Darn it I misread the weather.

Put the washing out and it rained BECAUSE I ignored the squabbling magpies. What the heck?
I’m very old-fashioned and when I can’t look at the radar on the Internet, I trust my folk-law for forecasting the weather.

Heres a few little sayings which work for me.

  • The higher the clouds, the finer the weather.
  • Clear Moon, frost soon.
  • Two rings round a cold moon, it’s getting colder, find cover soon.
  • When clouds appear like towers, the Earth is refreshed by frequent showers.
  • Rainbow in the morning gives you fair warning.
  • Ring around the moon? Rain real soon.
  • Moon red and dull, it’ll remain as dry as a bone.
  • Cattle lying close to a hedge rains due
  • Red sky at night shepherds delight, red sky in morning, shepherds take warning **Never very accurate
  • Swamps smell worse just before a storm.
  • Flowers smell best just before a rain.
  • Hair curls and gets all frizzy it’s getting damp, clothes won’t dry.
  • Leaves of oak curl before getting wet.
  • Pine cones stay shut and doors jam if it’s too humid.
  • Gulls inland storm offshore
  • Swallows flying high staying fine
  • No birds, no song, wet’s a-coming.
  • No insects it’s going to get wet.
  • If the seaweed is lush it going to flush
  • If seaweed is shriveled it’s going to be fine.
  • Rain makes joints ache.
  • The robin flies into the barn snow coming.
  • The robin sings in the evening, rain is sure to come tomorrow. (**Spring or Summer only)
  • The Magpies gather to chat out loud there’s a storm around.
  • Wife’s corn shooting, bad weathers looming

The Weather Stone


(Very much “tongue in cheek”)
If the stone is dry it’s not wet.
If the stone is wet it’s raining.
If the stone casts a shadow it’s sunny.
If the stone is swinging its windy.
If the stone is frosty, it’s cold.
Stone covered with snow, you work it out.
If you can’t see the stone it’s either too dark or foggy.
Stone gone, Tornado.
Stone glowing, Nuclear War

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  1. I have always loved the weather stone!

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