Diesel Yeuk!

Diesel, heating oil, paraffin, even unleaded fuel, tastes blooming horrible.
As a laxative it’s quite good though but as most petroleum based fluids contain carcinogenics, it’s not a good idea to repeat this process.
Breath in petroleum fumes and it can scorch your lungs.

I used to use a standard garden hose but I’ve lost the knack of just stopping prior to getting that mouthful.

Then I invested in a diesel bulb siphon pump.
Problem is the 9mm ID hosepipe takes for ever to syphon 20 liters of fuel.
About 20 minutes in fact and THAT is tactically STUPID.

So I’ve thought about a jiggle valve siphon and got one from Halfords.

Neat bit of kit but doesn’t really like viscous fluids. Then I tried it in a car fuel tank.
20 minutes later I finally got fuel out of the thing. It was noisy and evidently an acquired skill.
Once again, tactically stupid.
Back to the good old garden hose I’m thinking until I can get a 2m x 2.5cm ID length of clear plastic pipe.

Why not use an electrical pump?
Simple, it needs power. Batteries, mains, it doesn’t matter what and that could prove problematic come the SHTF.

Come whatever, you may need something to lift fuel some 4.5 meters (15 feet) maximum from filling station tanks. So what fits the bill that is manual?
I like the Whale bilge pumps with the Nitrile seals kit.
Fast and efficient but with the disadvantage of being BIG.

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