Gold for my soul

Hot oil made me my supper,
Bad dreaming was the result,
Payback for my dark history,
A repeat of all seen, but not heard.

Tonight was that nice little lay off,
The selection that went oh so well,
The target that had dropped so nicely,
No loss to any and all.

BUT hard as that man had fallen,
Full auto went off by its own,
‘No matter’ I’m sat there thinking,
Danse Macabre’, as happened before.

Next day came that day’s tally,
With two more onto my toll,
Full auto had gone there calling,
And two souls had fallen unknown.

No gold did I get for that damage,
No pay for that little show,
They died without good reason,
By the hand of the one who I’d felled.

Much beer was drank that evening,
To act as my penance paid,
Next day we’re back there re-calling,
But some said I’m firing real slow.

I felt naught from that days hard thumping,
Watching red on a wind from hell
But the tally man kept counting,
More gold for to pay for my soul.

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News from UK

MPs to be age checked. [Link]
(Although it’s unclear if that is their physical or mental age.)
PRIME MINISTER David Cameron is looking to ensure that adult websites, the sort that MPs like, will abide by age verification standards and make sure that fumbling punters are of adult age.

Fumbling punters?
That’s a new one on me but a very apt description of an MP.

What’s in a word? [Link]
David Cameron has been criticised for his description of migrants trying to reach Britain as a “swarm”.

Asked about the Calais crisis, he spoke of “a swarm of people coming across the Mediterranean, seeking a better life, wanting to come to Britain”.

Labour’s Harriet Harman said “he should remember he is talking about people and not insects” and called the use of “divisive” language a “worrying turn”.

Now I loath this idiot Cameron and everyone in his “government” but here we have the stupidity and ignorance of the ‘opposition’ highlighted by their desire to be politically correct. Here is a dictionary definition of the word swarm.

swarm (swɔːm)
noun: swarm; plural noun: swarms

1. (of flying insects) move in or form a swarm. “swarming locusts”.
2. move somewhere in large numbers.
   “protesters were swarming into the building”
synonyms:    flock, crowd, throng, stream, surge, flood, seethe, pack
“reporters and photographers were swarming all over the place”

So here’s little me, just scraped by in English Language at school one heck of a long time ago thinking.

“A government minister who doesn’t know the full meaning of the word swarm.”
Or does she and is simply being politically correct.
This is probably the reason why her party isn’t in power.

School Troubles. [Link]
Pupils aged five to 11 were suspended 11,420 times for physical assault against an adult in state-funded primary schools in 2013-14 – up from 9,080 the previous year.

Figures from the Department for Education revealed a 10% rise in suspension for assault against adults for pupils aged five to 16. Suspension for racist abuse in primary schools increased by 15.6%.

They can’t even control 5-year-old kids.
Yet the last figure tells a lot about the use of statistics by the DOE.
Racist abuse increased by 15.6%.
Meaningless isn’t it?
Without a baseline 15.6% means zip.
So, I went to the Education Department Website and asked for more information.

govsiteDo you think it’s because I entered the words Racial Abuse in the search box?

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Our “Lords” and masters

The corruption just keeps on mounting up as does the abuse of the system.

A government containing child molesters, dope sniffers, prostitute using, fraudsters, self-serving, and porn watching at a rate of 250,000 times a year on parliament computers.
Them who award MASSIVE pay rises to themselves whilst others are struggling to meet their bills and put food on their table.

While large numbers of British children live in poverty or are homeless and others who quietly give up and top themselves as with no money they feel “what’s the point in carrying on”.

Then today:-
She lives in a £4million home just 200 yards from the House of Lords. Yet Baroness Wilcox still bills the taxpayer up to £5,700 a month for her walk to work. In two years, the 74-year-old former Cadbury Schweppes director has pocketed £74,400 in parliamentary attendance allowances. [Link]

Over a year that £5700 a month equates to £68,400 and over 9 times what I bring home.

I don’t care what her rational was, whether it was a mistake, her “right” to claim, or just pure arrogance by the ruling class, it sucks BIG TIME.

As Orwell wrote “If you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face – forever.”


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Breaching An Islands Defenses

Some 2,000 migrants (illegal immigrants) tried to enter the Channel Tunnel terminal in Calais on Monday night in an attempt to reach the UK, operator Eurotunnel has said.

As a result, the Channel tunnel was closed YET AGAIN.

It’s interesting isn’t it.
Two world wars were fought and no one managed to breech our borders with anything more than the odd raiding party.

Then, some bright spark came up with the idea of building a tunnel between Great Britain and France.

And before the concrete had set, the final light bulb screwed in, and the trains started to run in 1994, it’s been used by illegals to invade our country. It’s getting worse too.

It’s now some 21 years old, and in 2012 Eurotunnel ‘profits’ moved into the black with revenues of more than €1bn making a net profit of €20m. Hardly inspiring is it.

It’s also a clear indicator of what a measure of success is to the idiots in charge of the UK. Anything is better than nothing.

Only with all the current hold ups, Operation Stack (that’s where all truckers are parked up when the channel tunnel is closed due to these illegal immigrants or industrial trouble in France) in real terms the cost to the United Kingdom economy was estimated at around £250 million per day (if you believe the hyped up BBC figures) but more realistically the transport industry talks of £750,000 a day.

Before the damn thing was built, freight used the ferries.
There are still illegal immigrants making it onto the ferries as I know from working on a Channel port but relatively few, and apart from the French constantly closing the ports down by industrial action, the system has/had worked for years.

Now I’m wondering, is that damn tunnel worth the effort?
It’s one of our easiest ways into the country for illegal immigration. That and night runs across the channel, simply flying into the UK on a package tour and disappearing, or demanding “Political Asylum” on arrival.

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