Ready are we?

Fun Time!
I wrote something like this a long time ago and following all the “DO MORE PT AND TRAIN” comment, I was wondering how the warriors and survivors of  blog land measure up to what the survival experts and psychologists of the world said would make the ideal survivor (2013).

Physical Attributes (SIX)

  1. 170cm 70kg for women 178cm 75kg for men
  2. Aged 14-25 for women, 16-30 for men.
  3. Children 11-16, mature enough to look after themselves.
  4. No allergies, unassisted vision, good manual dexterity and verbal communications skills.
  5. Not dependent on drugs, alcohol, or nicotine, ALL inoculations up to date.
  6. Physically fit and not prone to illnesses.

Mindset (TWELVE)

  1. A natural leader with a strong warrior and survival instinct.
  2. Able to balance confidence with reasonable doubt.
  3. Brave if not courageous.
  4. Calm in the face of danger, able to assess the reality of situation and not be swayed by emotion thus able to keep ones focus under stress.
  5. Constantly situationally aware, able to respond quickly to situations
  6. Knows their personal limitations yet is not afraid to exceed them.
  7. Mentally running scenarios through their minds making and evaluating plans to cope.
  8. Not morally tied by laws, regulations, or religions.
  9. Organized and methodical.
  10. Preferably with someone to care (love) for.
  11. Stubborn, never gives up, with a can do mentality
  12. Suspicious of all yet exhibiting a caring helpful attitude to others.

Desirable Skill Set (SIXTEEN)

  1. Able to drive any car, motorbike, bicycle, horse, and row or sail a small boat.
  2. A good “junk yard” engineer, DIY’er , welder, fabricator, and carpenter.
  3. Automotive, Electrical and electronic equipment repairer with the ability to fix things with limited or no documentation, scavenging parts as required.
  4. Basic animal care and agricultural skills (Growing vegetables)
  5. Camping and bush-craft skills from Knife only to debris and “tarp and tent”.
  6. Can cook from scratch using basic stores or hunted and foraged ingredients on a fire or basic stove.
  7. CBRN trained
  8. Commercial security training and experience
  9. Communications capable using line, radio, visual, and sound  techniques
  10. Defeat or circumvent security devices and locks
  11. First Aid trained to an advanced level
  12. Good at metal and woodwork using basic hand tools
  13. Hunting, fishing, trapping, and foraging skills
  14. Know basic climbing and rope craft
  15. Military or militia service and current weapons  training
  16. Survival training for hot, cold, sea, and mountain environments including self defense.

You’ may have noticed that the basic requirements of the ultimate warrior / super survivor have been left out. i.e. Carrying a 50% or above bodyweight pack running uphill for 5 miles, then hiking for 30 miles, whilst carrying a shotgun, rifle, machine pistol, 200 rounds for each weapon plus 20 liters of water. Not forgetting doing this with no sleep for 120 hours in the middle of winter wearing nothing but a smile and boots.


OK, the challenge.
I no longer come close to meeting this list physically and don’t mind admitting it. There again I never said I was one of the Macho brigade.

My score?
Physical (about a ½ out of 6),
Mindset (10/12), and Desirable skills (14/16)

Hows about it?
Did the experts describe you?

Just two things to ask after that.

  1. Did you also meet
    “Der Ultimative Krieger Und Überlebende”
    ” The ultimate warrior and survivor grade?
  2. Hows the frostbite?
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First of the Second Group

As advertised, today has been a plodding sort of day with much profanity, ouchness, and tired eyes. The knackered ankle clicking furiously and the knee’s gently reminding me that “Pain is natures way of telling you you’re alive”.

Funny thing, my DI used to say that too. (Didn’t believe him either).

Yet things needed doing, things got done, and as for walking from A to B? Well I like to think of me being first of the second group not in last place behind everyone else!

second A talk about speed and thought.
It’s interesting to watch other people transit.
Three main types are what most people fall into.
The “I’m on a mission” people and the “mañana” (tomorrow will do) people in life. Then there are them who just seem to rush around as SOP.

Rushing around.
When you watch ‘fast’ people and think about why they are operating flat-out, the main reasons for them being on a rush is that they are either late or are extremely bad at time management. In the main only a few are genuinely strapped for time because of ‘events’ or emergencies.

Yet do all them manage to get all their goals completed to a satisfactory conclusion? How many car accidents are caused by the stress of time pressure? How many people just fold (if not die).

I worked with an engineer who had one heck of a reputation of getting through his calls on time. As a result the management kept loading his appointment book with more and more despite his protestations. What happened? His work started to slip, too much in too little time. Customers got upset, bosses got upset, and at 25 years old he simply burnt out. What price his efforts? Stacking shopping trolley’s for a living as that’s about all he could manage.

A cautionary tale to think about as your appointment book fills up. Also something to think about when doing red-eye reports or presentations as a norm for an idiot boss.

Back to speed.
Firemen are often described as forever running into burning buildings. In reality few ever do because to run into in a fire or even a smoke-filled room is REALLY STUPID! They prefer to stay low down as it’s cooler plus the smoke is less dense closer to the deck. For these professionals it’s all about planning their moves not dying.

What price speed?
Except this bit ain’t all about speed, it’s about speed without thinking. In survival terms making a bad call in a hurry could (and in no particular order):-

  • Kill you or others
  • Hurt you or others
  • Waste resources
  • Waste time and effort.

Yet so many blindly rush into things.

On the other hand there are the UK authorities.
Risk assessment is God in the UK and mainly to the detriment of those who need saving. It’s also a reason to explain away a really bad call. Read this. It’s all about why police staff stood by while a 10 yr old Jordan Lyon drowned in a lake in Wigan.

How to stop snap decisions.
In an emergency I’ve adopted the STOP acronym to my decision-making. It’s taken a long time to accept it as I still tend to trust my gut first. BUT WHAT IS STOP?

STOP what you are doing (ONCE SAFE IN COVER).
THINK about what the problem is and what you want to achieve.
OBSERVE, look at what you have got and what’s around you.
PLAN. Work out a solution using your Intel and resources.

OK, some would argue that in a fire fight, TO THINK IS TO DIE.
Seriously (and sadly) I read that on a survivalist site!
On the other hand to blindly run for the exit and into the field of fire of another is pretty stupid as well. Hows about diving behind a sofa (settee). What’s the bullet protection factor of a cloth and foam piece of furniture again?

TO THINK IS TO DIE. So is being bloody stupid.
Anyway the first line says:-
STOP what you are doing (ONCE SAFE IN COVER).

And finally where speed is worthless.
I’m a hunter, forager and scavenger by nature.
Thus everything I do is slow and considered as nature loves movement. Eh?

Ever wondered why generally the first time you spot a critter is because it moves? It’s simply because it’s camouflage is generally good and the eye is better at detecting movement than subtle differences in color. So any brash uncontrolled movement on my side enables critters to see me.

To trap, go fishing, or when shooting for the table, you need to move at natures pace and seldom can you do that against the clock. Besides that the excitable make lousy shots as their body goes tense and starts shaking thus making for poor shot placement.

Anyone remember BRASS?

  • “B” Calm your BREATHING.
  • “R” RELAX before attempting the shot
  • “A” Establish your AIM point
  • “S”  STOP and review your setup
    Or some say (IMO wrongly) take up the trigger SLACK.
  • “S” for SQUEEZE the trigger until the shot is fired.

Not so easy when you are full of adrenaline or emotionally up tight!

Then there is scavenging.
To scavenge successfully you need to gather Intel. You just can’t rush this process. Those who do usually coming unstuck by missing the “little” things in life.

To carry out surveillance in a CCTV rich environment, a secure area, or combat scenario, means you need to be careful and for the most part COVERT. If you are lucky you are going to see a weakness you can exploit but things can change from hour-to-hour and day-to-day. Rush into things without knowing the full story and it could be your lot.

Food for thought about speed isn’t it?


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Chronic Ouchness!

Just as I think I’m having a good day BANG the legs give out!
One simple little stroll up a little incline (3:1)
Not even with a pack, using my sticks because I’m not daft, and BANG off goes a knee  and my not so favorite ankle.

ankleOnce again the fragility of the medics repair work caves in and for the next couple of days every step will be accompanied with the word “ouch”, Sh’t, and probably a whole stream of other profanity!

I shouldn’t complain really, they gave me 10 years of walking time some 30 years ago and said that’s all they could do for me. It’s a bitch getting older isn’t it!

So, paracetamol bottle in hand I’m off to bed after scribing this note.
Thinking in survival terms there are few issues to consider.

  • My mobility is unpredictable.
    Yet as there is no rhyme or reason to the failures, I’ve taken care NOT TO be fully reliant on going out aka I’ve prepped for a stay at home on the settee until the ouchness goes.
  • Transport.
    Luckily it never interferes with driving or steering the boat for short periods.
  • Pain management.
    Always a toughie this one and why I take special care to keep loads of OTC meds at hand. On top of that though I’ve got some really evil tabs to help me sail away! In prepping terms I’m never without 60 days worth of meds.
  • Load Carrying.
    Always a bitch for me anyway, I simply invested in a really good set of trolley wheels for when things turn sour.
    Whoops, LOL, but I do love that frog!sacktrolley
  • Self Defense? Go on, try me suckers!
    One thing is certain, if my mobility is compromised at all, restraint goes straight out the window. I can’t afford to let a person put me onto the deck so like most wounded man-imals, I will work fast and ‘effectively’. That and I get riled REAL EASY!
  • And finally SLEEP.
    Yeah right, a few nights are coming up cuddling the tea-cup in the wee small hours and the hot water bottle will probably live on my ankle (again)!
    No sleep is an issue for everyone though as it will cause a lot of bad decision-making and unfortunately for SWMBO and anyone else I come across, I get as ratty as hell.

Anyway at least we had a nice day out although to rub things in a tad, it’s pouring with rain thus making the pontoons as slippery as hell.

Sometimes I get to thinking that there is something out there that really doesn’t like me!

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UK Election 2015

Just in case you haven’t heard (although I can’t possibly see how you would have missed it) the UK is holding its every 5 yearly general FARCE election to vote in the new set of temps lying, self-serving jerk offs to run RUIN the country for another 5 years on 7th May.

flushedawayEvery damn time I listen to the radio, its one political deadbeat slagging off another. If it’s not that they are promising the world for your pathetic little vote, and as for the lies, Jeez, they just have to open their pie holes and it just pours out like so much vomit.

politicsYet who is actually taking all this in and believing all the rubbish that is being spouting? What group of idiots are actually going to vote and make this country into a bigger mess than it already is?

cc730-sheepleYep, you’ve guessed it, The UK’s Sheeple.
The “I can’t see what the problem is as I hear no evil, see no evil, and all those upstanding politician NEVER lie do they?”

Gawd help us all!

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