Oil Confusion

Oil got complicated and no one bothered to tell me.
I’m now absolutely convinced I’m a dinosaur!

Take a simple request at a “specialist” motor factors shop.
1.5 liter diesel engine oil for a non turbo, normally aspirated engine.
SAE 15W40, API CF4, ACEA A3/B3 or B4,
Mineral oil, 6 liters please.

What’s worse than blank?
You know that look some salesmen give you when they are totally out of their depth?
Then comes the “Hang on I’ll just ask”
Cue Guy two. Grey hairs, could be onto a winner here as the last guy was just out of kindergarten.
Him. “For what car?”
Me. “No car, boat engine”.
Him. “A what?”
Me. “A boat engine.”
Him. “Dunno if we have anything suitable, what are you after anyway?”
Slow breathing exercises start:-
1.5 liter Diesel engine oil for a non turbo, normally aspirated, 1.5 liter
SAE 15W40, API CF4, ACEA A3/B3 or B4,
Mineral oil, 6 liters please.

Him. “Will synthetic do?”
Me. “What’s the difference?”
Him. “Dunno but it lasts longer and is only £6 more expensive.”

I turned and walked out.
Doing some research later I find oil got complicated, and even worse too complicated for my peanut sized brain.

  • The API and ACEA numbers hasn’t changed vastly  in years so no problem there but that’s where all familiarity ends for me.
  • What on earth runs on an SAE O W IO?
  • What ever happened to oil for a diesel and separate oils for a petrol engine?
  • I now know I can mix mineral, semi and full on synthetic oil, sort of, sometimes, in some cases, you’ll be getting my drift about now.
  • Why are they only selling 5 liters cans when I need SIX!

These are all questions I need answers too, that and where can I get a simple no frills uncomplicated can of oil from.

I was really happy I had an old school diesel to play with. Pity I didn’t work out that old school and technological advancement with oils don’t exactly go hand in hand.

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2 Responses to Oil Confusion

  1. Can you call a boat shop’s service department and ask them what they suggest? I am certain you have probably already done this. Wal-Mart (cue the heckling of corporate behemouths…) has boat oil in their sporting goods department. (Or at least ours does, because there is a lake less than 20 miles away.)

    • asked and answered. I did and they read out what I had in the manual BUT what they wouldn’t commit to was a make of oil. Something about their “rules”.
      Still I’m getting closer.
      Hey here’s something for you to ponder, an English narrow boat on that lake!

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