Quiet Day isn’t it?

That’s because I don’t really know what to write about.
The world quite frankly is boring the poo out of me.


Do I talk about the Ebola crisis that has largely disappeared from the main stream press? I suspect the world’s governments are doing their “it’s out of control so don’t talk about it” bit as usual.

Do I talk about Russia and the forthcoming world war 3?
Apart from the usual incorrect press reporting, nothing is happening except Russia is getting well into the China market place and winter is looking cold (and dark) for us in the UK when the gas runs out.

I suppose it’s the Ukraine next.
Same Sh’#t different day with NATO still spoiling for a fight.
Sad old men that they are at NATO.

Hows about the US dollar?
Once again Russia, China, and a large assortment of countries are preparing to leave the petrodollar stranglehold. Know what? I don’t really blame them either. The major currencies have had all the power for too long and have become lazy and complacent so is it any surprise they have dropped the ball.

Whilst here in the UK its political this and that and the experts are extolling the virtues of their own like and dislike. Bottom line is most of them incorrectly think that the U K’s problems can be solved by the ballot box next year YET ALL I SEE is more of the same sh#t but wearing a  different tie.

Weather? Windy and wet, end of story.
TV programs? We haven’t got one.
What I just ate? It was nice as was your share.

Ho hum. Time for a sleep.
It’s just sooo boring!

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  1. shtfprepper says:

    Sometimes we just need break from everything around us. Today would be a good day for me to do just that, but I have class in a few hours and I’m fighting nausea. Whoo-Hoo!

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