KFS or Whatever

KFS is a common TLA (three letter Abbreviation) for Knife, Fork, and spoon.
Yet there are alternatives to three rattly bits of metal  or plastic.

The Spork
Invented in the 19th Century, it remains a REALLY stupid utensil.
If you get one, practice at home with it.
You’ll be really glad you did.
The best design is the simple one ended design not the one at the end.

Chop Sticks
The ideal tool useful for all kinds of food  except fired eggs and soup.
Very simple to make, they are a truly international feeding utensil.
Use close grained sticks.
For a man the standard length is 23 cm (9 inches), for a woman 21 cm (8 1/4″)
Or, to make them perfectly to fit your hand:-

Measure the distance from your thumb to your pointer finger, so that your thumb makes a 90 degree angle where it connects to your hand (see figure).
Then, take that number and times it by 1.5, and you should have the correct chopstick length.
Why does this matter?
Well, if you are using chopsticks that are too small (or too large), it’s far more difficult to manipulate them.

Holding them to use them is all about pinning the bottom one and only moving the upper stick.
See sketch above.
A lot of people try to pick up tiny objects with more force than is necessary.
This either results in a splat ora “flick” of the item across the room. Gently does it is the best advice.

Making a spoon is fun but requires a bit of finesse with a small knife.
Start with a soft wood blank.

  1. Cut from a straight grain branch, 8 inches long 2″ wide.
    Only use the 1/3 outside edge as the grain is straighter.
  2. Make two saw cuts and cut the waste away.
  3. Back cut the spoon and scoop out the bowl leaving 1/4″ rim.
    Finally using a scraper and sand paper to round off the edges.

You only need one special tool, a spoon gouge, to carve the bowl.
A simple one in profile looks like one of these two shapes.
One made with a piece of pipe sharpened where shown in red and
one made by a flat piece of steel again sharpened in red.

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