The Cyprus debacle has been a real eye opener.
Sudden government theft of private savings and draconian currency control over a whole population.

Suddenly the world of money has become unsafe.

Your savings are something to be stolen and there is not a damn thing you can do about it..
Banks and their employees are not only seen as the wreckers of the world but are now seen as the agents of government theft, and the EU as the despoiler of whole nations.

Preppers talk about goods and services to barter but what cuts it in the short term is money.
There lies the problem as seen in Cyprus.
Who among us keeps enough money on themselves to survive in the short term?
Even then, what is that amount and what is “a short term”?
This crisis has been running now for 10 days plus. 
Although the banks are now open strict controls are in force over money movement.
A slow lingering death ensues as their limits are enough to survive but not enough for the country to trade or live.

What’s involved here? Think the basics of Survival.
Shelter (Rent, mortgages, Taxes)
Fire (Heat, cooking, lighting, money for electrical and or fuel bills)
Water (Processing, waste disposal, bills)
Food (Paying for food)
Transport ( Fuel, bills, maintenance)
Medicines (You need money to purchase these)

ALL the above need money and as the whole financial system hasn’t collapsed, simple barter is not enough.
The problem for the rest of us is not today though it’s what happens in the future now you KNOW that government sponsored theft is not only possible BUT HAS HAPPENED.

I predict a run on the European banks unparallelled in history in the near future.

So how to prep for this?
Simple you may think, draw out enough cash and squirrel it away.
Of course the BIG question is how much?
The other problem is when to do this?
Wait and you could be caught by events or even a cash shortage as the sheeple lurch into panic mode something which the media could bring about by one simple erroneous article.

I’m not into TEOTWAWKI fantasies but it’s not looking good from where I sit.

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