To Take Or Not To Take

When or even would you take aid if it was offered to you?

An event has happened, you’ve coped really well, no problems for you, total vindication in your prepping plans a complete and utter success.
Yippee even!!!!!!!!!!

Sat at home, warm, snug, loads of supplies, even got some cash, and there’s a knock on the door.
Totally above board, no con, genuine, no tricks.
Some government type says “I’ve got food parcels, fuel if you want it, and shelter if you need it.”

Apart from the chances of this happening being less than ZERO,
if it did would you take what’s offered or smugly sit there content with your own prepping?

After all wouldn’t there be someone more “deserving” or needy than you?

Thinking purely gray man persona (which has become almost a mantra among the prepping and survivalist world) telling someone handing out supplies that you have enough, on a special diet, it’s Lent, or some other reason NOT to take supplies has just drawn attention to themselves.

On the other hand, demanding more, pleading openly because of a special need, raving about inequality, in the open, loudly, just goes to reinforce your sheeple persona. Thus you become one of many not a man apart.

It’s much like helping others with supplies or taking a waif or stray in. You help, you obviously have an excess.
The other more worrying interpretation of your actions is that you come across as weak.
Compassion in an urban environment especially inner cities is often taken as weakness just as saying sorry is, politeness, and kindness.

If you are seen to be acting morally and compassionately by the wrong person or someone repeats what they saw in the wrong place, you become the local 7-11 to be raided, looted, or invaded.

Thus being an out and out bastard in a survival situation is probably the best persona of all.

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