Shopping Day

A non prepping but frugal living article (sort of).
We went shopping in the “big city”! Wow.
Being on a fixed income that can be a bit challenging in the UK BUT we use all the little shops, the cut price outlets and not the retail giants aka Tesco or Aldi.

So, for interest here’s what it all cost.
There and back in fuel £3.20 ($5) so cheaper than the bus.
A weeks worth of food basics for £25 ($39).
Not exactly what you were expecting is it?

So we REALLY pushed the boat out and had a meal too.
Ham, eggs, and chips £3.50 ($5.50) each.
Add a coffee from our local deli £1.00 ($1.60) each and I think we’ve done OK. £9 ($14).

Then the extras get added. I needed an eye test. A full one too. Usual cost £25 ($40) BUT we’d got a voucher for it and as a result I paid the total amount of £0 ($0). Good isn’t it.

The dog needed it’s 3 month supply of anti tick & flea treatment.
So we went to a vets and they wanted £30 ($48) for a single pill.
Yeah right, we walked out.
Down to the local back street pet shop £14 ($24) for the same amount of chems and as the dog had been so good all day, we splashed out on a bag of treats at £1 ($1.60). The total just keeps on rising doesn’t it YET the dog is part of our family thus deserves medical benefits!

Back home, the receipts were all entered into SWMBO’s little red book.

So as of now, for the month of November, we have spent the grand total of:-
£126 ($201) on food,
£20 ($32) car gas (petrol),
£15 ($24) on the dog,
£37 ($59) on electricity,
£35 ($56) in the laundrette.

£233 ($372) in total.

Here’s the rub, a friend lives in deepest darkest Europe.
He would have got the same for about 1/3 what we’ve just paid and probably got better quality too!

Add his next to nothing utilities bills and yep, I’m crying just thinking about it.

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