Rope in the foot locker

Last night it was stormy.
I’m talking all out Armageddon with a gusting wind and fire hose type of rain. At first did we get thrown about a bit or what!

So, being a cautious type, and before it REALLY got going, I strung another mooring rope from a makeshift point on the fore deck to another pier cleat and doubled up on everything.

Total? Four ropes on the back, two on the front, double springers on the sides.

Today the sun shone big time and the “learned experts” came out of their cocoons to look at the damage that some boats had incurred and boy did I get some stick!
Too cautious, too much rope, “whatcha do that for?” sort of thing.

OK, I know we’re the new kids on the block and as such are bound to get some stick but they couldn’t understand the logic of not only doubling up on ropes but also adding the extra rope.

My simple answer in the end was “rope in the foot locker does nothing to secure the load or stop the fines”.

Only one person got it,
An ex-trucker.
Do you?loadtips

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2 Responses to Rope in the foot locker

  1. gamegetterII says:

    “rope in the foot locker does nothing to secure the load or stop the fines”.

    I would say that one means that if your load is not secured properly,you get fined by the police/dept.of transportation or whatever agency regulates that kind of thing on your side of the Atlantic.

    As for those giving you a hard time about your extra mooring ropes-they would be the first to say-“I wish I would have added a couple more ropes” when a storm beats their boat up by bouncing it off the docks or other boats-or worse-their boat is set adrift because it wasn’t properly secured.

    I say you did the right thing by adding extra mooring ropes. I would have done the same.

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