Love them or not for survival purposes, the can is everywhere.
I don’t really like them because they mainly contain liquid, are an awkward shape, heavy and rattle.
My latest reason for not liking them though is my broken can opener.

All set for a condensed soup meal the can opener was found broken.
How? Dunno.
Metal fatigue I suppose but the reason doesn’t matter. I’m sat, wondering how to get in.
The obvious way was to use my knife and away I went, cutting my finger, but opened the tin lid and poured the soup “block” out. Success. 
(Or was it? Now I’ve got a cut to contend with!)
Then I got thinking. What if I had no knife?
I’m probably going to state the obvious here but it’s the daily used obvious things that I miss.
Looking at a couple of cans (steel type) I noticed that the lids were rolled.
The metal is also thin typically 0.2 mm or about 8/1000’s of an inch.
In the grand scheme of things that’s THIN!  
Also why my tin lid knife blade works so well.

So, two methods were tried, both successfully.
First I used my spoon. A simple metal dessert spoon. Pressing it into the metal  by the seam it soon penetrated the metal.  So all I had to do was keep pressing and rubbing and the tin lid opened.
Caution, I bent the spoon shaft! Too much force. 
It doesn’t take a lot just enough to mark the tin and keep rubbing.

Second (and I only tried this on a can with solid content i.e. SPAM) I put the can  onto a CLEAN bit of concrete and rubbed it backwards and forwards. Having sharpened knives before this way, I guessed that I could wear away the rolled seam on the can.
It took less than 15 seconds to penetrate the metal.

I’m pretty sure there are loads of other methods but smashing it with a rock, sharpened stick, or my head doesn’t seem very efficient.
p.s. It took ages for the cut to heal as well.

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