Recipe For Payback

In the article UK’s uncertain future I laid out a brief picture of what is happening in the UK to millions of people.

I called the situation a RECIPE FOR PAYBACK, simmering away and coming up to boiling point. It could spill over at any time and I’d like you to consider how you would protect you and what you own when all the debt markers are called in and FINALLY the sheeple awake to fight back.


Debt eventually reduces everyone to a level of subsistence living thus you MUST consider the basics of survival (hopefully without the need to bug out).

Having said that,
there are only a few legal safeguards left stopping local authorities or banks from evicting you at what you may think is short notice. At that stage, you may need a full on bug out plan. Funny enough too many people think “it will never happen to me”

You must get under shelter, especially in winter. It is EXTREMELY HARD to live on the streets (personal experience). The UK government have made it a criminal offense to take cover in something not owned by yourself preferring people to die in the open than inconvenience some idiot by taking shelter in an unused even derelict building.
Whilst you might get your kids into care and “safety” (Less than ideal as I’m pretty certain you’d agree), they don’t give a toss about you.

If the worse happens and the sheeple do awake to fight back, you may have to initially deal with a sudden rise in crime or, at worst, full on civil uprising. 

I have a simple 6 point list
of things to think about.

1. Firstly how to keep a roof over your head.
That will probably mean finding the rent or mortgage from somewhere. If TPTB / banks come to evict you, you need a plan to either resist but more likely to survive within local authority provided temporary shelter with little more than what you can carry.

At last you’ll see the need
for that bug out bag.

As for education for your child, what if they are dealing with exams and you are evicted? A disruption at that critical time could affect the rest of their lives. Could local friends or family take them in for the medium to long-term? Now ILLEGAL in the UK, it may be better that than destroy their future life.

A little point here. What about your pets? Most boarding houses won’t let pets through the door. What’s the alternative, kill them, turn them loose? You need to think about that.
(Personally my dog is worth more to me than some jerk off government official).

2. Obtaining the basics of life
i.e. Water, food, fuels (electricity, gas, coal, oil), and in my own case, medication.
IF TPTB / business come to turn your utilities off, how are you going to cope? Can you change onto an alternative, or have you considered BYPASSING their actions? Would you know how to, safely? 

3. Keep yourself clean, clothed, shod, and healthy.
Clean takes water and soap.
Clothes need to be washed and dried. No mean feat in winter YET failure to do so can introduce all manner of “little annoyances”. Infestations, skin conditions, you physically stink, you look untidy, less “nice” and socially unacceptable. That could also affect your prospects of finding work.

Both you and children won’t survive or thrive without you attending to their basic needs including medical and dental. Temporary accommodation is wearing mentally as well as physically. You need to watch yourself and others closely for such signs of stress.
As for medical, what if you are forced to move, what if you need constant medical treatment?
What if you have no money for medications?

4. The absolute need for transport
To get about, find or go to work, to get the shopping, and if necessary BUG OUT. If your only transport is a public bus, you won’t be able to transport a lot. If evicted, your goods may end up sat in the rain with you.

It is imperative to plan for such a situation even if it means making an arrangement with friends or family to come and “save you”. The use of a garage, garden shed, something to store your “chattels” in. 

5. Maintaining some form of communication
To allow you to find work, and call for help. That would mean
ditching the expensive “contract” mobile phone and changing to PAYG. Then you need something to charge it i.e solar or car phone charger. 

6. Coping with Personal Debt
Taxation just keeps on coming like utility bills and the rent.
Interest on loans, insurances, banking (including credit cards), and other personal debt.

You need help with debt issues, pride is stupid if it means you just sink into the mire. Forget using the advertised debt management firms, they usually CHARGE A FEE. Use what is free i.e. what is left of the citizens advice bureau, the local authority, the banks themselves.

Speak sooner rather than later as a restructure of debt BEFORE you lose your credit rating is preferable to a shed load of RED LETTERS.

The basics of survival in a modern “civilized country”.


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