Let me pose a question about what is more effective in getting a message across:-

Short, sharp and to the point preferably graphic rich for people like me who like little pictures OR long, dull, detailed, and heavy going?

I feel that question is answered EVERY DAY by the printed word in the professional media. Death, sex, and corruption sells. All in under 100 words (graphics a must).

Sure most of us know it’s censored, politically correct, and all that guff BUT what cuts it, what makes you sit up, is the impact and not pages and pages of detailed information.

Technical Manuals
Anyone reading the in-depth writings of scientists and some self-proclaimed experts regarding the finer points of survival will know what I mean. As for military field manuals, always an instant cure for insomnia. It took me 6 months to read the Rangers Handbook let alone FM 21-76. A few pages every night with weekends off for good behavior.


An easier way.
I love pictures. Them and short words. A picture says a 1000 words in my humble opinion yet to get hold of easy to understand literature on difficult survival issues I’m using books written for the “3rd world”. For example the WHERE THERE IS NO Doctor / Dentist series.


Add the comic style single sheet poster approach that covers all sorts of survival basics and I can’t help but think the 3rd world will survive LONG after we have waded through the innumerable E books and publications on offer (Only $9.99, money back if not delighted).


Good one this one.
It’s on Re-hydration Fluid,
Click on the image and you’ll see it full size).

Looking back at my VERY OLD, much thumbed Bible (The SAS Survival Book by John Wiseman) he hit the correct balance for me. Just enough knowledge on basic subjects with loads of pictures.


The wife points out here that I never have bothered to grow past the comic stage.
Damn right! I’m more a visual learner than a word eater.

Does anyone else prefer the comic book approach to learning?

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