Bug Out Bag (B.O.B.)

The item count will look daunting BUT remember you can pick and chose what you want to take.
You also don’t need to buy everything in one go.
You’re going to find that you’ve got most of the items anyway.

Your first purchase has got to be a bag to carry in all in.
The easiest thing to use is a rucksack.

Not because it’s cool or macho, it’s just easier to carry a load on your shoulders keeping your hands free.
Having said that, there aren’t any rules here.
You can use a roller bag, that’s OK.
For the disabled, old, or very young it’s easier. 

Colour Code Optional , UK Legal, Restricted Carry, Illegal Items

1 Tent With Sewn in Ground Sheet (Car Load)
1 Tarpaulin (Preferably Coated PU with eyelets)
3 meters x 5 meters
1 Groundsheet 2 meters x 3 meters
30 meters of Nylon Cordage (Para Cord)
1 Sleeping Bag,
2 each liners & pillow cases
1 Boot Bag, Brush, and Polish
Shaker Bottle of Permethrin

Fire Starting
1 Bic Gas Lighter
1 Zippo lighter, Spare flints & wick
1 Ferrocerium Stick (aka fire steel, metal match)
1 Box Strike anywhere Wax dipped matches
12 Cotton Wool balls (in straws)
12 Fine Wire Wool (in straws)
1 Vaseline “Lip sized” Tin

1 Billy can should contain a simple pan.
1 Spirit Stove (Altoids Tin)
1 Collapsible Pot Stand
1 Fuel Bottle with denatured Alcohol
2 Army style Can openers
1 Knife, Fork, and Spoon Set
1 Cereal Bowl Plastic or Stainless Steel
1 Mug
1 Canvas Washing Bowl
1 Tea towel
1 Scourer
1 travel bottle of washing liquid.

Basic Food Stuff
Many Salt, pepper, sugar, creamer Wraps
Many OXO Cubes
4 Soya Meals
6 Soup Powder (Cup-a- Soup)
2 kg Rice

Water Purification
1 Eye dropper bottle with tincture of iodine 2.4%
1 Eye dropper bottle plain thin bleach 5.0%
1 Packet Water Purification Tablets
1 Decorators plastic Sheet
2 Two liter Water bottles
1 Filter Kit
2 pairs ladies ankle “tights”

Foul Weather and PPE
1 Waterproof Cape or poncho ( Rip Stop)
1 Waterproof leggings
1 Waterproof Gaiters or Puttees
1 Pair Safety Glasses
6 Foam Ear Plugs
3 Folding FFP3 Masks
1 Pair Simple Overalls
1 Square Cotton Scarf
1 Heavy Rubber dipped working gloves

First Aid Kit
Wear Glasses? Carry a spare set.
2 each Bandages 75 mm and 50 mm
12 Assorted Safety pins
12 of Sterile Gauze Squares
1 Box Assorted Plasters
1 Elastic Bandage 75mm
12 Medical inspection Gloves
1 Each Micropore and
Zinc Oxide Tape
1 Plastic Sheet 30 x 30 cm
2 Quikclot Sachets
1 Set of Steri-strips
4 Sachets Wound Wash
1 Bottle No water Hand Wash (Alcohol)
2 Sachets Sterile Water (eye wash)
12 Salt Wraps
12 Sugar wraps
1 Scalpel
12 various blades
1 Scissors
1 Tweezers Pointed
1 Tweezers Dressing
1 Magnifying Glass
1 Artery Forceps straight
1 Artery Forceps curved
1 Set Tick Hooks
1 AA / AAA Bright Torch
1 Wind up or solar Radio

Sewing Kit
Sewing, Canvas, and Darning Needles
Needle threaders
Small Scissors
Sewing Thread Card Black, White, Blue
Drab Wool skein
Large Buttons
Candle End
20kg plain mono-filament fishing line (Note already in Tools)
DUCT Tape (For invisible repairs)

Woolly Watch Cap
Floppy Hat
Woollen Gloves
Woollen Mittens
Waterproof Over mittens
Scarf (aka Shemagh)
Hooded Coat (Waterproof and Breathable)
Body Warmer
1 Hooded fleece
3 Fleeced shirts (long sleeved)
3 Tee Shirts
3 Pairs Pants / Knickers
3 Vest / sports bra
6 pair soft long Thermal cotton rich socks
2 pairs Thick Bed Socks
1 Pair Jogging Pants
1 Pair Work Trousers
1 Heavy Webbing Belt
1 Pair light footwear i.e. Moccasins or slippers
1 Pair Work Boots
2 Pairs Boot Laces

Personal Hygiene
2 Hand Towels
1 Soap bag containing
1 Face Flannel
1 Nail Brush
1 Soap Dish and plain soap
2 Tooth Brushes
1 Tooth Paste or Bicarbonate of Soda
1 Travel Shampoo
1 Metal Mirror
1 Razor
1 Packet of Razor Blades
1 Folding Hair Brush
1 Carton of ear buds
1 Set Blunt Tweezers
1 Pair Nail Cutters
1 Tin anti-fungal foot powder
1 Shaker bottle of 0.5% Permethrin
1 Collapsible Washing Bowl (Canvas)

Dog Kit.
Dog Food
Canvas drinking Bowl
Dog Dish
Spare Collar
Inoculation Certificates
Any special medications
Flea & Tick Treatments (Frontline)

Toilet Bag
1 Red bag holding
1 Roll Sandwich bags with ties or 30cm Square Zip-lock Bags
2 PACKETS of toilet Paper
1 Packet of Wet Wipes
1 Bottle No water Hand Wash (Alcohol)

Drugs List
Your prescription medications (28 days)
Any medical appliances
Carry a copy or spare doctors prescription script
Your treatment Book,
NHS Card or E111,
National Insurance Number
12 Imodium Capsules (loperamide hydrochloride)
Flu Treatment (LemSips)
Decongestants ( phenylephrine hydrochloride)
Anhydrous Caffeine Tabs (ProPlus)
Vitamin C Soluble Tablets
Oral Re-hydration powder
Electrolytes Powder
2 x 5 cc (5 ml),  Sterile Hypodermic Syringe
6 Hypo Needles IM 1 – 1 1/2 inch # 20/22 G
6 Hypo Needles SC 1/2 – 5/8 inch # 25/30 G

Mobile Phone
Solar Charger or car charger
CB Radio (Handheld)
Car Kit
Phone card
£5 in phone coin

2 Walking Sticks (Wood or Metal)
Spare power bands

Take Down Bow and Arrows
Crossbow Bolts
Broad head Tips
Spare Strings & consumables
Air Gun
Spare Seals
Lube Kit
Cleaning Kit
Air Gun Pellets

Cleaning Kit,
Spare firing pin
Spare Magazines
Licenses (if Applicable) (Photocopy)

Kukri and Sharpening Stone
Lock Knife
Dumpy claw hammer
Multi-tool (With Lockable Tools)
2 Plastic Door Wedges
2 Reels Duct Tape
2 Solar LED Torches
6 Snares (Brass )
Fishing Line (100 meters / 20 kg)
Assorted Fishing Hooks (6) Carp, (6) Triples
6 Arrow Heads (DIY)
1″ Split Rings (Key Rings)
Lock Pick Set

Warded lock bypass keys
Shove-it Tool
Unfolded Coke Can Padlock Shims
Heavy Paper clips,
1 meter of Plastic Box strapping
1 Auto-punch
6 100 mm wire Nails

Finances and Documentation
Money, as much as you can.
Plastic Cards (Photocopy as well)
Precious Metals (Optional)
Passport (Photocopy)
Birth Certificate (Photocopy)
Marriage Certificate (Photocopy)
Photo Driving License Pt 1&2 (Photocopy)
All Insurance Cover Notes (Photocopy)
P60, P45, Tax Reference (Photocopy)
National Insurance Number (Photocopy)
Current Utility Bill (Photocopy)
Current Council Tax Bill (Photocopy)
Address Book with Account numbers, and Insurance Details

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