Desperate Recruiting

First the Ministry of Defense (or is it Dim wits) axe huge numbers of personnel across the three armed services and in a state of absolute delusion claim they will make the difference up with reservists.

That fails dismally and in August numbers again fell. Add to that the regular army is short of 5,380 regulars loads of whom left after four waves of job cuts and it don’t look good.

Actual figures: (Source:) All data open source from the Internet.
UK Armed Forces Quarterly Manning Report, DASA. 2010/13
Dated 01 July 2014.

163,670 was the total number serving in all three services
Army 94,370 Reserves not quoted and I wonder why.
Raf  35,690 including 750 reservists.
Navy 33610  including 540 reservists.

So what do they do now they have demoralized the armed forces to such an extent that people would rather leave than hang about waiting to be fired?

Dad’s Army returns 2014 version
(walking frames optional).

It’s simple, they raise upper age limit by nine years to 52 from 43 in a desperate attempt to make up numbers in the Army reserves.

Now I don’t know about you but at 52 the idea of charging over assault courses, BFT’s (Battle fitness tests), the stupidity of officers, and no real job security in civilian street nowadays, is less appealing than a tax audit.

Will it increase numbers? I’m guessing not and even if it does (and no disrespect meant) a 52-year-old can’t yomp like a 19-year-old!

What a sorry state of affairs, and here is food for thought:-
In the UK and ROI, the Salvation army has approximately:
50,000 members
4,000 employees
1500 Salvation Army officers (full-time ministers)​
55,000 in total

I can just see it coming. The government will have to arm them to keep the number in the armed forces slightly above totally embarrassing. After all (according to Wiki) our numbers are slightly more than Sri Lanka has and that was 2012 figures!

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  1. shtfprepper says:

    Drawing down active troops without a solid amount of reserves is literal suicide.

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