Freedom of Speech


What you think you ever had that!
Even better if you thought you lived in a democratic country!
Anyway, even if you did have it, what would you do with it?
Chances are you’re living in a mess caused by your democratically appointed government anyway.

I would offer the notion that too much speech and not enough action is what has let the governments of the world (aka big business) run amok and created the mess the world is in today.

Yet how would you stop the lunacy that is government?
The ballot box is a well-known con, freedom of speech is a given myth and besides why should they listen to your “demands”.

People on the streets is a good one (although largely ineffective) YET the governments attack dogs (police) have little regard to your personal safety at such times. Their instructions are to uphold the law and keep the peace.

Those laws?
Written and approved by the very government you are protesting about.
Chances of success? About as much as me winning the lottery I’d think although when it starts to affect the individual government minister and their family, things happen. Usually a massive police presence and some end up in front of the courts as a deterrent to others.

Hows about you feebly protesting in non practical ‘polite’ way?
Verbally, in writing, and through the ballot box?
Good luck with that! Successes can be counted on VERY FEW HANDS.

Not paying what is due in taxes may work although have you noticed how sewn up governments have that? Whole departments set up to persecute those who will not or even can’t pay. Money, the root of most government evil.

No services is another YET the government have the armed forces to step in at such times. In the UK when there is a fireman’s strike or something dramatic, out come the Army or whatever to “lend a hand”. The end result is the government controlled media crucify the protesters and normal service is restored.

A special note about the free press aka media.
Reporting what is happening, when it is happening, without bias or favor.
Right, you really believe that is true do you?
If you do please report to the nearest loony bin as that’s where you’ll be safe.

No, in my humble opinion it has to be a more practical attack to their position of power. That and at their personal God i.e. MONEY.

I suggest that will make them sit up and take notice if nothing else did.

Politics and government control is ultimately all about ‘the powers that be’ protecting their own butts and making money. Only once it becomes apparent they can’t do that, just watch how their attitudes will change.

Take a planned bank run. No money and the banks will close and everything grind to a halt, right? Well no because as soon as it starts the government will step in and shut the doors of the banks. Now they have all your money and you can’t do a thing about it. A couple of examples? Cyprus and the Ukraine.

Now I’m just saying but ultimately a bullet in the brain of a well-known politician (or two) is an absolute truth, a wake up call, and probably more convincing to a scared set of politicians than a million letters of protest or bodies on the streets.

Once that happens, once it becomes personal, they’ll all be wondering if their next stupid decision will be their last. Will it affect how they ultimately operate? Only time will tell BUT using the film punisher as an example, it certainly focuses the minds of the bad guys.

What’s that saying?
“When government fears the people, there is liberty.
When the people fear the government, there is tyranny.”
Or was it:
“When the people fear the government, that’s tyranny;
when the government fears the people, that’s freedom.”
(Source  Here)
Either way quoted by Mr. Jefferson.
A VERY wise man.

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