Rules of Survival #1 Get out of the weather.

What’s weather?
Too Windy, Wet, Hot, or Cold. 
Individually or a mixture. It don’t matter.

You need somewhere sheltered to control your climate, be safe, able to live, and to get sleep.

I like man made structures myself and will force entry rather than sit outside in a canvas tent, a simple tarpaulin, or worse still a bedroll.

Besides most man made structures are built to keep the bad stuff out and you erecting a smaller shelter inside say a warehouse will allow you control your immediate environment with less fuel.

Get the idea?

The thing you are aiming for is to keep things manageable.

Too large? Difficult to heat.
Too small? Difficult to live in.

There is of course the minor problem of gaining access and security, but no-one said life was easy.

You may have noticed a preference list creeping in here. 

I always look for shelter in this order:

1. Man made Structure (Empty Dwelling or Warehouse)
2. Natural Structure (Cave) 

I will always raise my own shelter in these.

3. Tent

4. Temporary Shelter i.e. Tarpaulin / Basha
5. Bed Roll

What ever I end up in I’ll always put loads of insulation beneath me.

If I’m outside, I’ll gather natural materials like ferns, dry leaves, etc. A good 12 inches (30 cm) compressed layer.
Then I give it a good shake of the permethrin bottle, cover with a ground tarpaulin, and stick my bed on top.

Indoors, I’m looking for cardboard or layers of anything SYNTHETIC i.e. foam. 
Always conscious of bugs, that also gets a dousing in permethrin and covered with my ground tarpaulin.

Why permethrin? 
Every survivalist should carry this.
It’s not toxic, keeps crawlies off your fabric, it’s cheap, and easy to use. 

Vehicles (Vans not cars).
Why not just stay in one of them? 
Unless it’s built for it i.e. a caravanette or motor home, they have little insulation and poor ventilation. 

That in itself isn’t a problem when warm but condensation will be in colder times even if you can fit a small pop up tent in the back. 

Keeping warm will also mean running the engine or fitting some sort of heater or stove. 

Unless this is correctly fitted and externally flued, you run the risk of Carbon Monoxide poisoning.
It’s no good surviving something if you then go and gas yourself when trying to keep warm.

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