the prepping and survivalist side of the blog to bed for the last time.

I’ll leave the basic information intact for a while in case anyone wants to copy something.

Cherish your own above others.
Never give up as there is always something else you can do
And may your God go with you.



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One day to go.

Tomorrow on the 30th September I will have been writing articles on and off since 1980.
WAY BEFORE the terms prepping and survivalist existed.
On this forum, quite by chance, the next post will be number 2000.

Initially on a 64kb Acorn computer through a 15kbs screaming modem and then one of the first IBM personal computers. A backwards step I thought at the time.

At first I typed onto bulletin boards, chat boards, then forums, and finally this blog.
Hell I even saw the birth of today’s Internet from the mil, college, university links to the slick system that is in place today. (Yet another backwards step and getting worse).

I found an old notebook with a 4 inch diskette (720k) full of BBS writings.
Text files and really appalling graphics made from maths symbols.
4000, 100 words or less, notes on shooting, survival and chitchat before everyone raved about  Twitter and 140 characters.

It took a bit of looking before I found a PC with a diskette drive still fitted and working (in the county library no less) but finally I’ve got a complete collection of every spelling mistake and stupid thing I’ve ever written.

36 years with gaps, some of them LONG gaps, of typing in downtime.
Some of those I knew well long gone ‘silent key’.

I guess that’s a sobering thought tonight and tomorrow I will light a candle to absent friends. One text file stood out tonight. I shamefully couldn’t put a face to the person’s name who sent it from a militia site many years ago. A face I used to know as a friend.

Cheers Paul
Have a good Xmas
See you next year

Why is that important? I’m reminiscing.
I was there when he died that next year.

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Singleton, pair, or collective.

A little discussion about survival colonies, the benefits of the small family unit, and the problems of the “Lone Wolf” singleton survivor.

The lone wolf or singleton.
Flexibility is their strength, loneliness their weakness.
All decisions are theirs, there is no ‘selfish’ as they are a party of one.
BUT if you are on your own and get sick, hurt, or just unable to cope (either physically or mentally) the slide into hell can be pretty quick.
Without human companionship you could miss the signs.
Most people live better with company but not very well as part of a mindless collective following orders.

A family unit (or pairing) benefits greatly by a closer cohesion and trust in each other. Communication is easier and in most cases non verbal. Decision making and loads are shared. Most switched on couples listening to what the other thinks and both working together as a team.

A colony is a nightmare scenario for me.
It will turn into governance without the politeness.
A commander, or committee, making decisions that affect the collective.
This can lead to independent voices being stifled.
Free thought and choice may become outlawed.
After that you are but a slave to the whim of the leadership.
That may breed dissent, that may get you cast out or worse.

Which is much like it is today.
You vote for someone to act on your behalf for what you thought was the collective good, or more honestly, for the one who promised to make your life better. A few tactically voting for whatever reason.

What made that choice doesn’t matter as even if ‘your choice’ or ‘the other person’s choice’ got in, the disillusionment would have been the same for both of you.

You both end up hating what is happening, your voice is never listened to, with anger or possible resentment and non co-operation the result. Eventually you will end up being forced to comply.

And finally (a bit tongue in cheek)
Some pairings are fire and water, but in the main a couple or pairing work out issues and solutions to problems as a team. For the benefit of both.
Co-operation being a hell of a lot better than coercion.

Thus SWMBO and me.
Chalk and cheese in personality and both having wildly different skill sets.
But together we are unstoppable!


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The electronic preppers foible.

I’m talking about why so many preppers, and curiously the modern survivalist, are so keen to rely on electronics to dig them self out of the mire or carry stuff that would be better on paper. To me that’s a weakness.

I read a lot about keeping important documents on a thumb drive but there is one heck of a lot of space on those things so I’d be looking at storing all kinds of useful things like survival books, first aid manuals, copies of ‘where there are no doctors or dentists’.

Only what if you can’t read it?
Then it’s about as useful as a chocolate teapot.

Thumb drives aka USB keys, or memory sticks can hold loads of stuff but it needs some sort of reader to extract that information.

Here is a list of what can destroy, disable, or scramble a thumb drive:-

Too damp, wet, hot, or cold.
Being dropped, trodden or sat on, or hit by a hammer.
Being hit by a bullet, arrow, or other projectile.
A geomagnetic event or a weapon generated EMP.
A strong magnet.

Can all these ruin a thumb drive? Yep, all but the magnet.

As for whatever reader you think is going to read the drive?
Everything listed above will do the same i.e. destroy, disable, or scramble, including the magnet.

Then there is another problem to consider.
Well actually a couple.
Who is going to read that data?

If it’s you?
What if your reader is fried, how do you propose to do that?
If your battery is flat, your charger broken, or whatever?
How exactly can you guarantee that your reader isn’t going to do destroy, disable, or scramble your precious thumb drive. You can’t can you?

If it’s someone else?
Basically the same applies IF THEY ARE COMPUTER SAVVY.
Only what if their reader is working and they corrupt your thumb drive. What if they decide NOT TO GIVE your thumb drive back.

What if their reader pops a virus onto your thumb drive, you use it again and REALLY upset the next authoritative person by wreaking their reader.

Only what if the check point is staffed by computer ignorant personnel.
“Show us your papers” and you hand over a thumb drive?
I can just imagine their response. “WTF IS THIS!?!”

Paper is bulky but it is multi-use where a thumb drive only has two.
Storing stuff and proving your ‘worth’.
What, not your identity?
Ever tried to get a bank loan on electronic copies of identity and proof of address?
In the main they will just laugh at you.
So even if you have checked your local authorities will accept them, come a time that you are under a new leadership, will they?

One final thought, a scenario actually.
You’ve got hurt, bad hurt.
Your thumb drive has all the information you need to help you.
Except it can’t be accessed for some reason.

Suddenly a small book costing a few dollars becomes priceless .
Paper holds information, it’s low-tech, wipes backsides, lights fire, and has many other uses.

A thumb drive only two.

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