The truth and nothing like the truth

What’s true, what you’re told or what you think you know?

I’m never sure what to believe yet I spend quite a long time each day going through the worlds newspapers and the Internet, reading what they are saying about the UK and then trying to decode it. 

Apart from a few fact based disaster alert sites like:-
RSOE – Emergency and Disaster Information Service.  
It’s darn hard to work out what’s what.

Then I got to thinking, most people read the media and most think what they are reading or hearing is the truth and not a reprint of some government department B.S. A lot of really useful stuff never hits the public domain because of government or judicial censorship.  
The humble sheeple may believe the lies and not see the grand picture but I’m pretty confident that the two to three thousand preppers and survivalists in the UK are like me and treat everything with suspicion.

Regarding that B.S.
Why do they lie and manipulate statistics? What’s their end game?
Is it to make themselves out to be better than they are OR are they trying to protect you from the truth?  

Even then, what’s the truth?
Is it what you need to know or what they want you to know? 

I try to take a balanced view on things but prepping to a timetable, assembling stores, and making plans is difficult when you cannot easily assess the general situation.

Thus what I end up doing may be purely reactive which brings it’s own dangers.
What if you make the wrong decision due to incomplete or inaccurate Intel? 
Stay when you should run, run when you should stay? 
Also what if you dither reacting too slowly or, what if you go too soon?

“Forewarned is forearmed” so to speak but for me that means hours of reading.

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