EMP and all that

nukeflashLookie there, instant sunshine! But what happens next?
During the first few milliseconds the “pop” also generates a massive wide band electrical pulse that fries your delicate electronics.

Yet, what are you actually going to be worried about?
Your radio, phone, GPS, TV, and toaster will probably all fry!
As for your Internet connection, ATM, and bank? Pop.
As for your car? You’ll no longer need to worry about making the payments ever again.
Then the real shock and horror will hit as you realize the value of your stock portfolio will have been converted into something that may be glowing at night for the next 1000 years.

cryingtearsI’m really cut up about that one.
(You can tell can’t you).

So what are you going to do next?
Dropping into the shops for a replacement radio is likely to be a no-no for a while and besides, who are you going to talk to while you are being quietly irradiated?

“XYZ calling the world, DID YOU HEAR THAT !?!”

There is a lot of prepper talk about Faraday cages and wrapping gear in foil to protect it. Truth be told most of your DIY efforts would have been fruitless if the pop is close enough, or it’s not man enough for the job, or you forget to disconnect the aerial, YET your immediate action should be getting into cover and not worrying about calling your therapist.

Then look at the immediate future, the next 14 days.
After all if you are far away to still be standing after the pop, getting under cover will save your life NOT SOME POXY RADIO SET.

True it’s going to be nice to know things about radioactive cloud movements BUT staying in cover is what will save you unless you can reach your nuclear hardened bunker within 30 minutes of the bang. There again, what if you were driving, cycling, hiking, or riding to safety and there was ANOTHER THUMP! Whoops big time.

nuke1What about after? Well what about it?
Serious long range comms will be affected for a long time and probably the GPS system fried for the foreseeable future so it’s going to be magnetic compasses and them old things, PAPER MAPS,  that will be useful once you are out and about.

Bet you wish you’d learned how to use them properly don’t you?

As for your toaster? The national electrical grids will probably be fired for weeks, months if not years. There again there is your generator. The one with the electronic ignition and charging system you bought and lovingly tucked away. Darn it, there is a good chance it’ll be fried too!

So where am I coming from?
Once instant sunshine is deployed country’s will be plunged back into a time where electricity was a novelty. No money, fuel, goods, food, and water will also be of dubious quality for a while.

As for government?
Every cloud has a silver lining and you never know, the pop might have been close enough to sort that problem out for you.

As for what to do?
I did a simple piece on the RN of CBRNE.
RN? The Radiological and Nuclear part of CBRNE
You might find it helpful.
Is it the definitive manual for nuclear survival?


I cobbled it together from my old forces notes and the Internet BUT it may be useful. I’m going to be following it as I’ve got faith in the military manuals. That and I can’t afford a nuclear hardened shelter.

Think like Noah folks!
He built the Ark before the flood,


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3 Responses to EMP and all that

  1. I have an ICD – which is a pacemaker with a defibrillator built in. I think I’ll be in some trouble in this scenario. 😦

    • Most are pretty bullet proof though but it could be time to check that claim out with your medical professional.

      • We’re actually discussing a surgery that would possibly correct the need for me to even have it. 10 years ago the technology was not there to fix my heart issue, but there have been many advances in cardiac surgery, so it is now a possibility. Would love to not need this anymore!

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