Chemical Agents

To finish the post about riot agents, here’s a list of the more dangerous chemical agents their symptoms, and first aid.

Note: Treatment listed was found on the Internet. You MUST check with a medical professional as to it’s accuracy.

Tear Gases.
In the UK you’ll normally only see CS and OC (Oleoresin capsicum aka pepper)
From the EU or US you might come across Mace (CN).
Mace acts like a mix of OC and CS gas.
Remove contact lenses and contaminated clothing immediately.
Flush contaminated area with large quantities of cool water or a diluted baking soda solution and expose the area to fresh air as soon as possible. Don’t rub your eyes.

Vomiting agents.
Basically they cause sneezing, coughing, headache, salivation, and vomiting.
Adamsite (DM), Diphenylchloroarsine (DA), and Diphenylcyanoarsine (DC)
Treatment for DM in the eyes is to wash well with tepid water.
Breathing difficulty may need oxygen and bagging.
for skin troubles use calamine.
I have found no treatment for DA & DC gases

A “famous” one created by the Israeli’s is SKUNK.
It smells like sewage and rotting substances.
It also has high persistence especially on cloth and is hard to wash off.
Hard to wash off.

Psycho Agents
BZ (aka Buzz), SN (aka PCP), K aka LSD or Acid)
All these agents produce stupor, confusion, hallucinations, plucking and disrobing.
THey need an antidote not readily available. All have long lasting unpredictable effects.

Blister agents
All 3 need to be washed off ASAP, Flush eyes DO NOT COVER but shade.
If ingested drink milk, don’t vomit.

HN1,2,and 3 (Nitrogen Based)
Wash and Basic Support
Mustard Gases Q,HD,T (Sulfur Based)
Wash and Basic support
Arsenics (ED,MD,PD,L aka Lewisite)
Wash and Dimercaprol given by IM injection

Blood agents
Cyanide types CK, BAC, and SA
Breathing the fumes?
Adult 12.5 g of a 25% solution (50 mL of a 25% solution) of sodium thiosulfate intravenously over a period of 10 minutes.
Amyl nitrite, sodium nitrite.
One ampule of amyl nitrite into a cloth until you can get sodium nitrite.
Administer 300 mg of a 3% solution of sodium nitrite IV over 5 to 20 minutes.

Choking agents
CL, PS, DP, and Phosgene (CG)
Treatment is Oxygen. There is no antidote.

Nerve Agents
Tabun (GA), Sarin (GB), Soman (GD), Cyclosarin (GF),G, GV, and the V Range.
The immediate treatment IV 2 mg atropine sulfate, 5 mg atropine sulfate for severe intoxication
Diazepam 5 mg at 15 minute intervals up to a total of 15 mg.

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