Silently into Snow

With the snow falling, my hunting has got easier BUT not for those with bad stalking skills..
Tracks are everywhere, the rabbit stand out a treat against the snow and birds are sluggish.


Yet all three of these can be negated easily by carelessness.

  1. I stand out more.
    Camouflage screams at you “Go White” yet how many of us own white leggings, boots, hooded smocks, and white sniper mittens? Not forgetting the rifle, rucksack, etc.
    A simple white sheet cut as a poncho and ties round the waist is good enough PROVIDING you remember to wear white head gear, white veil, white gloves and white scrim the rifle.
  2. Lying in wait is no longer possible.
    Let’s face it, it’s blooming freezing lying in the snow as is sitting in a hide. With ambient temperatures in the minus range, long periods of inactivity can cause YOU harm.
  3. I stink!
    Not literally but in the clean air of the woodland, the snow suppresses most of the forest smells.
    Add your breath which on a cold day forms a drifting cloud round your head, and your “Whiff” is only too noticeable to your quarry.
  4. Movement is difficult.
    For a number of reasons.
    • Firstly ANY movement sticks out like a sore thumb. White on White it doesn’t matter. It’s not just a case of staying out of the skyline because even in white, you cross a dark shady area and you stand out.
    • Secondly unless you are walking in fresh falling snow, it’s crunchy!
      Size 10 boots compress and fracture snow with a characteristic “Crunch”. Normally I’m not too worried about walking round as I shuffle well. I sound like a herd of squirrels foraging but that’s OK. In snow, the rhythmic footfall is a dead giveaway.
    • Without a soft cloth ghille suit, I rustle and sound travels further in the cold off clean reflective surfaces that snow banks form.
  5. Rifle Choice.
    I prefer my Pre-charged Pneumatic more than anything else nowadays for
    In today’s stupid over reaction world, the sound of a small caliber round going off usually draws the attention of our local police and they have NO sense of humor in the snow. So quiet is best.

    That brings about it’s own problems as cold air doesn’t push as well as hot air AND as it discharges, the compression makes heat, and I get a noticeable cloud out the muzzle. Sound travels well. Even with a moderator fitted, snow is great for bouncing sound round so a second shot is more unlikely.

So five critical points that I’ve found that make snow hunting harder.
Having said that, Rabbit for tea (again).

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