Working 9 to 5

Got to love that song as it sums up life as millions know it.
Apart from the daily grind, how many of the working people are actually living to work and not working to live?

Now it’s stupid to say your job should work around your lifestyle and not control it as the high pressure, money grabbing, cr#p world we live in today is a struggle from virtually the cradle to the grave.

Except where is most of the stress coming from?

  • Bills, usually fixed ones like rent, local taxes, utilities, licenses i.e. cars or even those that allow you to follow your trade.
  • Insurance. Cars figure again, and a huge deep sigh from me as I don’t have the misfortune to have to pay for medical insurance like the US brethren do, add personal insurances, professional liability, and right down to property and possessions insurance, it all mounts up.
  • Daily living i.e. food, clothing, fuel, personal hygiene, bus or train fares.
  • KIDS! It never stops. Clothing, footwear, must have accessories, computers, phones, etc, etc, etc. Talk about a money pit, kids and taxes on their own are enough to drive you to an early grave.
  • FUN. Remember that? I’m kinda sure a lot of people work till the end of the week and then instead of having fun, they have to catch up with the basics of life, washing, cleaning, maintenance, etc. There again I was watching a couple who relaxed by going boating. A complete break from their jobs yet physically stressful (let alone expensive). 5 days on, 1 ½ days “fun” and then back home to prepare for the next weeks grind.

Now is it just me when I say that people are becoming more desperate in their endeavors to just chill out?

People watching is what I love doing and when walking the dog is a perfect time to stand back and take life in.

For example I watched a load of people going to the theater.
OK, all ages went BUT social etiquette round us says you need to wear your best clothing rather like Sunday worship to mingle with the “class” of person who goes to the theater.

Total B.S. but there you go and started me thinking about the extra burden that “going out” added to your possibly knackered mental state. I write of dressing up, traveling, paying to go and see something for an hour or two, going home (usually late) and probably losing a few hours of precious sleep, spending money, and having to wash or have cleaned your nice stuff ready for next time.

Now all this is a snapshot view of a townie or city environment and in the country if you want to mingle then shopping, the church, or some  activity like riding or cycling is often available for some. Others will just chill.

Unless you work in the city when to just get there and back to your quiet country home can be a monumental effort of time, expense, and mental angst.

I’m not a lazy person myself being one of those who if there is no work, makes work BUT there are times when I wish modern life, the “grind” would collapse and let people live.

The 24/7/365 world doesn’t need to be does it?
Our forefathers didn’t work it and for some Sunday was a day of rest. Go back further and work started at sun up and stopped at sun down. You could argue that they died younger YET how many people today are literally worked to death by modern working practices?

Wouldn’t it be nice to:-

  • Wake up because you no longer need sleep,
  • To eat because you are hungry not because you must when you can.
  • Do what has to be done because it needs to be and not following the orders of another.
  • Not be loaded by debt to pay faceless people parasitically living off the labors of others.
  • To sleep because you are tired, not exhausted
  • To have time to appreciate the world.

Shucks, there goes the alarm clock, time to start the day.
It’s dark, raining, and cold yet the shift starts at 7h.
Ho hum, an hour to get there and I’m sat here typing to you.
It’s Tuesday November 11th. Remembrance day and at 11h I’ll stand quiet to respect the fallen and remember those who have past. Some will keep on working as they don’t care, some because they have to, either way:-


I’m Gone!

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