Situational Awareness

It is a mindset that requires you to think as opposed to wander through life in a semi dreamlike state.

A true proponent of the Gray Man Persona is very situational aware.
They have to be as it’s too easy to let your own personality “leak out”.
When it does, in nearly every case there is a subsequent loss of PERSEC.

Something the experts call Situational Awareness.

Day Dreamer
Not concentrating in anything. A muggers dream.
Basically unaware of your surroundings, on automatic pilot.
You arrive at your destination but can’t actually remember the trip.
Regular activities induce this state like going to and from work, walking the dog, picking up the newspaper.
Probably the same time, same day, week by week. Routine things.
This is the most dangerous state of mind to be in.
You are a victim in waiting.

What you should be all the time.
It may not be a dangerous situation or location.
For example, the rush hour or shopping.
If you are working face to face with the public, you need to be in this frame of mind all the time.
You should be constantly evaluating what’s going on.
This is the minimum state to be in all the time.

Location aware.
You could be in a location of known or potential danger.
Saturday night down town, away from your usual “turf”.
Out for a meal or at a club, using the subway or public transport, on foot.
A state of heightened alert where everything you see, hear, smell or even feel is evaluated.
Trust your intuition, trust your gut, both notice the subtle signs of danger that a thinker might miss.

High alert,
There are obvious dangers and developing situations.
This could be high-speed traffic, fast-moving people, the time of day, or bad weather.
Pub & club turning out time, football match crowds, etc.
There could be a bar fight, civil unrest, demonstrations.
Rapid situational evaluation is required.
What is the danger, where are your escape routes, what procedures do you adopt?

The situation has happened suddenly,
You’re in it before you know what is happening.
Too late to think, you fall back onto your training and your contact drills.
This is when you find out if your escape and evasion training work.
It’s also the strongest case for planning EVERY journey.
Working out safe routes, safe locations (24/7 shops), location of emergency services and taxis, phones, routes with CCTV.

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