One hot meal a day

It’s arrived, winter I mean.
Tonight it’s a crisp but extremely foggy and damp minus two Celsius, (28 Fahrenheit). The board walk is as slippery as hell and the lights are browned down a bit at night.

Get used to that UK, this winter is going to be DARK if the EU upset the Russians any more and they turn off the gas / oil lines.

Anyway we are already in winter mode on the boat and had changed our eating habits to suit the conditions.

Usually, when warm, we eat our main meal in the evening thus supper like a king, lunch like a prince, and breakfast like a pauper i.e. eat little.

Pauper? That’s not a common word is it?
It means “a very poor person”.

Winter is different though.
On the boat, we breakfast like a pauper (Cereal and hot drinks), lunch like a king (the main meal of the day), and sup like a prince (a snacky “high energy” light meal). Partially because we can cash in on the lunchtime offers in the local cafés and the like but mainly because cooking on gas or anything carbon based produces condensation and in winter the last thing you want is a boat full of damp all night. So the hot meal gets prepared in the day to allow us to ventilate the boat.

We are of course luckier than some.
In the UK one hell of a lot of people are lucky to get one hot meal a day with some working mums forgoing multiple meals to feed their kids. The reality of the UK under an oppressive government.

You don’t have to take my word for it either.
This from
The latest Netmums survey has discovered that many families are facing financial meltdown living in Austerity Britain – with over 70 per cent ‘on the edge’ of surviving. Fun isn’t it, a modern society badly governed and starving people for a percentage.

Tell you what I find REALLY amusing?
Four new cafés have opened in town in the last month. 2 are high-end (loads of money) and have staff aimlessly looking out of the windows willing patrons to come in, one is a Joe’s Café sort of place, hard seats, rough tables, basic scoff (meals) and at times a queue forms outside as people wait to be served and the last makes all day breakfast butties, a complete fried meal in a huge bun, also well attended.



You’ve got to ask yourself, where’s the logic?
Two cheaper places making loads of money through a conveyor meal service and two where a cup of tea alone cost £2.50 ($4).
Even if it does arrive with a little bowl of sugar cubes!

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  1. Ah, the sugar cube, dainty, a measured amount, and just right for little fingers.
    As a child I was always nicking the sugar lumps from Great Gran’s sideboard. Being the big kid I still am, I can’t resist pinching one from the bowl even though I gave up sugar in my drinks over 40 years ago!

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