Old Eyes

I’m long sighted. I mean REALLY long sighted now.
It wasn’t an issue when younger but now I’ m the wrong side of 55 it’s beginning to irk me in all sorts of ways.
Firstly I can happily see the stars. Little pinpoints, still bright, so navigation isn’t a huge problem there. If only everything was as far though.
From road signs to the PC screen everything else is blurred. Easy fix, opticians and get glasses.


Yet that’s not quite the perfect fix I thought it would be. Two sets of glasses, one for driving, one for close work. Before someone says varifocals or the equivalent, I don’t want or need them. I’m quite happy wearing one or the other.
I have got a problem with the gun though. After 50 years of open sights, I’ve got a problem focusing on the foresight. let alone trying to align the back sight “Vee”.

“So what”, I hear, “use a telescopic sight”.
Not so easy that, because I’ve also developed VERY long eye relief 18 cm (7″ old money) the scope is therefore vying for the same bit of scope rail that the foresight is on.
Then there is vignetting.  
That’s where the scope is so far forward that a slight movement of the head makes the image “collapse” towards the center i.e.

These are not easy things to deal with and shooting with glasses on and a low profile scope is a definite NO NO as the recoil (stock comb to glasses shock) can get pretty interesting.
(Broke a pair of glasses clean in two!)
I’ve had a number of suggestions from Holo-sights to Single point, and the change of the rear sight to an aperture or “peep” hole sight.

The one that won the prize was a change to aperture sights (peep hole).
Miraculously the foresight has sprang back into focus. So now, without glasses, I’m keyholing my shots at 60 yards again. Besides the only thing you should be concentrating on is the foresight element!

I’ve always hated sights that rely on batteries. I have a simple single point one. Runs off a CR2032 battery which I change every year no matter what I’ve been doing BUT it is electronic, has a level or brightness 7 position switch, and  a 3MOA red dot. OK for close work i.e. out to 30 yards but beyond that, not too efficient. I’ve played with holo-sights too. Same basic problem.

I have found out another couple of interesting things about old eyes.
Different colours have a greatly different effect.
For example, looking at a red light (LED or even a hazard warning) is usually blurred glasses or not.
Blue is great, clear as ever before and green comes in as a close second.

I borrowed a friends holo-sight and that can change spot colour.
Sure enough any colour except white and red works a treat.
I still won’t be changing to an electronic sight quite yet.

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