A reason to riot?

A 20-year-old man has died after being chased down by police in East London after trying to swallow an object. The man stopped breathing, was taken to hospital, but died later on.
The man was named as Rashan Charles. Take a flying guess what racial category he fits into? I’m thinking IC3.

It’s Sunday.
With the usual time-lapse between event and the outrage being 48 hours, (which gives the key players in Antifa, BLM, and whatever, time to make their signs and arrange something ‘meaningful’ on social media), I’m thinking Tuesday before the great unwashed, once again, take to the streets to protest about basically everything and in particular, police brutality.

Checking the weather I see that Tuesday looks good in London, a pleasant  21C, 72F, and sunny. Couldn’t be better.

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Small World, Deep Thoughts.

Today I had the pleasure of watching three elders getting to know each other only for them to find that their lives had crossed again and again over the years. It’s a small world, yes?
From childhood to senior years, the couple had lived within touching distance with our landlady sharing common experiences through their lives.
Thus I derived a lot of pleasure listening to these civilian seniors and my wife as they talked about things I knew nothing about.
Growing up within a family, baby thoughts, school times, lifelong friends, their life, working, their loves, the peaceful passing of family and friends.

Families were known by name and by touch, locations, homes, snippets of life’s happiest moments talked about, and I watched a tear wiped away in haste as deep memories were invoked. WHAM, that hit me big time.

In youth I was told that:-
“Dying young saves you the disillusionment and pain of facing your senior years alone”.
I was content with that notion and once, like many, lived each day as my last.
I wasn’t naive or stupid,  just accepting of the possible consequence of my trade.
That hammered home by writing letters home that were never sent.

Somewhere along that path, and way later, I met my wife and all that changed.
Only now I find I am a senior with a life few would choose to recall in polite company.

With nothing to say and nothing to add to the conversation, even if I had tried, they wouldn’t have understood a life of a forces brat’s birth to the warrior’s soul death on exiting to civilian life. So I sat there, out-of-place, the grey pain in me shivering.

It is a ‘warriors’ lot to only share moments with those who can understand.
To be guarded about detail outside of them who know.
To trust someone who will never know, respecting of their values and self by ‘filtering’ out the nasty bits.

Thus I’m sat together tonight alone, if you can understand that.
I’m also thinking a bad night is in the offing.
Lamp lit and swinging but too tired to fight and deciding should I drink, drug, or man up to the forthcoming sweat. Three fine choices eh?

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Acid Attack

Few things hurt and cause so much damage as an acid / strong alkaline attack.
Napalm or any fuel air mix come to mind.
Yet here we are, no one is safe, and the law as always way behind on current events.

But why detail what is now a common occurrence within big cities.
Try these report from the media. (Link), and this (Link)

So what’s the first aid.
Alkaline (example: Caustic soda) or Acid (example: Battery, drain cleaner, metal cleanser).
It doesn’t matter.
The first thing to do is strip off any contaminated clothing and DOUSE YOURSELF IN COOL WATER. LOADS OF WATER.

I’m also going to include one of the many “official guidance” in the media / Internet.

First Aid

  • Make sure the cause of the burn has been removed. Try not to come in contact with it yourself. If the chemical is dry, brush off any excess. Avoid brushing it into your eyes. Remove any contaminated clothing or jewelry.
  • Flush the chemicals off the skin surface using cool running water for 15 minutes or more.
  • Treat the person for shock if he or she appears faint, pale, or if there is shallow, rapid breathing.
  • Apply cool, wet compresses to relieve pain.
  • Wrap the burned area with a dry sterile dressing (if possible) or clean cloth. Protect the burned area from pressure and friction.
  • Minor chemical burns will generally heal without further treatment. However, if there is a second or third degree burn or if there is an overall body reaction, get medical help right away. In severe cases, don’t leave the person alone and watch carefully for reactions affecting the entire body.

Note: If a chemical gets into the eyes, the eyes should be flushed with water right away. Continue to flush the eyes with running water for at least 15 minutes. Get medical help right away.


  • DO NOT apply any household remedy such as ointment or salve to a chemical burn.
  • DO NOT become contaminated by the chemical as you give first aid.
  • DO NOT disturb a blister or remove dead skin from a chemical burn.
  • DO NOT try to neutralize any chemical without consulting the Poison Control Center or a doctor.


As for the prepper/survival approach?
A 5 liter bottle of water is going to be added to our car kit.
That and a couple of pairs of cheap disposable overalls.

As the latest of tricks is to squirt people from the back of a moped or motorcycle, the windows of your vehicle should be kept SHUT during transit. Remember a repaint of a vehicle is a hell of a lot cheaper than losing your sight.

What else? The problem is we both have to wear glasses (old eyes).
So I’m going to explore getting a wrap round pair of prescription strength glasses.
For everyone else? You might like to think about standard wrap round safety glasses.

What I’d like is steel in the small of my back again.
It won’t stop the burning but it will stop that particular defective gene pool from breeding and hurting others.

Only that won’t happen will it?
The UK judiciary always (and it feels like only) protects the criminal not the victim.

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Capital Projects a waste of money

Two aircraft carriers which will never carry jets.
2017 (HMS Queen Elizabeth) 2020 (HMS Prince of Wales) costing a total of £6.2 Billion.
Only hang on a bit, they need their own docks as they are so big. So we’ll add to that another forecasted figure of a billion to ‘park’ them in various places but that includes the various systems to support them.

BUT it doesn’t stop there.
£3.7 billion contract was signed recently to build the first three warships in the new eight-strong fleet of City class Type 26 frigates. Are these going to fail like the other lot? Sea water that as too hot ring a bell?

Darn it, I forgot Trident, that’s another estimated £30 billion with £10 billion laid aside as a ‘just in case’ the prices rockets fund. Cheap as chips eh?
A losers weapon is Trident. It ensures only one thing.
Launch and everyone loses because of MAD (mutually assured destruction) aka TEOTWAWKI.

Approximately £50 billion will spent on capital projects PLUS buying a heap of useless F35 aircraft for many 100’s of millions on each one, all proving more unreliable than the Typhoon (which also spends a lot on time on axle stands)!

TPTB preferring to spend billions on large targets for the enemy to aim at.
Hell the enemy won’t even need precision guidance on something 280 x 70 meters!

It’s like Monopoly money to them politicians.
Some sort of supreme sick joke or game.

Only they just don’t get it do they. It’s boots that defend a country .
Grunts, personnel, blood and guts. They are needed to man their latest ‘BOYZ’ TOYS.

What TPTB are choosing to ignore is forces personnel are rushing to leave, to quit.
The reasons are many but the corrosive SDR, possible redundancy, no employer loyalty, poor care, bad accommodation for the guys and girls (let alone their families), crap ‘cheapest contract’ food, worn out ‘tools’ and lack of equipment, over deployment, poor pay, and being accused of crimes they didn’t commit, have sapped moral to crisis levels.

Thus the wise are leaving for better money with more job security, before they are pushed out or even jailed.

Anyway soon enough I can see being a member of the forces declared an outcast profession again. I foresee conscription coming back in an attempt to maintain numbers. Pressed men and women. That and criminals given the time old choice of jail or serving in the forces. Really works does that concept (NOT!).

Austerity, political correctness, multiculturalism, religious, gender, and racial tolerance, really sh1tty political leadership, and old world thinking that “battleship diplomacy” will save the us from destruction is going to kill us all.

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Ho hum, easy come, easy go.

That didn’t take long, and the house purchase collapses.
Sigh. A trust issue i.e. we didn’t like (and neither did our legal council) the whole way things were panning out. So, email sent, all over and done with, we move on.

As for the car?

It’s really looking forward to
the forthcoming trip(s).

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Ask The UK Police

There are three articles about ‘self defence’ on the UK Police Website.
The copyright rules prevent me from printing them out in full. I wonder why?
The links below are all active as of time of posting.

  1. Are there any legal self defence products that I can buy?
    I think you’ll be surprised at the wide range of equipment you can carry.
  2. What lengths can I go to, to protect myself and my home if an intruder breaks in?
    So we’re talking home invasion here.
  3. Can I use a Taser for self defence?
    Well, can you?
  4. What is the definition of an offensive weapon?
    I’ve included this so you’ll get an idea about what is defined as an ‘offensive weapon’.
    That’s something you might think of using to defend yourself.
    Think in broad terms, think expedient and everyday objects.
    Then open the link What is the definition of an offensive weapon?

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Poor advice is worse than no advice at all.

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