Drones aka Aerial Surveillance

Big brother watching us is becoming a desensitised issue in the world as the media carefully brain washes the sheeple into believing that an all seeing eye saves lives.

In the UK simply uttering “counter terrorism” and “crime prevention” allows surveillance for no definite reason or independent control. The sheeple love it. Makes them sleep well at night.

This is the NANO UAV. Small little sucker it is too. 
Norwegian design, deployed by the UK Army.

Rotor Span 120 mm, Mass 16 gr including Camera
• Maximum Speed 10 m/s, Endurance up to 25 minutes
• Digital Data Link, Range 1000 m Line-of-Sight
• GPS Navigation or Visual Navigation through Video
• Autopilot with Autonomous and Directed Modes
• Hover & Stare, Automatic Search Patterns, Preplanned Routes

Apart from the security services (Police, Fire, Armed Services) and utility firms (Electrical grid inspection), there are over 200 different firms and organisations with licences to fly these insidious things.
They are not limited to professional use though and smaller close range units are available.
An example is the Parrot AR Drone.

Two Cameras, Front and Vertical
Video feedback on the iPod touch /iPhone screen (WiFi link)
With a flight recorder data storage option.
Usual Altitude Limit 50m

Flying time: about 12 minutes
As a person who doesn’t like CCTV let alone these things, I’ve got a couple of observations I’d like to share.
  • Police and other hover surveillance drones have a limited duration, range and altitude and don’t like high winds.
  • Even better, they hover really nicely under their own CPU control.
  • Although they have IR capabilities, they don’t like lasers.
  • Any competent air gunner or slingshot user can disable one in an urban environment.
In the US it’s fast becoming a national sport working out how to disable them from swamping their control signals to blocking the video (which incidentally is generally unencrypted).
Typical Frequencies are in the 2.4GHz band (2.400 to 2.4835GHz) WI-Fi Range.
No matter what protocols the drone users use, simply swamping the receivers with white noise and rapidly swept frequencies can still cause interference and seriously disrupt control.
Nothing is technically hard or expensive about the gear. Simple analog devices FM modulated is enough although UHF RC gear works as does adapted WiFi dongles.

Having said that, I still prefer the airgun.
If you can, mount a laser on the barrel aligned with the bore.
If you can’t, just remember that the higher the angle, the lower you aim i.e.

Angle Range Multiplier Range Meters or Yards
Horizontal 1 50 40 30 20
15 0.97 48 39 29 19
30 0.87 43 35 26 17
45 0.71 35 28 21 14
60 0.5 25 20 15 10
75 0.26 13 10 8 5
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