Judgement Calls

Something I read on a psycho-babble site and it made really interesting reading. It all revolved round answering this simple question. Is there something in this world you value above all else?

Make a list of your top five things. Mine read:-

  1. Myself
  2. Wife / Rifle *
  3. Rifle / Wife *
  4. A Close Friend
  5. Dog

* 2 and 3 were too close to call for me as I sincerely feel you can replace anything except a good rifle.

It’s an interesting thing to ask someone and is VERY revealing about that person. For example I also asked the boss aka SWMBO and what I got was a list in two parts. Without any prompting the first list was what she came up with and the second item was after insisting she picked 5 physical things:-

  1. Trust / Partner
  2. Loyalty / Dog
  3. Security/ Bank Card
  4. Love / A Close Friend
  5. Companionship / A warm coat.

Didn’t see that one coming one little bit.
So what does it all mean?
For my list I read it as me picking things that are useful.
Typical man, little emotion in the equation.

As for SWMBO? How does that old saying go?
Men are from Mars and Women from Venus?
They still light years apart in my view.
I asked her to explain her choices and she came up with the first list was things you can’t buy. Interesting in my male mind was that answer.

I spent time under life and death stress in my “youth” yet a lot of my decisions were made with a gut reaction (mainly driven by the desire to survive) as opposed to cold hard logic. That came later as “one man and his rifle”.

So which was better, emotional / instinct or cold hard logic?
You could argue that emo-instinct has won the day because I’m still here YET cold and hard was slower and more “productive”.

I’m an emotional type of person in the main right up till I hold a rifle.
Switch thrown, calculating head engaged. I don’t think I’m alone thinking like that but you’ll probably put me right there if I’m wrong.

In survival I feel you need to train your mind to lean towards cold logic as most events swamp the mind with emotions and THAT CAN BE HAZARDOUS TO YOUR HEALTH.

Note I’m not saying STOP BEING EMOTIONAL, keeping things balanced is the key and as a result of doing that speed and reasoning will flow.

To think emotionally is quick, usually DAMN QUICK and although you may make a wrong decision you will probably react.
Those who are thinking too deeply (i.e. calculating all the odds) will get there, probably correctly, YET occasionally they WONT move until all the calculations have been considered and sometimes it’s too late to move at that point.

Once again it’s going to be a balancing act.
Now I’ve said often before that the idea of a lone wolf CANT work over a protracted time in a hostile environment. Simply because they need to rest except there is another dimension to it I hadn’t considered.

I often say to SWMBO that I work better alone and for the most part I do YET there are decisions in life we all take when we need to discuss the options. Some will call that indecision, others lack of confidence, but have an equal to discuss things with nearly always makes decision-making easier.

Back to Men and Women, Mars and Venus.
We are each wired differently.
Different values that were genetically hard-wired into the genders before TV was invented. That difference is not purely emotional but a completely different type of decision-making.

Together that balance makes it possible to get things right more often than not with the right pairing of “opposite” minds.

Fellers will be thinking you’ve got to be cracked as in survival or even combat the male rules.

Does he? Who makes the best snipers, women or men?
Russians worked that one out in WW2 and I cite:-
Liudmyla Mykhailivna Pavlychenko.
Total confirmed kills 309, including 36 enemy snipers.
To shoot well under combat isn’t all about balls guys it takes the right mental attitude, skill, calculation, good training, and a lot of practice.

And finally back to my list.
Me, Rifle, and Wife.
SWMBO being a vital part of my survival plan in the role of  councillor and when decision making as I know I WILL STRUGGLE with some of the problems foisted on me by the very act of survival.

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