When exhaustion sets in

A not so subtle dig at the survival industries electronics culture.

Whatever happens, if TSHTF, chances are you’ll work harder than ever before, eat less, drink less, sleep less, even “toilet” less.
Bottom line? You’re going to get VERY TIRED!  TRULY KNACKERED in UK speak.
Having already covered that subject in Sleep Deprivation, I’m still amused by the adverts for “owning the night” equipment for your security.

Consider the lone or two person unit. You have to stop and sleep. That’s a no brainer yet what are you going to do about the box standard zombie who never sleeps and the roving gangs which apparently will be rife 24/7?

How are you going to keep going on 4 hours on, 4 hours off, 24/7?
One asleep, one awake. Worse case? You’re on your own!

Unless you can find secure cover you’ll never be able to relax but even then the answer is apparently electronics i.e. Night vision glasses or even FLIR. (Forward looking Infra Red). You could even use area denial electronics like passive IR, ultrasonic, or even microwave. (O ooh, “microwave”). Dead sexy!
One heck of a lot of batteries but who cares, you’ll be able to recharge those within 4-12 hours the next day. I’m sure someone will make a solar charger capable of charging 10 plus sets of assorted batteries all at the same time.
You can just imagine the advert. $1999 dollars, a must have for the determined survivor. Money back if during TEOTWAWKI it fails to keep your batteries fully charged.

Still with blind trust, you set up your area surveillance equipment, and settle down to sleep totally safe, expecting that you’ll get loads of notice of incoming trouble.
What a load of rubbish!

Passing cat, flapping door, too windy, lightning, thunder, rain, too hot, too cold, (ask any security firm quick reaction operator about those), alarms go off. That’s just the common triggers.

Now imagine this is the first sleep you’ve had in 24 plus hours. Just how fast do you think you can wake up, process the information and intelligently react to that information. 30 seconds, 3 minutes? If you awake AT ALL.

I’d like to introduce a highly efficient natural little product.
Comes in all sorts of sizes, colors, and shapes.
Cheap to run, multipurpose, and EMP proof.

ImageA true story.
A few years ago my family had to go into survival mode ending up in a tent in a hostile environment. Being reasonably switched on, I had 4 battery powered PIR alarms that should have given me at least a minute of warning. Then it rained. Everything was damp, cold, and wind chilled thus the PIR units rendered deaf, blind, or whatever.
What saved us from the attack that would have happened on night two was our 6 month old collie. Before the assailants had even got out of their vehicle the dog was growling. Imagine their surprise when they had to face down a shotgun from close range as the ambush was turned round on them.
Funny bit about it? The PIR’s went off ONLY as they RAN FOR THEIR VEHICLE.

Moral of my story?
I use night vision, I also use PIR but only as a “backup” system.
Trust your life to electronics if you want, I’ll keep going with my dog.

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