The Triangle Of Survival

No matter what disaster or “event” happens, 
you’ll be faced with two basic decisions.
Stay or Go.
In both cases you’ll need to attend to the basics of life. 
The famed Triangle of Survival.

That’s fine for the purists. 
It’ll keep you alive for a bit, yet it’s brevity is it’s downfall.
It’s just not comprehensive enough for long term survival.
My little gizmo addresses all my needs though.

Right, I know what you’re thinking,
What the heck is all that?

  1. Shelter. Very straight forward. Without it you will surely perish.
  2. Fire. You need that to purify and heat water, keep warm, and cook.
  3. Water. 3 days without a drink and you’re in serious trouble.
  4. Red Cross. Stands for:
    • Personal Hygiene. Keep clean and bug free including your attire.
    • First aid. Address even the most minor of issues.Medicines.
    • Common cures and prescribed drugs.
  5. Toilet Roll. You work it out! 
  6. Pistol. Self Defense.
  7. Fast Food. Well food anyway. The fast denotes hot, quick, and easy.
  8. Sleeping Bag. You’ve got to sleep safe, snug, and comfortable.
  9. Rucksack. For the 101 things you need to “carry” or have.
  10. Radio. To communicate is vital to find resources, to get help.
  11. Money. Or equivalent. Nothing is free.
  12. KFS, Bowl, & Mug. I’m not in to finger food, are you?
  13. Traps. There will come a time when the shops have no food.
  14. Wheels. No matter what, you’ll need some sort of transport.
  15. Fuel. No fuel, no heat, no pure water, no cooking, washing, transport. 
  16. Clothing. No, not shown, more about that later.
Just a bit more comprehensive than the Triangle of Survival.
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