Controlling the Sheeple

We often read in the media that foreign countries are being oppressed by corrupt or cruel governments. The UK then sends in it’s armed forces to “assist” popular revolution like some benevolent uncle. Yet, the population in the UK are largely unaware just how oppressed they have become.
A master class in deception and sheeple conditioning is being conducted and no one is the wiser.

What’s happening in the UK is text book “Taking over a country 101” All that is needed to finish the job completely is to use the military and:-

  1. Impose martial law thus suspending civilian law and imposing military law and justice on all.
  2. Force existing law enforcement to work for the military
  3. Cut all forms of communications and silence the media.
  4. Disarm the population
  5. Close the borders to both incoming and outgoing traffic.
  6. Close down roads, waterways, and airspace.
  7. Control access to money and finance.
  8. Control movement of food and fuel.
  9. Control access to food and fuel by imposing rationing
  10. Outlaw hoarding and collect any surpluses.
  11. Restrict all internal movement and gatherings.
  12. Instigate registration and allocation of movement passes
  13. Inter those considered a danger or disruptive influence
  14. Deport all foreigners and dependents to stop foreign interference.
  15. Ban free speech, dissent, and protest.
  16. Close public buildings including education and churches
  17. Segregate the population by compliance, race, religion, and status.
  18. Control Employment and impose forced labor.
  19. Control Public Utilities
  20. Control access to medical resources.

There are two types of invader (or in our case governments)
A generous invader will be seen as a benefactor which will bring it’s rewards in little opposition and a docile workforce.
Reward is always a bigger carrot than a stick.
It is not however popular with the UK rich.
An aggressive invader causes resentment and ultimately resistance.
The more draconian the suppression measures imposed, the greater the opposition, the more resentful the population, the less the productivity.
It does however keep the rich-rich. 

In “austere” UK, this is what is happening though popular opposition, ANY opposition, is just not there.

As opposition isn’t physically apparent, the current government feels free to impose whatever measures they want each more draconian than the last. Politicians feel secure and safe and immune from attack.

For the most part they are 
correct in that assumption.

The social make up of the UK is complex.

The UK is a educationally, regional, class, race, religious, and culturally divided country. Geographically a huge North-South, East-West, economic and social divide exists. It’s getting worse with mass unemployment and the social inclusion of large numbers of foreign migrant workers. Despite all this, years of subtle conditioning has turned most of the UK population into compliant sheeple. As a result resistance, protest, or even rebellion against the government is rare.

New laws and government policies have been carefully crafted specifically targeting any potential avenue of protest with aggressive policing and HARSH judicial punishment exacted on dissenters.

By using the terms “criminal”, “terrorist”, or “Benefit Fraud”, the government has pushed through a raft of security and surveillance legislation with the UK sheeple blindly applauding their efforts.

A lovely quote from (George Orwell Author).
Political language is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind.
Additionally with the tight hold the government has over the media, protest of any type is portrayed as criminal. This control has also helped the government to vilify whole sections of the population thus diverting peoples attention away from what is happening to them.
After all, who is it better to blame? The government or someone who can’t fight back?
The “powerful” or the weak?
The UK sheeple have always been easily swayed and influenced.
As demonstrated by the recent media vilification of the poor, sick, young, single parents, and the elderly.

Religious base beliefs have also been belittled and even wearing the Christian cross outlawed.

Claims that this was carried out to support multiculturalism, the law, and other religions have caused deep disquiet. Add to this mass unemployment and this has had a massive destabilizing effect on the UK indigenous population yet it HAS NOT REACTED.

Confusing isn’t it?

What if the sheeple did react?
One has to wonder if a protest happened would it turn out to be a damp squid or a total rout?

If one happened today it would most likely fail as there is no social cohesion between different elements of UK society. Unless a single rallying point is created by events or by the rise of a charismatic leader, no protest would currently succeed in the UK

The politicians know this.

As all conventional protest has been severely restricted by law, the only way left to change the UK establishment is via a non-conventional campaign. That’s TPTB fault as they have left no legal alternative. Governments should reflect that “Tactically there is no greater force than a person or persons defending their own lands, family, ideals, and property”. 

An important lesson which both the UK and US 
 governments still refuse to learn.
The UK government doesn’t like conflict on it’s own doorstep but ineffective one day protests are laughed at by the politicians. Such events are mainly run by the aged, out of date, out of touch, Trade Unions.
The last time the people went onto the streets en-mass was the Poll Tax Riots of March 1990.

This brought down the government of Margaret Thatcher and the destruction of the hated Poll Tax.

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