UK’s Uncertain Future

According to the UK government “Things are looking up”.
The relentless attack on the “little people” is paying off and the UK is climbing back to greatness.

What a crock of poo.

The amount of the national debt is still rising RAPIDLY.


(Data from The Economist’s Global debt clock 23/10/13)

Same as unemployment. Despite their fiddling they say the official count is 2.49 million unemployed people.

Add the people on zero hour contracts (not earning at all)the VAST numbers of under employed (Existing on subsistence levels of wages), and those struck off the unemployment claimant lists because they have been “sanctioned” (UK governments way of saying they managed to think up a reason to NOT paying benefits) you can safely double that figure.

Looking at Eurostat, 7.2% of the available workforce are unemployed with 8.95 million economically inactive people aged from 16 to 64 (The Economist).

The government actions have NOT resulted in the expected savings as people have turned to other local government sources for help, VAST AMOUNTS of money is owed because people are simply putting children and food first so are not paying any other bills.

The black economy is growing (cash in hand jobs) as breaking the law is better than losing money via taxation and losing benefits.

The banks are repossessing homes but aren’t rushing to evict people as there is no one out there to buy them. Better to keep them occupied thus “viable” than empty to get destroyed by the forthcoming winter.

Coming into winter I’m guessing body bags is going to be the new growth industry and, after the defrost, some streets are going to smell less than fragrant. In short, things aren’t better, things are almost at boiling point.


Todays threats to your personal security and safety are much closer to home than ever before and it’s nothing to do with global conflict, terrorism, economic collapse, or even zombies.

It’s to do with debt.

Large areas of the UK have little or no work because of the UK governments obsession with “austerity”. This has caused MASSIVE UNEMPLOYMENT, relentless attacks by them on individuals and families through increasing taxes, reduction of personal allowances, and the loss of social security benefits. Add the foul attacks on the disabled and sick, the recipe for payback is brewing daily.

It is now the norm that large numbers of people have little or no money to meet the soaring cost of the basics of living i.e. food, fuel, local taxes, and utility bills. Let alone managing personal debt.

This is no longer a problem isolated to the “work shy” or the “benefit scroungers” of media fame (myth) as all levels of society are affected. Today threats to you are more likely to come through the post, from a few doors away, so-called friends, some cases family, and those within your social and ethnic class.

Add to that an increasing chance that the local authorities, utilities companies, or even the Police could try to come through your door or “attack” you in the street, there has seldom been a more dangerous time to live in the UK.

Are you thinking this is too extreme and I’m over exaggerating the danger? After all crime is down (according to who exactly?), and the problem of debt limited to a few (according to who again?). Everyone is gainfully employed (I’ll stop laughing in a minute), and businesses are flourishing. (now ROTFL)

If you think I am exaggerating you probably don’t understand the depth of the problem having been largely hoodwinked (conned) by the popular media and the government both intent on hiding the truth and only printing or relating the facts that the government want to portray. Or to put it another way,

The Truth As They SAY IT IS.


In short my little UK sheeple,
you haven’t got a clue what is going on.

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