Too Many Minds

Whenever there is a major crisis, a person will commonly react one of two ways.
  1. An untrained person will either freeze up with fear or indecision not knowing what to do.
  2. A trained person will mainly react according to that training. Generally that training would have been based on generic scenarios. Decisions won’t really come into it as they have already been made.

There is no way of predicting how an untrained or even a trained person will react in their first or even subsequent emergencies. 

Without proper training all you can do is run scenarios through your head (preferably with others) and think through what decisions you are likely to come across and what methodology, tools, and resources you would use. 
If possible you then practice your plans changing them to achieve workable solutions to problems. 

I suppose the ultimate question is would you kill? 
Morally your upbringing and religious beliefs may cause you to hesitate.
“Thou shall not kill” (KJV) comes to mind.

As an example, consider my thoughts on this subject.
To defend me and my own (family), my mindset is YES. I would kill. 
To defend others, my mindset was MAYBE. It’s now NO. 
There lies the problem, the state of mind called MAYBE.
Every time you have a MAYBE moment, you will hesitate.
Hesitation can cause you or others harm.
If you can eliminate MAYBEyou will react a lot more efficiently than before.
In simple terms, everything needs to be reduced to two states, Black and White.
There must be no shades of grey. 

So how would you de-train your mind to accept that killing is “acceptable”?

Armies and armed police have had to cope with this problem for a long time.
Mainly their training has been to “De-humanise” the operative and reduce the target to a muscle memory response where you don’t see a person at all. An automatic response.
Paint ball helps as does a Hogan Alley or ETR Ranges.
In short anything that trains you to be REACTIVE and to shoot at a BODY.

It doesn’t stop there though.
Consider these scenarios and what you would do.

Decision (YES or NO)
Kill Or Not

Stay Or Run (all the possibilities)

Give Or Take (Supplies)

Take In Others

Starve Or Scavenge

Acquiesce Or Fight

Show Compassion Or Not

Now create your own scenarios and make your decisions BUT add a methodology to your decisions and include a tool and a resource list.

Remember the 5 P’s.
Planning Prevents “Pretty” Poor Performance (The Polite Version)

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