Thoughts on Rioting

Rioting will happen in the UK again. It’s inevitable.
So here is some basic thoughts on self-protection.

Forget being a hero.
Who will look after your family if you are maimed or killed?
Worried about your property? It can be replaced, you and your own can’t.

Stay calm and keep your emotions in check.
It’s impossible to think clearly if you are angry, emotional, or just scared.

Gather Intelligence any way you can.
Most riots and demonstrations don’t just happen.
There is a build up to them, a reason.
Listen to broadcast radio and TV, loudspeakers, here-say, pub talk, rumours, posters, social media, PMR, CB, ham radio equipment, all intelligence is worth collecting.

Don’t Go to Places You Know Are Going to Be Trouble.
Obviously unless you are going to take part in a rally or demonstration, keep away. It could be a seemingly peaceful event that gets hijacked by professional agitators or disrupted by heavy-handed police action.

Get Inside.
When it all kicks off, you need to get inside, BUT you need to plan.
Keep doors and windows closed and locked.
Assume and plan for forced entry and broken windows.
Equip for home invasion and arson.
If your building is targeted and entered, escape and evade.
If you can hide all your valuables as most home insurances have a little clause inside that means the maggots won’t pay out in the case of civil unrest.
Treat it as a bug out BUT understand if you go into the open with a BOB on your back, you are so very vulnerable.

If caught outside, stay away from areas where people are gathering.
Out shopping, coming out of a dentist? Common enough things yet you may go onto the streets to find them packed with people.
A lot of the time the police are at fault as the may suddenly route a demonstration due to a developing situation.
Keep away from walls, fences or barricades, and anywhere where people are bottle-necked.
Avoid public transport, escalators, lifts, and elevated walkways or bridges.
Never enter an area without having at least two exits planned.

The chances are your mobile and other media will fail.
The UK police are going to great lengths to get the communications infrastructure turned off at times of crisis. If you haven’t sorted out hand-held communications, do so now. Make sure all your family know how to use them. There is a danger though. If the police see you talking on a radio, they could seize that radio. If rioters see it, you could be taken as a police informer. ALWAYS THINK COVERT.
Your ability to talk to your family is vital as on the streets you will be able to track possible trouble and they at home will be able to keep tabs on you.

If you get caught up in a riot.
I’m talking a situation where you aren’t involved but a riot invades the area you are in.
You should have a COVERTLY CARRIED EDC if a demonstration is due to happen in your town / city.
It should carry at an absolute minimum:-
Safety glasses, ear plugs, and face masks.
A pair of tight-fitting swimming goggles.
Handheld communications
Cash to get you home, water, energy foods.
CS gas antidote (5% Bicarbonate of soda in water in an eye wash bottle), basic first aid kit, and a space blanket.

Women should wear Pads not tampons in case of injury or incarceration.
This eliminates the danger of toxic shock syndrome.

If you are asthmatic, your inhaler and prescription medicines.
Note:- Tell your companions if you have health problem (especially breathing problems).

Think GRAY MAN persona PLUS wear a bump hat.
Try to blend in but do not wear clothing that could be interpreted as military or police wear.
Wear clothes that minimize the amount of exposed skin.
Wearing a shemagh to cover your face in an emergency may be a good idea BUT it sort of labels you a rioter.
COVERTLY wear shin and knee protection and dress in stout clothing and footwear.

Being caught in a car or vehicle in a riot is potentially dangerous.
Understand that your vehicle may be destroyed.
Have NO personal stuff in the car especially your name or address.
No valuables on show like GPS, phone clips, etc.
If you’re caught up in a car, stay calm.
If you can safely drive or back away, do so.
Calmly, no horn, gently, don’t draw attention to yourself.
Be careful not to push through a crowd.
Don’t drive towards police lines.
Don’t stop the car though.
Keep doors and windows closed.
If you are forced to stop, put the car between you and the rioters.
Disembark, lock up, and walk away, apparently empty-handed.
As for the car? You can replace that, you can’t replace you.

Caught up in Riot
Survey the area and decide at least 2 emergency exits
Stay on the sidelines and back away slowly.
Always stay close to your escape route.

Walk, never run.
Don’t walk against the crowd, walk in the same direction but follow a diagonal path between pockets of people towards your chosen exit.
Keep moving away from the riot.
Travel in a group if possible. A lone person is vulnerable.

Watch your footing.
Make yourself aware of the ground you are standing on.
Stay away from barriers, fences, stairs, or walls, in case a crush happens.
Don’t hang onto lamp posts, if the crowd is sweeping you along, walk with it. YOUR PRIORITY IS TO KEEP YOUR FEET.
Once you are on the ground, your chances of survival have reduced dramatically. If downed, curl up in a ball and protect your head.

When in doubt, join in.
Cover your face though. CCTV and police Intel gathering may use your face to prosecute you even if you’ve done nothing wrong.
Avoid confrontation with everyone.
If everyone is yelling, yell too.
Just don’t get involved with violence or looting.
Remember if you stand alone, you may become regarded as a police informer especially if you start to use a radio or look “equipped”.

Don’t try to get arrested though.
The police will happily prosecute you and you don’t want jail time for doing nothing.

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