Job Title? Prepper Evaluator

I really couldn’t believe my luck. Just as I felt the world is getting too serious this popped up. A post entitled:

Prepper Custom Service;
Plans Evaluations and Advice

durrrI thought I’d read everything but it was the Job Title of Prepper Evaluator that clinched it. Even better was to send an email and he’ll quote you a price for doing that!

rotglmanWho ever thought it, from serious thoughts to all out helpless with laughter in 3 lines. Oh boy, my sides hurt. Carry on my friend, best laugh I’ve had in ages.

Folks, on a serious note lets talk about this.
I mean disclosing your plans to a complete stranger, a friend, colleague, priest, or even one of your extended family members for evaluation.

OPSEC is a military term which basically means keeping quiet about what you’re doing, when, where, how, with what, and with how many. It’s purpose is to deprive the enemy of any information that might help him.

Who is the enemy? Anyone you would rather not know what you were doing, have, or what your intentions are.

PERSEC stands for personal security. Again a military term BUT applicable in all walks of life. It’s purpose is to prevent a break of your personal security.

In short, preppers, survivalists, family, friends, (and don’t forget to warn colleagues and workmen) that all should be careful to not post personal information anywhere about you or your own on the Internet or open access media, especially an address (including your email address), phone number, workplace, etc.

Both OPSEC and PERSEC include you keeping an eye on your use or another persons use of an on-line diary, social media, writing a blog, sending a text, Skype, VOIP, or an email to another with personal Intel, An example of which might be:-

  • “Fred can’t attend the PTA as he is on detachment to XYZ”, or
  • “Wednesday is a bad day as I’m down the range, dentist, shopping, the wholesaler stocking up on beans, or I’m having the attack dogs claws cut!”

In short a prepper, survivalist, or even an everyday person’s main defense against attracting unwelcome attention is KEEPING YOUR MOUTH SHUT and KEEPING YOUR PLANS TO YOURSELF.

Still feel like contacting the prepper evaluator?
I’ll tell you what, I’ll do it for free!
I’ve probably got a little useful knowledge of the subject.
All by the Internet of course and a disposable email address.
Except then I’ll know your plans as will the NSA, CIA, GCHQ, the rest of the alphabet agencies, and most of the European security agencies who regularly scan emails if certain key words are used.

How am I doing prepper evaluator?

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2 Responses to Job Title? Prepper Evaluator

  1. Personally, I think some people have a very defeatist need to brag about their preps. You know, those dramatists who just really crave attention, OPSEC be damned! Like the idiots on “Doomsday Preppers”.

    • Oh they are funny aren’t they?
      The five minutes of fame brigade I mean.

      No, what I saw in this particular advert had caution stamped all over it for the unknowing.
      It’s true to say that there isn’t a definitive guide to prepping and survival and FM 21-76 and other “manuals” will only go so far BUT the possibility of ‘harm’ to the pocket let alone anything else is something I campaign about under the heading of “dangerous advice” and my constant dig at the “must have” expensive accessory.

      Besides there are plenty of life skills, frugal living, and reputable survival schools, in fact all manner of places to go and learn those important skills in a practical way. USMC being one of them.

      As for using mil-speak? (preempting the usual hate mail I always get)
      It’s still unpopular in some circles to use military terminology when talking survival.
      Something one guy (or was it a girl pretending to be a guy or even the other way round) said was “inappropriate in a peaceful society”.

      Do I care? That would be a “No”.
      Semper Fidelis (Fi).

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