Calling for help

You need help and you’re in  CELL PHONE BLACK HOLE.
No matter what you read, no matter how good your electronics is, at some time you may need to improvise an emergency signal. 
It should be simple and internationally recognizable.
Remember the acronym KISS. i.e. Keep it Stupidly Simple and always think in threes.

The next section describes the 

Noisy / Audible
A whistle

An air horn

Three long blasts Repeated every 15 minutes until you hear a reply, then a shorter duration.
Firearms Three spaced shots If plenty of ammo, repeat every hour, on the hour.
A fog horn Continuously sounding The exception because foghorns are usually intermittent operation.

Light / Bright
Torch Three spaced flashes Repeated every 15 minutes until you hear a reply, then a shorter duration.
Three fires in a triangle

Three fires in a 25m row

Well spaced
A signal fire
A burning Tree / Tower

Smoke of any colour

Smoky during the day
Bright from twilight to dawn.

Item Frequency Application
Mirror Or reflective surface/ material Continuous slow flashing

Passive Notes Application
Florescent panel 2 ft x 6 ft Orange / Violet Wave round to attract attention
Cloth strips
2 ft x 18 ft long

Contrast colour

V Shape = Need Assistance
X Shape = Need Medico
Red Flag Waving Red = Help
Flap Arms Together, slowly Need Help
Three Towers Triangle shape As fire but passive

This is not enough though and by far the best 
internationally known signal is still

Made redundant in 1999 by international convention, the signal SOS (save our souls) was replaced by a computer generated distress signal generated by the Global Maritime Distress Safety System .

IMO getting rid of the simple things in life for a computerized system is a REALLY stupid approach when you consider that an EMP pulse may destroy all modern comms systems over a wide area.

Luckily SOS is still recognized as a visual or audible distress signal i.e. using a flashing light, whistle, air horn, smoke signals even. Transmitted in many forms it consists of :-

Three short, space, three long, space, and three short periods.
Dot Dot Dot — Dash Dash Dash —  Dot Dot Dot
Where a dot is 1/3 the length of a dash in time.
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