Useful Feminine Things

Where to start?
From the top of their head to their feet, ladies have a wide range of useful things they use on a regular basis dead useful for survival. Here is but a few.

Afro comb
Ever wondered how to get elderberries off the stalk?
Try the Afro comb. The perfect size and robustness.

Hair grips and pins.
Where to start.  A simple metal clip which when straightened makes a useful lock  pick, fishing hook, gorges, bandage clip, the list goes on.
As for those scrunchies!
What about holding things shut, springs for traps, loops to hang things from. Repairs to engines as useful replacement springs.

Cotton buds. 
For all those little places. Want to REALLY clean your gun?
You can’t beat these things for getting into tight places.

Tweezers have 1001+ uses.
Nail files or emery board.

Nail polish and remover.
Polish repairs fraying ropes, stops screws coming loose, brightens fore and back sights, and seals leaks.
As for the remover? Usually acetone based so burns well, a degreasant, and releases super glue, slows fibreglass resin setting times.

Razors. Cutting blades is the obvious but in first aid they can clean up cuts and remove body hair quickly and cleanly to make life easy when dealing with a messy wound. Useful for hair and facial hair trimming.

Tampons and other sanitary wear.
Tampons are SO useful in the first aid kit. From stopping up wounds to perfect little pressure dressings.
Tooth pulled? A tea bag help to stanch the blood but for the big holes, a small tampon is great.
For water or fuels? A little filter.
For Fire, the material burns hot and strong especially if smeared with Vaseline.
12G pull thorough.
Sanitary towels make really good field dressings although they are sometimes impregnated with deodorizers.

The Bra.
ELASTIC straps. Some have sprung steel under wires, those little bra clips are transferable onto other clothing, filters, catapults, I even seen them used as parts of slingshots.

Tights and stockings.
Tights round a balloon make for a great water carrier,  stockings for the old favorite of a temporary fan belt, Restraints (ever tried to physically snap a pair of tight?), Fiters, fishing nets for crayfish and eels.

All in all bearing in mind this is only a snapshot of what the female can carry in her bottomless pit of a handbag, and mothers seem to have something of everything in their shoulder bags. 
A female survivor can have a wealth of useful bits and pieces about her person.
Full respect to them  from a humble feller.

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