Home Invasion

These scum bags work more in waking hours and weekends when homes are occupied. Ordinarily you would have been the subject of surveillance but if the Rule Of Law has collapsed you may ‘get a visit’ at any time day or night.

They rarely work alone and rely on a massive show of force and violence to quickly gain control and instil fear in you. The greatest violence usually occurs during the initial sixty seconds and they often come prepared with weapons and restraints

The most common point of attack is the front door but don’t forget the back or patio doors and any integral garage doors. Sometimes they simply kick open a door or just knock politely.

When the door bell rings or you hear a knock your natural inclination is to answer the door.
You open the door, they force their way in.
Never let children answer the door for this reason.
An assailant has gained instant control over you as they hold your child.

Glass and Plastic are your enemies.
UVPVC solid panels aren’t! A hefty kick and the bottom panel will usually fall back into the house.
Change external doors (including the integral garage) to metal skinned doors set in solid frames with strong locks, reinforced strike plates, and
substantial door chains or equivalent. Fit peep holes rather than those with glass panels.

Half or multi-panel glazed external doors are a HUGE liability.
Personally I’d get rid of them but if you can’t, they need to be fitted with secondary locks or bolts, ballistic glass and anti lift / jemmy devices.

If you cannot do this, fit security gates to all external access points.

Ground floor windows need to be lockable with ballistic glass or at least have decorative grills fitted.

Don’t forget, it’s no good having locks fitted if you don’t use them!

Fit a good porch light above main and secondary access points.
Fit a highly visible CCTV camera above access points (even if it is only a dummy).
Display signs stating “No identification, No Entry”.

Consider building a safe (hardened) internal room.
Fit it with hardened doors and good multiple slam locks and bolts.
Make sure that there is a charged mobile phone in the room and a panic switch to trigger LOUD internal and external sounders.

General Security (SOP) Standard Operating Policys.

  • GET A DOG!
  • Lock all access points EVEN IF YOU ARE AT HOME.
  • That includes doors, gates, integral garages, and windows.
  • If you have an alarm USE IT and set external zones when you are indoors.
  • Fit a panic button at ALL access points hooked up to internal and external sound bombs and to an emergency monitoring service.

NEVER open a door without the chain on
or the outer security gate closed and locked.

Going out to put rubbish in the garbage bin or do anything outside your domicile?
SOP demands that you check for the presence of intruders before exiting the building. Lock the door on exit. Ideally, get someone to let you out and lock the door behind you. They should only let you back in if they can see it is safe. If they cannot confirm it is safe, a simple DURESS word or phrase should be used.

Identity Checks or deliveries SOP
Most transactions can be carried out through a locked door or from behind a security gate when receiving goods and mail.
Very few people need casual access to your home. Meter readers is one that comes to mind BUT you should KNOW when they are due.
If any caller needs access (i.e. meter reading), they won’t mind producing ID and waiting whilst you check that it is valid.

Detailed thoughts on ID’s
CAUTION, if an ID is in a pouch or wallet, get them to take it out and pass it to you.
Check it thoroughly as it could just be a photocopy.
Even if it is laminated, check spelling, ask questions on how to spell their name, employees number, etc.
Now close the door and phone the firm concerned and check all is good. Why?
They could have stolen the card. Criminals also use phony Id’s with mobile or disconnected telephone numbers printed on them.
If you phone and get a message like “Our staff are all engaged, please call later” or permanently engaged, or unattainable. This should ring alarm bells.
If you cannot prove an I.D is valid, the rule is simple. Tell them that you cannot validate their ID so they will have to get their office to make an appointment.

So what if a home invasion occurs?
The person at the door needs to scream, shout, yell, anything to alert the rest of the household and obstruct the invaders for as long as they can.
The other peoples task is to get into safe refuges and lock the doors.
If you have a two floor property, try and set up a ground and first floor safe room.

It needs to be hardened with at least a solid wood door set in a strong frame and a decent lock.
It should contain a charged mobile phone and a panic trigger for the VERY loud internal and external alarm sounders.
I’m talking sound bombs here, 130 dBm minimum, dotted through the house and outside. It’s going to be painful and loud but it will induce panic into your attackers. Just make sure that the sounders are hardened and battery backed.

Your attackers will want everyone subdued.
Problem for them is that time is against them and noise may alert neighbours.
Remember they need to control all of you and if haven’t, they will be desperate to find out if the missing person has called for help.
They will try anything to get to that person.
Your survival depends on them not being able to so.

If the assailants cannot control all the occupants they will abort the attack.
Everyone must understand that no matter what happens,

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