UK Tick season is almost upon us.

A suggestion for Tick repellent for dogs (and their humans)
2 cups distilled white vinegar
1 cup water
20 drops of peppermint
Add to a spray bottle it repels ticks and fleas.

Only there is no information on how long it lasts, what strength the peppermint “source” should be, and everything (except water) can cause a reaction on dogs (and their humans) with sensitive skin.

Personally I’m not a fan of natural when I can get the real stuff i.e. CHEMICALS!


Let alone their humans.

So that would be DEET based insect repellents.
The other is Permethrin (crawling insect powder) liberally sprinkled on the dog’s human’s clothing after sealing up the gaps. Permethrin, as used in some military clothing for just that purpose.

As for the dog?
Permethrin can cause toxicity in smaller dogs and puppies.
BUT if you can get vet grade 10% strength permethrin, Dilute 1 part concentrate to 99 parts water (1.28 ounces per gallon) (0.05%). Using protective gloves (mitts), wet the animal by dipping or spraying. Reapply every 30 days, if necessary.

As stated, check with your vet first!

My bottom line?
Carry out a minimum of a twice daily check for the critters if you are working within a tick hazardous zone.

What to do if you find a tick?

That will leave the head parts embedded in your skin.

A recommended form of removal is to grip the tick with a pair of tweezers as close to the skin as possible and pull with a slow steady motion. Do not grip the tick around the abdomen as you risk squeezing any organisms within the parasite into your bloodstream. Nor is it advised to twist the tick the idea is to twist the jaws OUT.

The BEST WAY is to use a simple tick hook.
Obtainable from most veterinarian offices or eBay.


Incidently, I was reading this ‘interesting’ thought on tick removal.
“Don’t use a cigarette to burn the ticks off, it can cause them to ‘throw up’ onto your skin”. If true is does add another “health risk” of using cigarettes.
And finally “the use of alcohol dripped onto the tick can put them into ‘spasm’ “, which apparently is also bad if the jaws are locked tight.

To avoid ticks
Wear closed boots with long trousers tucked into your socks or gaiters.
Also be sure to spray your clothes, possessions and person with insect repellent . DEET is recommended, I also use Permethrin heavily rubbed into my lower clothing.

Once home, change out of your clothing and check yourself (or buddy up).
Ref: Why being shy may kill you
Remember it usually takes a few hours for a tick to lock on.

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NHS and Computers

On the back of the post about Google and them handling the data of 1.6 million UK patients came this ‘little revelation”.

Blackpool Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust published workers’ confidential data, date of birth and religious beliefs in 2014, ON THEIR WEBSITE!

It was not picked up for 10 months.
Then it took five more months to alert those who had been compromised.

After that, the only real question to ask is:-
“Does anyone trust the NHS idiots who control / program them”.

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Cameron, a question of decorum.

David Cameron REFUSES to apologise to Donald Trump for saying he was ‘divisive, stupid and wrong’ to claim Muslims should be banned from entering America.

So when Trump becomes President,
I wonder if Trump will be the bigger man and forgive Cameron for being a prat.
Personally I hope Trump just spits in Cameron’s eye!
And all of the other UK political a-holes who attacked him.

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A link to a BBC Article.

Eight men from London have been jailed for a phone scam that defrauded UK pensioners out of more than £1m. [Link]

What’s your thoughts?
Note:- Age restrictions are not enabled on this blog.
aka Watch your language.

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Google knows your ills.

How ‘F’ing stupid can the UK Government get!

A document obtained by New Scientist reveals that Google’s ‘Deep mind’ collaboration with the UK’s National Health Service goes far beyond what has been publicly announced.

The agreement gives DeepMind access to a wide range of healthcare data on the 1.6 million patients who pass through three London hospitals run by the Royal Free NHS Trust – Barnet, Chase Farm and the Royal Free – each year.

This will include information about people who are HIV-positive, for instance, as well as details of drug overdoses and abortions. The agreement also includes access to patient data from the last five years.

Just imagine if there was a data breach, the possibility of blackmail, insurance companies using that data against you when applying for policies, applying for employment and historical data available commercially (which could form the basis of an employment health black list) that bears no relevance to today being used against you.

I don’t care if everything is encrypted or GOOGLE crosses its heart and promises NEVER to let the ball slip, this amount of data, 1.6 MILLION people’s data, in the hands of a well-known US government stooge let alone an US corporate!

It’s a DIGITAL DISASTER just waiting to happen.

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Tor to trigger ‘Thought Police’ attention

I found this while browsing.
The U.S. Supreme Court on Thursday quietly approved a rule change (due December) that would allow a federal magistrate judge to issue a search and seizure warrant for any target using anonymity software like Tor to browse the internet. The FBI would then be able to search computers remotely—even if the bureau doesn’t know where that computer is located—if a user has anonymity software installed on it.

[The link to the blog site is here].
[The link to the relevant pdf is here.]

Does that mean the FBI have the right to access my computer in sunny Old Blighty?
I’m not up to speed with legal-speak so would someone with brains explain it to me.
Cause it if does mean that, boy am I going to have fun leaving little coded messages on my PC!

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Brexit will affect the whole world!

A British vote to leave the European Union could put 250 billion pounds of trade at risk, both with EU members and with the more than 50 countries that have free-trade agreements with the EU, campaigners to remain said on Tuesday. (Reuters)

I do love that word ‘COULD’.
It makes the improbable sound ridiculous especially as the “Lets stay in the failing European Union” struggle for anything intelligent to say.

So let’s think about this. A BREXIT occurs.

50 countries outside the EU, let alone the EU  will lose 250 billion GBP.
Except that’s not quite the case.
The UK would continue to buy everything it did before BREXIT. Well sort of.

Let’s “WHAT IF” Europe went all silly and refuse to trade with the UK.
OK, now we’ve got figures about that, about 35.2 billion in Feb 2016 from the EU.
Extending that figure to a full year is That’s 422.4 billion the EU will lose by not trading with us. I wonder, just how long they would want that to continue?
Only I’ve just noticed something, 422.4 billion is more than the ‘stay in fools’ have quoted EVERYONE LOSING.

As for the rest of the world? i.e. non EU imports, again, we have figures.
Non-EU Imports for February 2016 were £12.9 billion.
12.9 billion over a year equals 154.8 billion.

Except that would go up if the EU failed to trade with the UK.
So non-EU suppliers would be looking to gain by a BREXIT.
Only now the UK can set their own prices for buying stuff.

BUT the whole world won’t have EU STYLE trade agreements with the UK only something called World Trade Organisation rules. So does that mean they can charge more or less for their goods? Or would the EU further shoot themselves in the foot by not trading with anyone who supplies the UK?

What we have here is potentially a “nothing gets imported into the UK ” figure of 577.2 billion.

And the fools of the “Lets stay in the EU because we’re stupid” (Government Approved) party think the world will sit back for around 10 years and do nothing about those losses?


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