Tick Season Not Over

Talking to a friend he was complaining how bad his dog gets covered with ticks. (All over his eyebrows). OK he lives in a tick infested area in Europe but what alarmed me was he could get bitten himself. It could be because like 40% of all dog owners (and me), the dog sleeps on his bed.

They live in wooded areas (especially by water), moist pastures, and the edges of fields. Active from April through October till the first REAL freeze.


The tick shown is endemic in Europe

Climbing blades of grass and ferns, they wait for their meal to brush past. At that point they latch on and look for a place to feed. Typical sites are behind the ears, along the hairline, eyebrows, along the thighs, around the armpits, under the breasts, and the testicles.

The dangers
Ticks are carriers of a number of diseases, commonly Lyme disease.
aka Borrelia burgdorferi aka Tick Fever.
A bacterial infection cleared by antibiotic treatment.
Another disease carried by ticks is the rare tick-borne encephalitis (TBE). This is a viral infection and as such EXTREMELY hard to treat.
Occasionally additional infections can be rare, complex, and “elegant”

The good news.
Infection takes time and Infection rates are low.
As per the EDIT AT THE BOTTOM, get the tick OFF ASAP! 

To remove.
That will leave the head parts embedded in your skin.

A recommended form of removal is to grip the tick with a pair of tweezers as close to the skin as possible and pull with a slow steady motion. Do not grip the tick around the abdomen as you risk squeezing any organisms within the parasite into your bloodstream. Nor is it advised to twist the tick the idea is to twist the jaws OUT.

The BEST WAY is to use a simple tick hook.
Obtainable from most veterinarian offices or eBay.
As I always say, why write when it is easier to look.

To avoid ticks
Wear closed boots with long trousers tucked into your socks or gaiters.
Also be sure to spray your clothes, possessions and person with insect repellent . DEET is recommended, I also use Permethrin heavily rubbed into my lower clothing.

Once home, change out of your clothing and check yourself.
Ref: Why being shy may kill you
Remember it usually takes a few hours for a tick to lock on.

Signs of a Tick Bite
A circular rash may appear around the bite area 3 to 30 days after the bite.
Stroke like effects of the face
Acute headaches and sharp shooting pains,
Muscular stiffness,
Heart palpitations and dizziness
There is no definitive order though BUT ANY feeling of malaise should be reported. YOU NEED THOSE ANTIBIOTICS!

Notes (including data from CDC)
Early diagnosis and treatment involve a 2–4 week course of antibiotics.
Common oral treatment include doxycycline, amoxicillin, or cefuroxime axetil. Patients with certain neurological or cardiac forms of illness may require intravenous treatment with drugs such as ceftriaxone or penicillin. 10-20% are not instantly “cured”. Research into a cure continues. (SEE EDIT BELOW)

EDIT  24/7/13@18h GMT-
Following advice from thepersonnexttoyou.wordpress.com it appears that the advise from CDC may be wrong. As this particular blogger has personal experience from Lyme, it is recommended that you use http://www.ilads.org for further in depth information.

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7 Responses to Tick Season Not Over

  1. Your good news is not accurate. Sorry. Transmission can happen if you pull the tick off and it hasn’t fully latched on yet. Ask me how I know.

    There are a lot of inaccuracies about Lyme Disease out there.

    Data from the CDC is wrong in most of the Lyme “information” it lists. Hundreds of thousands of people in the United States that are infected don’t listen to the CDC at all. We listen to ILADS. http://www.ilads.org/about_ILADS/about_us.html

    This disease is swallowing up my life and the lives of my family.

    • I was hoping you would be reading this Amanda.
      When writing I use govt. “sources of information”, the advice of our own UK National Health Service (NHS) guidelines, and survival / military advice.

      Having said that, you’ll see I’ve edited the article accordingly.
      There is always more out there on the Internet that is NOT generally known about yet personal experience is always best.

      I thank you for your comments as I’m sure others will too.

      • Thank you for making me feel valued.

        I plan on making Lyme Disease awareness a life-long mission, seeing as it will affect my family for the rest of all 3 of our lives. 😦

      • Now what we would ALL benefit from is you doing an article Amanda. PERSONAL EXPERIENCE! You can’t beat that.
        I’ve been lucky, I’ve always done my “Chippendale strip” when working in a tick zone and even though I’ve removed ticks, it appears I’ve been lucky.

      • I want to do an article, but I have been too emotionally fragile so far. I feel so beat down by the past 12 months (son being diagnosed with Autism, ADHD, Anxiety, Lyme..) then hubby being diagnosed with Lyme after 10+ years of medical issues… it is all I can deal with right now. I try to keep a positive attitude, but some days are very hard. I try to keep telling myself, “God must really think I’m a bad-ass to trust me to deal with so much!”

      • Probably right lass, he only dumps on those who stand tall and are capable of fighting back.
        More power to you Amanda. 🙂

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