Light My Fire!

And thousands of survivalists and preppers will automatically reach for their fire steel aka ferrocerium.
ferroceriumOr do they?
I don’t, and the rod as shown lives in the bottom of the back pack.
For me that’s the last resort and I’m more likely to reach for my disposable gas lighter OR my Zippo lookalike.

Only It doesn’t stop there.
I also carry a box of strike anywhere matches too, how weird is that!
OK I’ve dipped them in candle wax but hey, I was just being prudent!

What all the above amounts to is I carry multiple ways of easily igniting things.
Incidently I also carry a couple of other things.
Half a dozen Vaseline soaked cotton wool balls stuffed into plastic straws and a couple of candle stubs. They aren’t ignition devices BUT they sure help to get a fire going.

Yet, by admitting that I don’t rub sticks together any more, use a magnifying glass, chemicals, or even use wire wool to knacker my cell phone battery, I’m probably going to find my memberships to “Purist Preppers and Bushcraft Anonymous” has been cancelled.

Like I’m really worried about that.
Only hows about you?
Are you of a practical no B.S. nature or like to make life hard for yourself to prove a point?
After all in the cold and wet, you need a fire going for heat, as quickly, and simply as you can manage and rubbing two sticks together just doesn’t work fast enough for me. Especially in the rain.


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Home Grown Terrorists

We cannot ignore the threat of home-grown jihadis.
Terror suspects were arrested at the rate of one every day for the past year, a House of Commons committee was told yesterday.


They are still stacking the political B.S. neck-deep in our center of government aka Parliament.

Only why do I say that?

Were these slime deported, will they be deported, is there a chance in hell that they’ll be deported back to their ethnic land and their passports taken off them?

After all they present a clear and present danger to the UK’s population.

That would be a no. 

Why not?
It would break their human Rights.

The UK’s politicians views about their victims are probably even more limp seeing as though the UK is all about political correctness, multiculturalism and multi-faiths.

That and human rights is a “life issue”.

To that end I can just imagine these fools sat there, rich, complacent, isolated from the horrors of the world, discussing this important matter “en-mass” trying to find a politically correct answer that they can sell to the UK’s sheeple while also thinking:-


Why bother
The dead have no need for human rights.

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Navy, What Navy?

Britain may have ruled the waves (and the air) once upon a time but as for now?

David Cameron was last night accused of ‘burying the bad news’ as it emerged a decision to axe the Royal Navy’s flagship was omitted from a Government white paper.
HMS Ocean, the biggest ship in the British armed forces, is to be decommissioned in 2018 – four years after it underwent a £65 million upgrade.
There will be no like-for-like replacement for the ship – the Navy’s amphibious assault ship and helicopter carrier – which is currently deployed in the Mediterranean on a Nato exercise. [Link]

Sod all planes that work (and the only one that matters i.e. the Tornado getting very old and tired). Then there is the 10 million being spent on making a perfectly good in flight refuelling jet into CAMAIR One.

Got to have something to transport the first family (and minions) haven’t they.
Although it is believed that the Royal Family will be permitted to use it (occasionally).

We’ve got a few decent ships, but fewer numbers of active personnel than in medieval times.

Not forgetting delusional UK generals thinking they can clean up ISIS in a few weeks [Link]

The UK’s politician’s answer seems to be that the UK following a Trident replacement policy will save the world. Big boy’s toys that will be used as a “deterrent”. [Link]
(As if some cheese dick terrorist is going to be worried about that)

This following the heir apparent’s (Osborne) comments about fighting wars with GCHQ and a little army of schoolboy hackers. [Link]

Not forgetting Cameron’s love of Drone Wars. [Link]

Would some non-Muslim run, Christian Country please invade us and save us from ourselves!

(If such a thing exists any more).

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Before you plant that survival garden…


A classic example of good advice for the long term survivalist.

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