Are you becoming "of interest"?

This is cropping up more and more in conversations between the little group I belong to as is the feeling that time is running out.
I’m not talking about a global disaster like TEOTWAWKI Mayan style, but we’re thinking that the possibility of civil unrest, strikes, and loss of utilities is growing.

Everything we, as good little preppers and survivalists, have been preparing for.
The problem is it’s moving out of the theoretical for some into the practical if not the obviously preparing for trouble stage. That has consequences.

Being followers of the Gray Man Persona, that shouldn’t have been a problem for us YET it has.

For example.
As a couple we have “apparently” become just a bit quieter and probably a bit more covert in our actions.
Not intentionally BUT that curious feeling of rush and not letting on to anyone why we are “rushing” has had a contrary effect on us. In short it’s drawn peoples attention on us.

Shop staff, neighbors, and non prepping friends have noticed the slight change in attitude, the different shopping loads and timetable, the tidying up round the homestead even. Some are even asking if we are OK and offering to help in what ever way is needed.

We’re of the opinion that they think we’re in the financial mire but don’t want to ask. It’s sort of sweet yet now we feel we’re being watched.

It’s so difficult to strike that balance where what you are doing doesn’t spark interest.

In short we’re thinking that unless we are REALLY CAREFUL, all our Gray Man Engineering will be for nothing AND THAT IS WORRYING ON ALL SORTS OF LEVELS.

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