The ideal survivalist

According to quite a few “survival experts and psychologists” it’s going to be a combination of the following attributes that makes the ideal survivor.
Personally I think there is no such thing as the ideal survivor and often it’s the oddballs that make it and the stereotype superhero that perishes. Still it is an interesting checklist regarding skill sets.

 Physical Attributes
  1. 170cm 70kg for women 178cm 75kg for men
  2. Aged 14-25 for women, 16-30 for men.
  3. Children 11-16, mature enough to look after themselves.
  4. No allergies, unassisted vision, good manual dexterity and communications skills.
  5. Not dependent on drugs, alcohol, or nicotine, ALL inoculations up to date.
  6. Physically fit and not prone to illnesses.
Mindset (in no particular order).
  1. A natural leader with a strong warrior and survival instinct.
  2. Able to balance confidence with reasonable doubt.
  3. Brave if not courageous.
  4. Calm in the face of danger, able to assess the reality of situation and not be swayed by emotion thus able to keep ones focus under stress.
  5. Constantly situationally aware, able to respond quickly to situations
  6. Knows their personal limitations yet is not afraid to exceed them.
  7. Mentally running scenarios through their minds making and evaluating plans to cope.
  8. Not morally tied by laws, regulations, religion, or morals.
  9. Organised and methodical.
  10. Preferably with someone to care (love) for and a dog lover.
  11. Stubborn, never gives up, can do mentality
  12. Suspicious of all yet exhibiting a caring helpful attitude to others.
Desirable Skill Set
  1. Able to drive a car, motorbike, bicycle, and row or sail a small boat.
  2. Able to think outside the box and improvise, a good “junk yard” engineer and DIY’er.
  3. Automotive, Electrical and electronic equipment familiar
  4. Basic animal care and agricultural skills (Growing vegetables)
  5. Camping and bush-craft skills
  6. Can cook from scratch using basic ingredients on a fire or basic stove.
  7. CBRN trained
  8. Commercial security training and experience
  9. Communications capable using line, radio, and visual methods
  10. Defeat or circumvent security devices and locks
  11. First Aid trained to an advanced level
  12. Good at metal and woodwork using basic hand tools
  13. Hunting, fishing, trapping, and foraging skills
  14. Know basic climbing and rope craft
  15. Military or militia service and weapons  training
  16. Survival training for hot, cold, sea, and mountain environments including self defence.
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