They Just Don’t Get It

What we have here is a failure to understand their enemy.

All yesterday I was reading how the UK’s secret service failed to stop the foul murder on the 22 May 2013, a British Army soldier, Fusilier Drummer Lee Rigby of the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers.

God Rest his Soul

I also read about how if the ISP (Facebook) had reported the conversation the murderous scum had made, the security services would have stopped it.

What a stupid, if not incredulous claim that one is!
I say that even after reading that the security services had already identified the murderous scum as a person of interest but did nothing about him.

What could they have done staying within the UK’s demented system of laws, human rights, and other rules and regulations?

So what we have here is:-

  1. The blame game, not the government’s fault but the ISP’s.
  2. The security service failed so they are trying to pass the buck.
  3. Unrealistic claims of what “could have been done”.
  4. And finally the idiots in the government, let alone the general sheeple, who HAVEN’T GOT A CLUE ABOUT WHAT THEY ARE DEALING WITH.

Legislation, laws, regulations, code of conducts, all that is meaningless to the average terrorist EXCEPT that it allows them to accurately predict the response and SOP of the government and security services thus devise work rounds for the “problems”.

You can’t apply the rule of law to a terrorist, the only thing you can do is KILL THEM ANY WAY YOU CAN.

Taking that to its logical extension, you then either chuck out their families, friends, if necessary the whole ethnic group from the country (and anyone who protests about that) thus telling the world clearly that this is what happens if you fk. with the UK.

Brutal, uncalled for, too extreme?
So are the actions of terrorists.

The object of terrorism is to terrorize. FINE.
The object of counter terrorism should be to make the price for their actions so extreme that their own ethnic group if not religion think twice about their actions.

Some will say “It won’t work because the average terrorist or madman doesn’t give a toss about their own only their cause or religion.”

My counter to that is “How do you KNOW it won’t?”

The whole problem is a bit mute though.
The UK government system hasn’t got a set of COJONES between them and I suspect neither has the UK sheeple.

Sheeple with their typically bleeding hearts for “human rights”, “the poor little misunderstood terrorist”, and the fluffy, cuddly bunny, world a lot of them seem to live in.

Not forgetting the UK’s legal system who will see it as a huge loss of revenue, the media with their weird set of values, and big business who will bleat about losing a source of labor.

All three the real sources of power in the UK.

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4 Responses to They Just Don’t Get It

  1. gamegetterII says:

    “You can’t apply the rule of law to a terrorist, the only thing you can do is KILL THEM ANY WAY YOU CAN.”

    Exactly !
    The only chance of slowing/stopping these whackos is to exterminate as many of them as possible,as quickly as possible.
    ISIS could be stopped in a few days,as could Al-Queda,Al-Shabab,etc.
    Most countries intelligence services know who these people are,where they live,where they train,where the leaders meet,how they recruit new members.
    Send the special forces from all countries to hit every known terrorist’s home on the same day/night.
    Hit those who were missed due to not being home the next time their location is known.
    The next group that pops up and starts training members gets taken out within days of their training starting.
    That is all it would take to stop this BS once and for all.

    • That and go after the money.
      Them who finance are as bad as those who do the act.
      The only problem there is it’s sometimes whole governments that are doing the logistics and finance.

      • gamegetterII says:

        Definitely go after the $$$ and those who fund this scum.
        None of them can make explosives,train members,or feed,house and clothe members if they don’t have any $$$.
        They can’t train either-ammo is expensive-at least in the U.S. and has been for about 6 years.
        The biggest problem we have with stopping these pieces of excrement is that none of our “leaders” have the cajones to just take these guys out-taking them out and cutting off their funding is the only way to stop them.

      • Except my friend some of them supplying and funding terrorism are “our own”.

        Remember this:-
        Today, yesterdays foe is today our friend.
        Because yesterday they were fighting our friend who is no longer in favor.

        Tomorrow they may turn the weapons we gave them on us so become our foe again.
        To correct this we will rearm yesterdays foe in the hope they will become our friend again.

        If all else fails, at that time, we’ll send in the troops and both our friend and foe become the worlds enemies.

        And all because of the oil.

        International politics.
        One of the key reasons the Middle East is in the state it is today.
        That and the whole reason for international terrorism.

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