Dealing with gangs

Firstly and obviously, your Gray Man persona and your street awareness drills “should” keep you out of harms way.
Remember it’s better to be a live coward than a dead hero.
The problem is it might not be enough.

The Gray Man persona also can bring out the worst in adversaries who think you are a wimp, a coward, or just plain weak.
Once a gang notices you, there may be little choice but to react to their attention.

The standard make up of any gang is a leader, normally the loud mouth (but watch for the quiet one in the background whispering orders), one or two subordinates, and the hangers on.

The UK problem children called CHAV’s. (Council Housed and Violent)
These are pack animals, unintelligent, no honor, or respect for others.
Truly feral and highly dangerous.
Fight one CHAV and all of the group will join in.
Whatever you do with CHAV’s, you must be brutally aggressive causing the maximum damage in the minimum at time.

ANY aggression calls for a degree of fitness and agility and you should seek training before being put in a position where you have to ATTACK.

Put the leader of the group or gang down first
move onto the subordinates.
PHYSICALLY advance on them and put them down too.
Once you have done that, make eye contact with each person left promise them harm and advance towards each of them.
If anyone reacts, attack.
You need to make everyone fear you more than their esteemed leader and immediate subordinates so, by initially acting violently and systematically, it normally makes the hangers on fade away.

Whilst you are dealing with the subordinates, keep an eye on the downed leader.
If they try to get up, attack them again.
It declares you are SOMEONE TO FEAR.
Even if dealing with one person, also act decisively.
Forget fancy THINK EFFECTIVE and the most positive result you can hope for is that they are QUICKLY incapacitated and you can walk away unscathed.

Some Thoughts on attack.

  • Heel of Hand to the CHIN:- Acts like whip lash if done hard, it disorientates and stuns
  • Stick Attack to the KNEES:- If they cannot stand or walk, they can’t pursue you.
  • Slap both EARS:- If they cannot balance or think, they cannot respond effectively.
  • Kick or Knee the BALLS:- If they can’t breed after that, It’s no great loss to humanity.
  • Gouge their EYES:- If they can’t see, you can escape.
  • Strike the THROAT:- If they can’t breathe, they can’t attack

Why the deepening Red?
Eyes are irreplaceable, Asphyxiation could cause death

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