Christmas Shopping, only at Aldi, and I came back with a blister on my heel.
Daft thing to happen but there you go. The hazards of supermarkets.
Here’s what I do when I get a REALLY bad blister. 
Don’t open blisters i.e. cut it.

 Even with a hypodermic needle, you’ll drain it, walk on it, and it’ll fill up again.
I use a technique I read on the Internet which works a treat.

You need:-
adhesive tape
Alcohol for swabbing (isopropyl) or surgical spirit
Sewing needle
Dressing Scissors
Sterilized thread (Best to use a synthetic thread like polyester).
Sterile gauze squares

Tooth pick or match stick with head removed.

Sterilizing, the easy way.
Wash your hands. 
Pop a length of thread in the kettle wound round a needle and a CLEAN tooth pick and boil it.
Fish the thread out (Not with your fingers) and let it stand to cool using the rest of the water for important things i.e. making a cup of tea.
Wash your hands again, and thread the needle. 
You only need 3-4 inches of thread.

Push the needle and thread through the blister after cleaning the blister with alcohol.
Remove the needle leaving the thread sticking out of each end and cover it with a gauze pad. 
The blister drains slowly but gently. So clean socks on, slippers, and hobble round a bit. I normally leave it over night but no longer though.
Once drained, a good swab with alcohol finishes the job and you can gently pull out the thread. 
New gauze pad and on me it heals really quickly. 
No raw skin to worry about.

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