It’s very hard to know what to store and for how long.
The prepper in me would like to think I can last 6 months at least because I’m guessing that any mess would have been cleared up by then.
The survivalist in me takes over then and says ” What if it never ‘gets fixed’ “?

Basically speaking Supplies fall into the following categories.

  1. Water
  2. Fuel
  3. Food
  4. Medical

 Water is an ongoing thing. The search for it where we live isn’t too hard as there are loads of sources round me. Storage is a problem though but I’ve got 2 bulk containers leaving me to process small amounts for daily use i.e. a gallon a day (approx 4 liters).
Plus we have large polythene sheets for rain collection.

Fuel is an important issue.
Take heating. I’ve got a multi fuel stove so if it’s carbon based, I can burn it.
Central heating is oil driven (electrically controlled). So I need heating oil and fuel for the generator.
The generator is two stroke so I need two stroke oil as well.
Car, Diesel.
We cook electric. Problem if mains fails as the generator isn’t man enough to run the cooker.
Good job we have the stove.
Water needs purifying. Ultimately I’ll have to boil it and that takes fuel.

To put it bluntly, what I can’t buy I’ll “acquire”. I’ve equipped with siphon tubes for liquid fuel.
That’s it. Siphon, crowbar, bolt cutters, hacksaw, hammer.

I can shoot and trap so meat isn’t a problem (I hope).
As for staples. I’ve struggled to find  a definitive list.
The wife keeps a food diary but that only goes so far.
It’s been running for a year so we’re just about ready to write out our yearly consumption thus our food requirements.
What I have done so far is compare that with various references and drawn up this list.

It’s no where as comprehensive as the LDS experts use but it’ll keep us going.
There are a couple of oddities as I’m sure you’ll see but scaling things upwards a month at a time is difficult so after a while. I gave up trying to second guess things and finally went with the flow.

Apart from some dried stuff, vegetables aren’t included. I grow my own basics like onions, tomatoes, green beans, spuds, leeks. Not exactly enough to last out indefinitely but that can be scaled up if required and the lack of vitamins is covered by “pills” if all else fails.

Apart from the prescription drugs (a years standby), 
common remedies make up the rest of our cupboard storage.

Usage Item Qty Package
Pain Aspirin 120 Each

Paracetamol 120 Each

Ibuprofen 120 Each

Co-Codomol 120 Each
Colds Flu Cures 6 Packets

Decongestant 6 Packets

Sinus Spray 2 Packets
Eyes Eye Wash 300ml Bottles

Golden Eye 2 Tubes

Spare Glasses 2 Each
Hands Vaseline Hand Care 2 Tubes
Feet Anti Fungal Powder 2 Tins

Baby Lotion 2 Bottles

Pumice Stone 1 Each
Digestive Imodium 4 Packets

Ex-lax 4 Packets

Re-hydration Salts 6 Packets
Teeth Clove Oil 1 Bottles

Tooth repair Kit 1 Each
Dog Flea Treatment 4 Sachets

Medicated Shampoo 2 Bottles
Insects Fly Spray 4 Cans

Permethrin XX See Food

Not a lot there really.
I’m more relying on my ability to forage as I’ll only use my stores as a last resort.

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