Tin Lid Knife

Walking with the dog today and came across a large pigeon hopelessly entangled in a mass of bailing string. That horrible orange synthetic stuff farmers use.
Worse still, no knife.
Some “kind person” had left a tin can in the bushes though so folding it back and forward it broke in two and the jagged metal enabled me to cut the string and let the pigeon go.
Best bits about it was the dog just sat quietly the whole time, I didn’t cut my fingers, and the pigeon was OK.
Back at home I remembered a field expedient knife design I saw and used many years ago and made one again just for fun.

You need:-
One Tin Can (Baked Bean cans are great for this)
An army tin opener or rotary type to hack the lid off.
A small piece of flat wood about 1 1/2 times the width of the lid (See picture)
Something to drill holes with. (I used my trusty car keys)
A short length of wire. I stripped back 12″ of electrical cable using the army can opener and just kept folding it until it broke to the length I needed.

A picture says things a lot better than trying to describe it so enjoy!

Works nicely for skinning but I did have to hammer the blade edge to make it cut nicely.

It’s no way as sharp as a scalpel blade BUT don’t run your fingers along the “blade”.

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