No Folding Stuff.

Does being broke, without funds, NO MONEY, and skint, count as a survival situation?
Or do you have to wait until you are in debt before you declare an emergency?

In today’s world MONEY is GOD.

You want shelter, warmth, clean water, food, and medicines you need MONEY.
Taxation, rent or a mortgage, utilities, supermarkets, and the pharmaceutical giants all demand their pint of blood aka MONEY.
If you have personal loans, a bank account, and credit cards to deal with you need MONEY.
What about transport? Tax, insurance, servicing, fuel. MONEY!

Over a million are living beneath the bread line in the UK.
Working at whatever, never quite earning enough to make ends meet.
Casualties of the UK governments drive to attack the poor, terminally sick, physically or mentally disabled. Something they call “austerity” measures which is actually an excuse to abuse and degrade the life of millions of the “little people”.

There isn’t any government social safety net.
The government claim there is one but few have actually see it.
Despite their promises of assistance millions know it is just political rhetoric.
If you cannot comply with their dictates (and trust me there are MANY), if you can’t work (bearing in mind they have sent the terminally sick back to work) , you get NOTHING. 

They call it being “sanctioned”.
In reality it is a grand plan to chuck people off unemployment payments.
No food stamps, no help with your bills, nothing, rien, nichts, niente, nada!
They even carefully remove you from the statistics.
After all things must not look too bad coming up to an election year.

Charity sometimes comes in the form of food banks so people may not starve.
Occasionally you may need a letter from your GP to access one.
Some unscrupulous doctors actually charge for that service.
A sort of final kick in the teeth for those in most desperate need.

As for cooking and heating that food?
If the utilities companies cut off your power or gas, you eat cold food.
Either that or a queue in the cold at a soup kitchen 2 or 3 times a week.

If you are unlucky enough to be become evicted
You can’t even seek cover as the government has made it a criminal offense to take cover in somewhere you don’t own be it a derelict building or not.
The government preferring you freeze to death in the cold.

So again I’ll ask the question.
When exactly do you declare an emergency?
Before or after you are in debt?

Whatever your answer is how the heck does anyone manage with no folding stuff aka MONEY?

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3 Responses to No Folding Stuff.

  1. Good thought processes

  2. This is thought provoking. Being in a tough financial spot right now, I have been trying to decide if I declare my own “emergency” as far as figuring out what to cut so we can squeeze more money out of our budget.

    There is no more to squeeze, and it isn’t from being irresponsible, it is from using money to pay for illness.

    So, if the financial collapse happens, all I have left is supplements and my medical knowledge. And I can knit you a pair of socks.

    I’m screwed. 😉

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