Home Defense

I’m probably going to get some flack here but lets be realistic.
Later this year, when all the forecast UK government benefit and tax attacks REALLY get going, civil disturbance is going to occur.

Then quaint little blank firers, barbed wire, PIR, lights, sirens, and even fur coated razor blades may be useful to boost your home defense but nothing will be 100% effective.

You stood there with a pick axe handle, frying pan, bowl of hot chip fat, or a non lethal deterrent is also going to be laughed at.
One or two outside against the masses?
I don’t think so.
Unless you’re packing a bow or a shotgun forget it.
Even if you did that you might be shot down by our wonderful police.

Besides putting yourself on the street is truly daft as even the most naive among us must realize that outside you have no protection.

If they can touch your building, you’re chances of survival rank from low to non existent.
Living in a town or city, barricades may be effective, if you don’t mind them putting your windows in first, but once they get “held up” by your preparations they may resort to the number one tool of the rioter or anarchist, FIRE.

Fire is when your home security can turn into a two edged sword if you and family are inside.
Consider what you would do if someone got really nasty and fire bombed you?
Your nicely sealed front door and windows are now a mass of flames. So is the back door.
Semi, terrace, or apartment?
You’re well prepared with hoses and fire extinguishers. 
Shame your neighbours weren’t.
That party wall won’t seem that thick after a while. As for the roof, enough said.
Ultimately how do you want to be, well done or just slightly crispy.
Either way you’re coming out smoked.

Worried about your possessions?
You’ve every right to be BUT if you are you inside when they burst in, you may be lucky enough to just end up a hospital case.
Either way your goods and chattels will be scattered to the four winds.
Your home insurance will probably be void, civil disorder clause.
So sorry, small print. (How many of you have read that bit?)

So why stay to watch all your work go up in smoke.
Fortify by all means but GET OUT EARLY AND COVERTLY.
Your best defense is to live to fight another day.

IMHO until we are officially allowed to defend ourselves with lethal force, it’s going to be better to bug out.

Some are probably thinking over exaggeration, OTT thinking, or just plain ridiculous ?
Yep, I’ve heard that all before. 2011 riots is all I’ve got to say to that.

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