Stay or Go

I don’t advocate leaving your home voluntarily 

Common sense says that 
you should plan for the worst.

Some reasons for leaving your home are:-

  • Your personal safety is threatened.
  • A natural disaster forces you out.
  • You’ve no food, water, sanitation, or heat.
  • The Rule of Law collapses. (Riots, Looting)
  • You are ordered to leave.(Eviction, Evacuation)

You should give the decision to leave a lot of thought even if you are ordered to leave. 

Consider that if you leave, your home will probably be invaded by looters. 
Everything you left will either be stolen or destroyed.

You could even return to a burnt out shell.

Don’t forget if you haven’t got anywhere safe to go to (or a means to travel), your self protection will be down to you and outside your home there’s precious little protection.

There is also two other problems.
What you’ll take with you, and how long you’ll be away.

Talking about this is important as you need to plan.

Preppers and survivalists all talk of a taking a single bag with sufficient kit to survive for 3 days. Why 3 days? 
The official rationale is that the emergency services “usually” take no longer than 3 days to reach you.

Consider this though.
When Sheffield got flooded in 2007, help was present the whole time BUT people were still living in caravans a year after the event. Some lost everything.

It’s a good idea to have a “grab” bag with the essentials in and each person will need their own. 
It’s not just a stash away and forget about thing though. 
It will need to be maintained.
You should also practise both day and night the process of evacuation. 
Your target should be 30 minutes.

There is much debate on the contents of this bag.
This “BOB, PERK, or GOOD” bag (got to love those acronyms)  is detailed in WIKI and FEMA who list the contents they consider important. 
The old DirectGov site listed one.

Things you can do to be prepared for this possibility are to:

  • put together a grab bag of essential items you might need in an emergency – eg spare cash, warm clothes, food and water
  • if you have a car, keep it well maintained and keep bottled water and blankets in the boot

Comprehensive wasn’t it?

Anyway that site has been replaced by Gov.UK, and try as I can. I can’t find ANY reference to a B.O.B.
I’ll list my bag on the next post. 
It’s not perfect, and the Internet is full of experts to advise you.

Remember though in an emergency, you may have to carry it by hand so KEEP THE WEIGHT DOWN.

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  1. Although the national government seems to have no information on BOBs it seems that Boris does! The Greater London Authority has this to say: They even mention pets.

    • Unfortunately Dear Boris probably has no practical experience in survival much like the government has. For proper advice may I humbly suggest you download a copy of the updated SAS survival guide or the DOOM guide. Both are free, both good reading.

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