Pallet Veg

Winter, what winter?
The seasons have gone potty with no deep frosts so it’s time to think about this years veg planting.
Too late for our Garlic but we we hoping to have sold up and moved on by now.

Pallet Beds
We use pallets to make raised beds. I used to work on 6 beds 4×4 feet.
That’s about 4 standard pallets worth of wood and a bag of 3″ nails.
(Always thinking cheap see). Simple squares.

Dig up some soil, l mix in a couple of large grow bags per square, and fill the squares with the mix. That way you’ll find carrots don’t grow “curly” and most plants have shallow roots anyway.

If you can, strip off a bit of copper wire and tack a length round top of each square as slugs and snails are repelled by the “taste” of copper.

Stand the squares on grass (or soil) as they have to be able to drain.

Just make sure you stand the squares on  grass or soil as they have to drain.

Dunno what garden you’ve got either although most of the listed can grow VERY well in simple raised beds made up of pallet wood and a 50-50 mix of soil and “grow bags”.
All are incredibly easy to grow, just don’t let the soil dry out, water everyday.

I find child labor works there!!!

Little plastic pots from anywhere, a set of 6 trays (24 little pots in each tray) will cover you for the whole season. Cost, £5.
One seed per little pot. (Child labor again).

One 3kg bag of potting compost Cost £3 which when “exhausted”, is just stirred into your pallet beds.

Keep the seeds in the warm, water to keep the soil DAMP not dripping wet.
Plant out as listed below.

Cut a large spud with “eyes” into four. From one comes many.
Just keep covering up any growth with soil to a depth of 4 ” on top of your original depth.
Dunno why it works but it does.

Runner beans and tomatoes need support i.e. canes or for the toms I use simple batten wood.

Bio degradable bottle of general bug killer from a DIY shop. CAUTION, follow instructions carefully.
Slugs and snails you’ll have covered with the copper wire.

They love to rummage!!!
Simple strawberry netting over the top of old CD’s strung over the beds as bird scarers.

Veg Seeds Plant Harvest
Brussel Sprout Feb-Apr Mar-Apr Aug-Jan
Carrot Mar-Apr Apr-Jul Jul-Oct
Garlic n/a Oct-Dec Jun-Aug
Leek Mar-May Apr-May Sep-Dec
Onion set-set Mar-Apr Aug-Oct
Peas Mar-Jun Mar-Jun Jun-Sep
Potato n/a May-May Aug-Sep
Radish Apr-Aug Apr-Aug Aug-Dec
Runner Bean n/a May-Jun July-Oct
Win Cabbage Apr-May May-Jun Nov-Feb
Swede Apr-Jun May-Jun Nov-Jan
Sweetcorn Apr-Jun Apr-Jun Aug-Oct
Tomato Feb-Mar Mar-Apr Jul-Oct
Turnip Mar-Apr Apr-Aug Jun-Nov

Go on try it for once. We calculated it saves us round £160 a year on veg.

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