Tough Political Decision.

Basically damned if you do, damned if you don’t.
This event following the Grenfell Tower block disaster.

Politics in the UK’s capital has taken an interesting turn with a forced evacuation of FIVE London tower blocks over cladding safety fears.

That’s 800 homes, for officially up to four weeks, after a safety inspection by fire brigade.
That will probably turn out to be four to six months as nothing ever goes to plan where local government is involved.

Overkill, panic, or just being safety minded?
The political arguments will rage for a long time.
In the meantime this will enrage many of the residents and probably act as fuel for the more ‘feral’ and moronic anti government groups.

Summer in the big city is going to get REALLY interesting.

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Merkels New Song

She’s got the whole of the EU in her hand
She’s got the whole wide EU in her hand
She’s got her whole world in her hand

She’s got the new little bitty baby in her hand
The little bitty baby in her hand
So the whole of France is in her hand
She’s got her whole world in her hand


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The West’s leadership all ignore the threat of radical Islam.

A post written from reading an article in a blog named “For Common Ground”,

The West?
The leadership bit is right but in truth its Christianity and it’s ideology that ignores the threat of Islam.
That’s because Christianity is a forgiving, appeasement and cooperative religion.

Anyway this ‘ignoring the threat’ is not limited to the US.
All of the “Western philosophy” leadership of the world refuse to acknowledge the threat of radical Islam. That leadership, and in the main their indigenous population, all follow the religious and cultural policies of appeasement. Christian values.

Looking at the difference between the West’s ideology and (dare I say) the old Soviet Union mentality (communism via total control).

They both have/had a Christian element.
I think the ‘communists’ hit the nail on the head about the weakness of Christian values a while ago when they tried to eliminate it. They believing that total control through strength is what keeps people safe and ‘buoyant’. Bowing down to others and ‘turning the other cheek’ weakens the whole.

Where they went wrong was accepting the Wests lax, weak, ideology.
Once they did that the break up of the old USSR was inevitable.
Only the old ways die-hard and we see that in the Eu’s Eastern states resisting the Islamic invasion that the weaker Eu’s appeasement policies is trying to force upon them.
Strength is better to protect the whole than appeasement.

There is an old saying, the most committed win.
That’s probably why Islam will eventually win as the Wests leadership tries to not upset anyone by forcing their population to accept EVERYTHING in the vain hope that knowledge of the other will allay conflict. That’s pure 100% weakness.

On the other hand Islam is based on one base philosophy, their religion, is the only religion. The lesser element of “submission and obedience” being one and the same.
Thus they serve their religion above all others to the extent that if you don’t convert, you become an enemy to their religion.

And their teachings ‘seem to advocate’ violence towards unbelievers.
That’s a strength religion not one of appeasement.

If anything will beat radical Islam I find myself wondering if the necessary leadership will have to come from those Eastern European states.
Our current leadership, rule of law, and ideology (political or not) making them too weak to protect our population from the oncoming storm.

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EU say Sod off.

The standard of UK news reporting is beginning to emulate the US media in its hysteria.

BREAKING: Tusk and Juncker REJECT May’s EU migrants plan in bid to make Brexit impossible.

The President of France Emmanuel Macron and Chancellor Angela Merkel have made it clear they are the European Union’s new power couple as they threaten Theresa May over Brexit.

If true it makes Brexit easier NOT harder and definitely not impossible.
If they won’t negotiate on the critical stuff then there is no need to carry on this farce.
Just Hard Brexit and be done with it.
No money or trade agreements in place, start the deportations, and leave the phone ringing for a month or two before answering it.

Of course that would need someone with a large hairy pair of cojones.
Something Theresa May will never have physically, psychologically,  or metaphorically.

Where the hell are you!

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3 Million get to stay?

Weak, positively weak.
One of the huge problems in the UK is migrant workers flooding the job market.
Cheap labor, causing long-term unemployment for millions.
And no I don’t see a million on ‘zero hours contracts’ as being employed!
There is also welfare, healthcare, education even housing to consider.
All swamped by the sheer weight of numbers of foreign workers and their families.

It was one of the major factors that swung Brexit.
And now our “fearful of a fight” leader wants 3 million of someone else s problem to stay?

As for people who have moved to Europe to retire or work?
If they love it so much then they should have gained citizenship there.
They haven’t because of laziness, taxation, and the ‘fear’ of losing welfare some of them are still getting. I have non sympathy for them.

Then they are apparently due to start talking about how much WE OWE THEM!!! WTH.
Billions given to a failed experiment and we have to pay to leave?

Why doesn’t she just bend over and raise her skirts on behalf of the UK.
It’ll cut down on the foreplay and get the fk’ing over in half the time.


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Gain over Dollar Cost.

2014 the Cost of a Brimstone was  £105,000, and a Paveway IV £22,000

Typhoons flying as pairs, employed one Brimstone missile and four Paveway IVs to eliminate two machine-gun teams and three other Islamic State strong points.

That’s £298,000.

The next day, Tornado’s and Typhoons suppressed a Islamic State position in Raqqa, and struck six more positions in Mosul, again using a Brimstone and Paveway IV mix to deal with snipers and a machine-gun team.

I’ve got no idea what that particular jolly cost!
To that we’ll have to include the running of 4 military jets for two days.

I wonder what the gain was, you know, the result of all those $ and £’s going boom?

War today looks like it’s being treated like a computer game by the US and UK military.
I also reckon I know why BOTH our respective countries are running healthy overdrafts aka National debts?
It’s nothing to do with welfare or exchange rates or the price of biscuits.

I reckon it all boils down to ENDLESS WAR!

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NIMBY moaning

(NIMBY) Not In My Back Yard
The Government announced 68 social homes would be made available in ‘Up Market’ Kensington Row to families left homeless in the blaze that killed at least 79 people, and whoosh some of the stinking rich who live there have gone ballistic.

Not all of them mind but it is a sign of what will get worse over time.
It’s a clear indicator of the social and economic divide that exists within Sadiq Khan’s manor. Them who have everything, and them with little if anything.

No I’m not some communist, anarchist, hang the rich, type of person (sort of, as some deserve that BIG TIME) but having seen the wealthy at their VERY worse when on the streets of London, nothing has changed some 30 years on.

To me it’s simple.
The class division that still exists within ‘modern, culturally and religiously diverse’ Inner London never went away, it also shows the ignorance of the government to the social makeup of the population and the DEEP DIVIDE which will cause conflict as two different societies are forced to live in close proximity to each other.

Remember white flight? For some it never happened.
Money can insulate you against the worse of multicultural and religiously tolerance.
Only now ‘them who matter’ will be reevaluating their position and probably leave, taking their money with them.

Good, bad, who really gives a toss?
We will only know the effect after they have gone and who then fills in the void.
Or if the reaction of the few (snobs and pricks) with loads of money is sufficient to change political minds.

(Personally, I’m thinking that’s exactly what will happen).

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